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Super Mario Gangnam Style Flash Mob's Got Some Moves

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It was inevitable

If you haven't heard of Gangnam Style, maybe you're the lucky one. That might be harsh, but the quirky music video has gone so viral that there's no escape, meaning that lots of people are happily imitating it and looking rather silly.

As most will know, meanwhile, the best place to find people dressed in silly outfits with time on their hands is at a university campus, with a good spot seeming to be University of California, Berkeley. The video below is yet another imitation, rather cutely called Super Mario Style, but we must give credit for the successful flash mob that kicks in. As we've suggested, they're probably all students, which explains why they're so cheery and have had lots of opportunity to practice the well-known dance moves. Once this gets going, it's pretty good.

The proper dancers dressed as Mario, Luigi and Toad show off a bit too, though Luigi arguably wins the dance-off.

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So what do you think? We suggest anyone with the intention of becoming the 50,350th person to do a Gangnam Style video think about whether it'll be better than this before going through with it.


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Alexneon said:

This is the most stupid dance i ever see. oh well...i think being stupid is the new black lol



RR529 said:

The first time I heard the song, I thought it was Gundam Style, lol.



Gameday said:

I Am.. Batman ;p
Anyways yea this was dope and the green machine did steal the show for me as well. I like stuff like this very entertaining. Mushroom Kingdom Go Hard !



Alexneon said:

Alexneon said:

This is the most stupid dance i ever see. oh well...i think being stupid is the new black lol

Mr_Trill3506 said:

WTF did alexneon say new black thing i should pimp slap for talking about blacks like that..

theblackdragon said:

@Mr_Trill3506: "(insert thing here) is the new black" is a saying that means 'the new hotness' or 'what's in this season'. It has nothing to do with race. check it out! :3



GameLord08 said:

♫ Oppa 'weegee style! ♫
Six years from now, this is going to be the new Macarena.



Drewroxsox said:

I love doing this dance at school. You feel so silly doing it, but you have so much fun dancing, that you don't care how you look 😃



Prof_Clayton said:

Lesson of the day:
Oppum Gangnam Style- Meaning I have gangnam style, gangnam being a location in his country with lots of clubs, considered to be cool. (Akin to "Like A Boss" in a diff. language).



WiiLovePeace said:

I had never heard of the song until this news article, its an ok song but not really worth listening to again. Guess its just not my style



FriedSquid said:

Haha, this is really cool. I mean yeah it's been done a bunch o' times already but I love that song and dance and they did this pretty well. They seem to have added a lot of their own flair to it and that's cool.



MitchVogel said:

This is probably the best parody of this song that I've seen yet! And, oh, have I seen plenty of those...



SirSmugleaf said:


Gangnam Style is CRAP, IMO, but everyone at school loves it. I don't get why they love it so much!

This just makes me wanna cry!



kurtasbestos said:

What's a Gangnam Style? This just makes me miss the terrible yet awesome dance music of the 90's even more.



BeatOli said:

It's irritating how this is everywhere. What a stupid phase for society. I wish the song never existed.



Araknie said:

Love it, loved when luigi pulls off that hands trick and then batman rises. LOL



Supremeist said:

They're having too much fun! I love the Gangnam Style video. Anyone else laugh at the Saturday Night Live skit they did?

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