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Mon 13th Aug 2012

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Medicham commented on 3DS XL Cradle and AC Adaptor Available 24th Au...:

Hmmmmm... interesting. I currently got a 3DS and I don't plan on buying a 3DS XL. I still think the 3Ds XL is a slap in the face to current 3DS owners who look at the XL in envy. The cradle is a okay idea but I don't think many people will buy it when it should come in the package to begin with.



Medicham commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Complete Soundtrack Blast...:

This. Is. Insane... I luv Kid Icarus: Uprising and the music was C+ material. Wasn't that great to me. Nintendo coulda done alot better if they did more piano and techno music in the game. I am not buying this overpriced CD at all.



Medicham commented on Whoever said Penélope Cruz, You Were Right!:

Wow.... Ummmm... Okay Penelope... What's going on? I don't care how hot you and your sister are! Mario is a man! He has brown hair and BLUE eyes! Sheesh! C'mon Nintendo! If you're gonna have someone dress up as Mario then stick to his image.



Medicham commented on Talking Point: Why is Nintendo Not at Gamescom?:

I can explain it quite easily. Nintendo doesn't feel the need to brag about what it has going on just yet. But it'll brag soon when Monster Hunter and Castelvania and Fire Emblem and.... Wii U fully arrives. And besides, Nintendo rather tell its own gamers through Eshop channels and its own website what's going on then do it through an event like Gamescom. Like there's a Wii U channel in the Eshop for 3ds now... It's epic!



Medicham commented on New LEGO Lord of the Rings Gamescom Trailer:

EXCELLENT TRAILER. See this is how LEGO is soooo amazing. The LEGO franchise has made really good games in the past and this just shows that they can even make medival times games. Ohhhh... I'm impressed. This also shows that they can pull off LEGO Zelda: Ocarina of Time... But this won't be LEGO's greatest game. LEGO's greatest game is that LEGO: Undercover Cop thing or Free City or whatever the heck its called. I forgot XD



Medicham commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Sparks Coin Rush!:

How many times do I hafta say this? New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a bad game!! It's fustrating and silly. I mean collecting a million coins SHOULD give the gamer an excellent reward but Nintendo gives the gamer something entirely different... I strongly suggest that you don't buy this game. Instead go ahead and buy Resident Evil: Revelations or heck even Mario Tennis. Just ANYTHING except this game. I wasn't impressed by it at all. Nintendo should focus on Super Mario 3D 2!!! So yeah, I said my speech. I'm sorry to those who mite find what I said kinda mean but its true. Give yourself 3 hours with New Super Mario Bros. 2 and you'll stop liking it too.



Medicham commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

Ugh... This review only confirmed to me that I shouldn't get this overrated and exaggerated game. The Coin thing isn't cute or clever to me. I already know what happens when the gamer gets a million coins....its not cool at all. Do me a favor Nintendo. Everyone wants a Super Mario 3D Land 2 instead. Can we work on that and Super Smash Bros. 3D?



Medicham commented on Rumour: Wii U European Launch Could be Delayed:

European gamers gets punched in the face again. Its messed up how European gets alotta games later than everybody else. I'm an American and I'm already mad at how Japan gets literally everything cuz it came from that country.



Medicham commented on Crazy Chicken: Pirates Flapping To NA eShop An...:

This game looks pretty bad but it got extremly worse at 48 seconds in the trialer when it said: "You only have 90 seconds to complete your raid." Like really???? What a silly time limit. Is that supposed to pressure the gamer? Yeah, its worth 1.99 for a reason, guys.



Medicham commented on Inazuma Eleven Compilation Kicking Off on 3DS:

i'm getting tired of these region specific games for the 3ds. I can understand how Japan gets everything first but this is spinning outta control. It isn't fair how North America and Europe gets screwed outta alot games. Why can't they just change the Language settings to English and put the games out? As you can tell... I'm one of the many gamers who is mad that Pokemon Black 2 comes out in October for America.



Medicham commented on Nintendo Confirms Its Holiday Hits in North Am...:

Ummmm... Why is the Ds even getting new games? Its a gorgeous handheld that needs to call it quits. Pokemon Black and White 2 will be its last great game. Its not an exclusive to the 3ds cuz Nintendo knows that alotta of its fan can't afford the 3ds just yet. I'm pretty sure the 3ds will drop price when the Wii U comes out... But anyway... Paper Mario? Wha??? I don't want it.



Medicham commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Cost £39.99 to D...:

That's sad!!! This game should not cost freaking 40 bucks for a download. Its really worth about 25 bucks. Sorry but this game isn't really that great. I'm not impressed by it at all. Nintendo oughta put out Super Mario 3D Land 2 instead of make silly games like these.



Medicham commented on First Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. 2:

No, I am not getting this. Collecting the million coins is actually a major disappointment so don't look forward to that. And why must Mario always work with Luigi? How about Mario work with Wario or Waluigi? Sheesh.



Medicham commented on Talking Point: What Do You Think of 3DS XL?:

Ugh... The 3DS XL is gigantic slap in the face to current 3DS owners. Who the heck wants to buy a XL when the 3DS works just fine? To make it worse, Nintendo made the XL sorta good. The XL shoulda never been created...