Look familiar?

While the iOS and Android platforms have some blockbuster downloads that have been downloaded millions of times, they also have quality control that's as effective as a Power Glove. We present to you 3D Cartoon Land: Safari, which is a rather blatant copy of Super Mario 3D Land, the same in everything except graphics, design, tight controls and fun, we suspect.

Despite seeming to lift assets from the 3DS title and make them look about ten times worse, this happily breezed through Apple's checks and is now published for $0.99. Of course, this has happened before, as just last week we showed you a Pokémon clone; there's also the infamous Mole Kart that ripped off Mario Kart Wii. We suspect that Nintendo jumped on that one, as it's now called Mole Kart I and appears to have re-designed tracks.

These shameless clones happen more often than we'd like, but we doubt it'll be long before Nintendo gets involved. In the meantime, check out the screens for 3D Cartoon Land: Safari to see for yourself, and there's footage of the original Mole Kart below, as well.

[source itunes.apple.com, via nintendo-gamer.net]