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New Super Mario Bros. Wii U Details And Screens Bounce Into View

Posted by Damien McFerran

Worlds named and Boost Rush mode revealed

There's been a flood of content relating to the forthcoming Wii U platformer New Super Mario Bros. U, with details about new levels, game modes and a selection of fresh screenshots.

Nintendo has confirmed seven of the game's worlds. Acorn Plains, Sparkling Waters, Frosted Glacier, Layer Cake Desert have been named so far, with additional areas based on the Forest of Illusion (from Super Mario World) and Sky World (from Super Mario Bros. 3) joined by a world caught in the grip of a tornado.

Fans of Super Mario World will be pleased to learn that this new outing employs a large over-world map with loads of branching pathways and freedom to explore, rather than the slightly boring linear progression seen in previous New Super Mario Bros. titles.

And then there's Boost Rush mode - a new way of playing the game which force-scrolls the landscape, making things a lot more challenging.

It's all sounding rather good, and to top it all off, Game Informer has released a whole new set of screens - which you can view in the gallery below.


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19Robb92 said:

The game looks gorgeous. Can't wait to pick this up, I'm gonna have loads of fun with this. Looks like it'll be the best NSMB game thus far in the series.



BenAV said:

I've found the New Super Mario Bros. series pretty boring to be honest, but this one's looking pretty good.
Will be picking it up at launch.



19Robb92 said:

Summary of NSMBU details from GameInfromer:

  • dozens of levels across one world map, like Super Mario World
  • map can be panned around and explored at any time
  • game features an auto-scrolling, Boost Rush mode for more of a challenge
  • multiple branching paths that let you pick which way to go
  • this is much more than the tradition level choosing, which usually gives you only two paths to choose from
  • mid-world fortresses guarded by Boom-Boom
  • end-level castles guarded by Koopalings
  • Three Yoshi variations
  • Pink Yoshi: inflated with a GamePad/Wiimote shake
  • This can take Mario even higher than the flying suit can
  • Pink Yoshis don’t help in horizontal movement
  • Large surface area useful for collecting a bunch of airborne coins
  • Gold Yoshi: shake the controller to light up the immediate area
  • Also stuns nearby enemies
  • Gold Yoshis show up in the Fire Snake Caverns
  • Blue Yoshi: can shoot bubbles
  • Can ride the adult version of Yoshi in numerous levels
  • Yoshi can still eat breaks
  • Collect five to fill a meter
  • This rewards Yoshi’s rider with a power-up
  • Camera pans out a bit in co-op
  • This helps you see hidden star coins and pipes that you normally wouldn’t come across in single-player
  • Boost Mode: Place up to four floating platforms at a time
  • Use the GamePad touch screen in Boost Mode to pop friends out of bubbles, stun enemies, make it easier to reach the flagpole, manipulate environmental objects, swat Paratroopas
  • Turn on Boost Mode by powering up the GamePad – that’s it
  • Players will go through pre-selected packs of levels in Boost Rush Mode
  • Collecting coins makes the auto-scroll faster
  • Limited amount of lives given at the start of each pack
  • Dying doesn’t reset the clock


NintyMan said:

New Super Mario World, anyone?

It's obvious to say that this will be the best NSMB game yet. The screenshots by themselves look gorgeous, not counting how the actual game will look on an HD TV. An expansive map is welcome news, and it seems like Yoshis will be more common in this game than in NSMBW. I can't wait to see more gameplay footage when the Wii U press event comes around.



Ecto-1 said:

Anyone else see a Mii stuck in a tree? I just want to be sure I'm not hallucinating. This is looking really nice. Might just tempt me to pick up a Wii U this year instead of waiting til next year as I had originally intended.



rjejr said:

Despite the fact that "rush' mode will never be played in my house this still looks good. And I do like the Gamepad boost for parents to help out the little ones. And the wife.

Though as someone who is currently finishing up Rayman on my PS3 I have to wonder if the whole 2D Mario bros. world aesthetic isn't getting a bit old.



Emaan said:

This looks so wonderful! I loved Super Mario World, and this seems like it'll be the best NSMB yet. Definitely getting this with my Wii U.



GamerZack87 said:

The screenshot tagged "An icy reception?" depicts Mario and Yoshi atop a waterspout in an ocean level, as evidenced by the tropical island in the background and school of Cheep Cheeps flying towards the heroes.



motang said:

I am very much looking for to playing this. Day one purchase with the system for me.



ultraraichu said:

Nice. I was going to get this regardless of what they said but this news just made me more impatient for the Wii U release.

The boost mode would be nice co-op help for my friend since she's really bad at mario games but don't want the game to beat the stage for her.



WingedSnagret said:

Wow, this looks way better then I thought! I mean, I still love Mario regardless, but his latest games have been a little...lackluster. But this, this looks like a breath of fresh air!



MarioMario said:

I'm super pumped for this. They sound like they're finally coming up with some original ideas like the world gripped in a tornado



FonistofCruxis said:

This sounds like it will be far better than NSMB2. It sounds like the levels will be a lot more creative and it sounds like they're finally going to have some new themes for the worlds in an NSMB game with this one. I hope Yoshi stays with you in this game like he did in SMW.



TeeJay said:

Tell me I'm not the only one who noticed the Baby Yoshi Mario was carrying in that one screen shot! I loved those things in Super Mario World!



Gridatttack said:

It seems they changed the tilesets more to look less like NSMBW. Looks good. I will pick this game up when I can. Meanwhile I will have to continue making custom levels for the ds version waiting till the game gets released....



HawkeyeWii said:

I seriously didn't ever think the day would come! Can't wait, HD Mario!!! I can't even imagine how gorgeous this game is going to loooook!!!!!



Super-Mario-Fan said:

This looks amazing!!!!! I can't wait! These pictures look so beautiful. It looks more realistic then ever and it will look even better in HD!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

And people say that this is just the exact same game as the other 3 just on Wii U? So many stupid people out there who dont bother actually seeing whats new!



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I know! Some people are dumb. I even know people who think that every Mario kart has the same karts every time.



FluttershyGuy said:

Go ahead and name this New Super Mario World, Nintendo. You know you want to. With all the SMW I see all over the place, hopefully we get some SMW music remixes too.



SwimyGreen said:

Even just the level design ideas shown makes me want to get it. It's good to know that NSMBU won't be mediocre like 2. This game is definitely on my list now (wasn't sure before, but now I am).



SomeBitTripFan said:

Wow! I am much more tempted to get this now. Maybe when my younger cousin comes to my house I'll give him his 1st real experience playing a Mario game. He wants to play Mario, but his Dad only has a PS3 and 360.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

FINALLY! Nintendo gots us sum underwater bullat billz. btw, wasn't there bullet bills in super princess peach? (idk, can't remember). But I think instead of big N making generic enemies, theys should bring back older enemies. Like...



gundam00 said:

I played this at the Wii U Demonstration and I must say the graphics are beautiful!! The HD graphics really bring a new experience to Mario. The GamePad with the Boost Mode/Colored blocks seemed unnecessary in the video, but when you actually play the game its a whole other experience. There's more strategy and critical thinking involved for the GamePad user because you have to predict where to place the Boost Blocks appropriately so you can help the other player (or interfere). And the Mario player plays the game never expecting a Block to appear, while the GamePad user can't predict the Mario player's moves, so there's an added challenge that has a puzzle feel to fit.

After playing both NSMB:U and NSMB:2 at the Demo, I thoroughly enjoyed the Wii U game far more than the 3DS sequel. The Wii U game felt like they brought something "New" to Mario. And after playing Mario in HD, you'll wonder how you ever went without HD graphics!



gundam00 said:

@Ulala I totally agree that Nintendo should bring back older enemies because the new enemies feel generic to me too, like the ladybugs in 3DLand. Nintendo really needs to pull more content from Super Mario World because there were so many great enemies and characters that were kind of forgotten about



Gamer83 said:

I'm a big fan of all the 2D Marios but World is easily my favorite. Gald to read they're pulling some content from that game, NSMBU will definitely be the first game I get with the system.



Bandwagonman said:

I for one want Chargin' Chuck to return above all other enemies from SMW. He was so quirky with all his different abilities. I was particularly fond of his "jump-clap" attack which made the spring's SPROING noise.
That, and Super Koopas.



grumblebuzzz said:

@gundam00 I thought 3D Land had some of the most unique and memorable new enemies that the series has done since SMW. And they're called Biddybuds, tyvm.



grumblebuzzz said:

@Ulala What's that walrus thing? Is that from Super Princess Peach or something? I can't remember that. BTW, imo Super Princess Peach could have been OH SO MUCH better than it was. I was left wanting more graphically and level-design-wise. You can definitely tell Nintendo didn't develop that.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

@grumblebuzzz Well to answer your question I still have SPP. Here's what the in-game glossary says:
Walruss - "Apparently spends time on ice eating snow cones"
And also, I was right!!! Nintendo's underwater version of bullet bill is called "Torpedo Ted"
Here's what the glossary says:
Torpedo Ted - "An underwater version of Bullet Bill. Watch out!"
and it was from Super Princess Peach!
I guess Big N remembers the old game, or more likely, Super Mario World. (Practically remains true to it's original design, few differences)
EDIT: Differences as in from the WiiU version (Check image at top of page)

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