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Mario Clone Super Maria Land Jumps Onto Android

Posted by Damien McFerran

Great artists steal?

Smartphone-based clones of popular games are everywhere these days, but this latest effort really is unashamedly blatant.

Super Maria Land - which proudly proclaims itself as a 'Mario Clone' on its official Google Play store listing is a port of a web-based Flash title for Google's popular Android platform. It's clearly a rip-off of Nintendo's SNES classic Super Mario World, and uses very similar graphics.

To quote the official description:

By popular demand Super Maria Land Flash version has been ported for android. Now you can play even when you are in the subways or simply play Super Maria Land the Free Super Mario Clone in your couch.

People are already calling for the game to be removed from the Google Play store, but unlike iOS, Android isn't all that well policed, so there's a chance that this could remain available for quite some time.

Will you be giving this clone a spin, or are you keen to see this kind of shameless plagiarism removed from smartphones? Let us know by posting a comment below.


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Xilef said:

Instead of reporting every time there is a Mario clone on an mobile device, can't you just report every time there is not one being released? That way you don't have to do so many articles.



NintyMan said:

Once again, I don't understand how this can be legal when people get caught plagiarizing research papers or fiction stories while this happens. It shows uncreativity.

At least this one admits to being a Mario clone.



TheInvisibleTor said:

They need to remove this because really if the people WANT something like, Super Mario 3D Land, don't make a clone, go out and by the system if you want to play it, you Android and ios wanna be game console owners (because clearly smartphones arent game consoles).



V8_Ninja said:

Considering that the clone is being given away for free, I can't really be angered by this.



BenAV said:

I have an Android phone, but I'm still not wasting my time downloading this.



MAB said:

@Happy_Mask Pfffft jog on mate I like articles that inform me about rediculous phone games and crap like that... I reckon its copying The Great Giana Sisters more then Mario



Samholy said:

plagiarism ? its not!
they even say its a clone!!!
as long as they give it for free, its fine. Parody is legal anyway.

people demand nintendo games on other platform. nintendo refuses. then the clones start appearing... i would like old nes games on my ps3...oh joy, there is that RETRO CITY RAMPAGE available. wait, it might be a ripoff?



Guybrush20X6 said:

Not only is it plagiarism it is unoriginal. MariA is already the name of Giana's sister. (They of Great Giana Sisters fame. At least they have some tricks and great music.)



Aviator said:

OMG. Someone already claimed Maria.

Guess we have to rename everyone else named Maria.



MAB said:

I would call it Super Shazza's Safari Shin Dig of Ultimate Awesomeness



shinpichu said:

Well, it's free, so I don't think anything really illegal is going on. It's certainly no more illegal than creating a fangame.

Also, stop reporting every time a Mario clone is released on Android/iOS.



med088 said:

I actually downloaded this in a "just to see" kind of way.... I would have never been aware of it if not for this article. And I'm sure a free android game like this benefits from more people downloading it even if they only play it for a couple levels like I did. Therefore, one could argue that Nintendo Life is helping (inadvertently) the popularity/success of these types of games. I don't think it would be a discredit to your journalistic integrity to just ignore these, would it? It just seems odd to report on specific clone titles. I would have much rather enjoyed a talking point type piece about the phenomenon of clone games in general. I love your work and I am just trying to provide some thoughtful criticism.



GameLord08 said:

It blatantly proclaims itself as nothing more than a Mario platformer clone and the "developers" are also clearly not profiting from it, so I doubt it can be considered plagiarism per sé. It tires me that these things continue to overwhelm the Android library, but I'm not in the least angered.

While I don't have anything at all against Nintendo Life or its editors, I think posting these kinds of things are a little redundant. It's only giving these copycats more undeserved publicity and even worse, fueling the belief that mobile platforms are only filled with crap shovelware, "$1 timewasters" and clones - a misconception that can be displaced by anyone with substantial mobile gaming experience.

But hey, it's news and it's Nintendo-related therefore Damien is obliged to post this on the site, however "scandalous" it may be regarded. Let's lay off with the rapid fire on him please. And I think I might actually try this out, just for the poops and giggles.



pixelman said:

GameLord08 wrote:

While I don't have anything at all against Nintendo Life or its editors, I think posting these kinds of things are a little redundant. It's only giving these copycats more undeserved publicity and even worse, fueling the belief that mobile platforms are only filled with crap shovelware, "$1 timewasters" and clones - a misconception that can be displaced by anyone with substantial mobile gaming experience.

This. We get it. People ripoff the most popular gaming icon in the world. This is news how?

Only this time it's not for profit, so it's no worse than the zillions of Mario fan games you can download for your computer or play in your browser. Why aren't you guys running articles on those? They could probably use the publicity too.



Robo-goose said:

At least they actually acknowledge that they're trying to clone Mario, they also released this for free, so they're not trying to steal a few bucks from a company that starts with N.
Not saying they're entirely justified, but this isn't anywhere near as shameless as Ultimate iZelda Climb, Molio Kart, or 3D Cartoon Land.
(P.S. The company that starts with N is Nike.)



dustin_g said:

nintendo should take advice where needed and make a super mairo world 2 (real one) with the same graphics as smw1, i would buy it day 1



Hokori said:

Even though this is free it's still taking $ away from 3DS sales and I had those free flash games online as well, they should also go away



shinpichu said:

How is it taking money away from 3DS sales? If its taking money from anything, it's probably from VCon sales, since this looks more like a clone of Super Mario World than any of the more recent Mario games.



Doge said:

i dont care if its legal, i dont care that it may be a good game, JUST GET RID OF IT!



Gate_Shikimuri said:

@dustin_g wrote:

nintendo should take advice where needed and make a super mairo world 2 (real one) with the same graphics as smw1, i would buy it day 1

Yoshi's Island is Super Mario World 2, so says Iwata. All other Yoshi Island games aren't Super Mario World successors, though.



Boo_Buster said:

My sister showed this to me yesterday and I gagged and laughed at the same time. I'm a former musician, so to me anything along these lines is complete crap. Artists can be influenced by another artist, but stealing their work is just moronic and not creative in any way, shape or form. I hope Nintendo sues the underwear off of whoever had a hand in this, only in the name of what is right.



Morpheel said:

So is it free?

Then I have no problems with it. It's no different from playing a flash game on a computer that way.



ennan said:

Was curious so I tried it - figured it was free so it's not a big deal. It sucks. Uninspired level design, meh music and gut rotting controls. Seriously I may have to have portions of my intestines removed.



Neram said:

Ugh. This is why smartphones will lead to a video game market crash. It's the Atari 2600 days all over again, and if this is what people want instead of paying for an actual Mario game, then I'm afraid to see where industry will go in a few years.

I recently got an Android phone, considering "mobile" is apparently a platform now, and I'm just hating it. The complete and utter lack of quality control is just... atrocious. Games like this, Weed Farmer, Roll-a-joint, and other such embarrassing titles, I can't believe mobile is even considered in the same realm as mainstream gaming.



Hokori said:

@Neram Hopefully Nintendo can save us again... But they shouldn't have to just because people don't wanna pay for quality, and I don't even like any of the iPad games I DLed e controls are to broken



GameLord08 said:

@Neram: Yes, "mobile" is considered a platform now, and for three good reasons.

a. It serves as a more open, approachable and flexible outlet for indie developers.

b. The latest hardware currently exceeds that of current-gen handhelds (yes, the Vita too) and that is something devs can take advantage of - and best of all, you can find it in reasonably-price products (e.g. the Google Nexus 7, starting at $199. Check its specs.)

c. It has a hugely varied install base that continues to grow rapidly, so developers have many people to cater to.

Sonic CD, Rayman Jungle Run, Bastion, The Room, God of Blades, Final Fantasy Dimensions and Knights of Pen and Paper. Only a few examples of mobile games with brilliantly structured gameplay and intuitive controls, not to mention other multiplatform games that played better on smartphones and tablets, i.e. World of Goo, Plants vs. Zombies and BIT.TRIP BEAT. Sorry, but clearly you haven't been looking hard enough.

Besides, I doubt anybody with half a brain would choose this over a real Mario handheld game, let alone a console one. It's clearly only a rubbish parody that, at most, pays as a terrible homage to the real deal. Nobody's paying for this crap, nobody's profiting from it and even its description blatantly describes it as a clone of a well-known gaming franchise. The gaming market isn't going anywhere based on just this, honestly.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

This is a bit better than that some clones as it's free. But still, if it's not Nintendo, I'm not buying a Mario game.

EDIT: Unless Nintendo allowed for that game to be made.



shinpichu said:

THANK YOU. I hate it when people take mediocre/crap games like this one and treat it like every Android/iOS game is this bad.



Hokori said:

@shinpichu Well I think of it this way, most people judge Nintendo on a few crap titles, why not judge this on having only a few good titles



Gridatttack said:

This doesn't deserve to be removed. Its free. Unless they are making money if anyone downloading it, it should stay. Its just another "fangame" clone that its not gaining any income.
If they removed this, then all free mario fangames should be removed from the internet too
I would have downloaded this if the game wasnt incompatible with my phone.



SMW said:

I'd say take it off of the market, but then they'd have to take down every game rip-off. With Android being so open, it'd be impossible to stop these.



Hokori said:

@SMW Exactly that's why even though people complain about Nintendos polices, I think they are good



GameLord08 said:

HarmoKnight wrote:

@shinpichu Well I think of it this way, most people judge Nintendo on a few crap titles, why not judge this on having only a few good titles

@HarmoKnight: Forget the fact that you just contradicted yourself, how is that even intelligent reasoning, much less motive...? Nobody intelligent person in this industry I've ever encountered "judges" a platform based on a few crap titles, much less Nintendo; everybody worth talking to know that they have great games, and are the ones who established this very industry that we, as consumers, are part of today.

Why on earth would you want to emulate the few dumb trolls who throw about condescending statements on platforms they know nothing about nor have done any research on? ...Actually, don't even answer that question.



ThreadShadow said:

How close to a "Mario" platformer does it have to be before "Wow this is awesome, plays like Mario!" turns into "kill the dev, plays like Mario!" ?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



GameLord08 said:

@HarmoKnight: Okay, yes, the eShop is less confusing, but you should take the time to search iOS stuff on the internet too - just like we read eShop reviews on Nintendo Life to know what we want to spend our money on. You can find plenty of great games that have been overshadowed.



Hokori said:

^the only ones I've seen are ports of NES, SNES, GBA, and DS games and some arnt even titles I'd be interested in on there Nintendo console either



WarioPower said:

I agree with you to a certain extent. Mobile gaming does have a few gems, but you often have to search through tons of crappy games in order to find them. While I can easily find quality titles on my 3ds, such as: Mario 3d land, MK7, an RER.



Henmii said:

This is the second time I read a Nintendolife article about Mario clones! I have a idea: Instead of reporting about it every time, report about it once a year. Of course with very negative comments!

Because every time you report about it, more people go to the i-store to buy this stuff, resulting in more and more Apple-believers!! And that's something we should avoid at all costs!!!

Update: Oh, it's Android. Well, Google is even more wrooooong then Apple. Mobile phone gaming is evil anyway!!



NintendoCat14 said:

Please, keep reporting these so I can say:

To all you people who say Mario is rehashed and not as good anymore: Why do people rip-off Mario now more than ever? =3



Tomatoboxer said:

"but unlike iOS, Android isn't all that well policed"
Did you just imply iOS was well-policed?



WarioPower said:

Harmoknight, I hope you realize that you are making a fool of yourself.. Or else you are just trolling..



Hokori said:

@joker94 How? I in all honestly don't like copying wheather its for profit or not, and I have yet to find a game on the app store I like that I don't already have on my 3DS



FyreeTSG said:

wtf? really---how can anyone be in favor of crap-a** knock-offs like this? "By Popular Demand?"---really? WHO was demanding some 3rd party dev. make some terrible Mario clone--and of SMW--one of the best games ever, that I'm sure everyone who'd "demand" for it, would HAVE the real version for SNES, Wii VC, or hell GBA---



kurtasbestos said:

To anyone who downloads this game: just buy a damn game system, jerk. Also, you probably won't read my comment because you if you're downloading something like this then you don't really care about games that much.



GameLord08 said:

@kurstasbestos: It's funny, because you're on a Nintendo site with Nintendo gamers who buy Nintendo consoles. By your standards, I suppose playing all those flash Mario fangames must reduce me as a gamer.

People play this just to see how bad it really compares to a real Mario game, not as if it's actually a serious game to play above the real games.



lanabanana said:

Lmao! XD I have an iPhone so I can't try it . Unless my sister lets me borrow her phone



Onion said:

Why do people suddenly care about clones NOW? They've been doing bad clones of classic games for awhile now. Hell, I saw a game being advertised on Adult Swim called "Extinction Squad" or something to that affect, which was almost a blatant rip off of a Game & Watch game, just more flashy.

It's nothing new. Everyone calm down. Relax. Breathe. There we go.



DrDaisy said:

So it's a cheap clone. I don't see the big deal and I won't be demanding its removal. If Nintendo has a problem with it, let Nintendo deal with it.



Xjarnold said:

This... this is madness! NO, this is Mario clone #00803, get over it. I'm not for or against it, just annoyed that ever other day another clone is out for a pivot video game character



MeloMan said:

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so it doesn't bother me one bit

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