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Who's New Super Mario Bros. 2's Mystery Celebrity?

Posted by Mike Mason

Guess who

Nintendo of Europe is having a little fun with the advertising campaign for New Super Mario Bros. 2 before the game is released on Friday. Can you guess which mystery celebrity is wearing Mario's famous moustache?

The answers have been flowing in all day on Twitter, but apparently nobody's got it right yet. Frankie Sandford, Emma Watson and Natalie Portman are a few celebs that you can knock off the guess list.

Reckon you're up for grabbing 15 seconds of internet fame? Join the game on Twitter under the hashtag #moustache. All will be revealed when New Super Mario Bros. 2 is released on 17th August.


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TheDreamingHawk said:

Zelda Williams.

But why is she promoting a Mario game? I bet she wants all of those coins after losing all of her rupees due to a scam.



Wintendo said:

Dave Grohl?

Hey, he's a good cross dresser in his music videos

Or Anthony Kiedis. I dunno, Nintendo's probably trolling us, and that's a guy.



Medicham said:

Wha???? Is there some gender identity issues going on? Mario is a guy yet that picture looks like a hot model dressed up as Mario. Look at the eyeliner and eye color. Mario's eyes are BLUE... not light brown.



citizenerased said:

obligatory "I'd like to plump-her", would've been a funnier caption.

Her eyes look too big to be Zelda William's, but it's possible.



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm 99.99% sure of it. I know my brunette celebs. It's kind of my thing. Contest is held by Nintendo's UK website, and Keira is British. Plus, the brown eyes, curvature of the cheek/jaw, and I've seen her genderbend in movies.

(in booming Princess Luna voice) HOW MANY POINTS DO I RECEIVE???

For comparison... Even if wrong, it's still a pic of one of the effing sexiest women in the world for your viewing pleasure!!!


I want to see a Pirate costume for Mario now, that'd be so cool!



Wheels2050 said:

I'm assuming it would be a European celebrity, given it's NoE?

Having said that, I've still got no idea. I'm not up with celebrities these days - I should ask my wife!



FluttershyGuy said:

Also resembles Winona Ryder, but not quite... Besides, she's been next-to unheard from since an unfortunate shopping trip at Sax Fifth Avenue and I don't think Nintendo would want the mustache on her. (Which pains me to say... I've loved Noni since Beetlejuice)



Banker-Style said:

Looks like that lass Mila kunis.

Either way that lady in the picture looks extremely pretty even though she's wearing a mustache.



FluttershyGuy said:

@A-Hungry-Banker & @Voogieman
They could be trolling us by pulling a Victor/Victoria (old movie), except vice versa by having a guy pretending to be a girl pretending to be a guy. It would mean probably about everybody is wrong, but it'd be hilarious.
I'm not a noob, I've been a member since Feb. 2009 (but lurked for a long time).

If I'm one of the ones correct, I want to borrow the Stanley Cu... um, never mind... LordJumpMad's M. Bison hat for a week. Set up Shadapoo and become pony dictator.



FluttershyGuy said:

See, everybody? I told you it was (reads @James reply)... NOT KEIRA KNIGHTLEY??? NO!!! HOW CAN THIS BE??? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! Explodes

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