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Genius Sonority's Denpa Ningen no RPG Heading to the West

Posted by Katy Ellis

You know, the guys behind Pokémon Colosseum

We at Nintendo Life absolutely loved Pokémon Colosseum. Who didn't? Which is precisely why we are so excited to hear that Colosseum developer Genius Sonority is bringing its latest 3DS eShop game over to the West.

Back in January, we introduced you to the utterly absurd-looking Denpa Ningen no RPG (literally: Electric Wave People). It's directed by former Dragon Quest programmer Manabu Yamana and was released in the Japanese eShop in February.

In Denpa Ningen no RPG the aim is to use your 3DS console's AR functionality to scan the area around you and capture the Denpa Ningen "wave people" that are floating about. You can then build a team with these Denpa Ningen to battle and hopefully defeat the Demon King, as well as many other monsters on the way.

There are plenty of different types of Denpa Ningen to collect, some with elemental types (indicated by their colour) and some with other special abilities. The size and build of each Denpa Ningen also relates to how much health it has, its attack strength and also speed. This means you have to assemble a varied party in order for your team to have the right balance to defeat the upcoming monsters on your adventure.

Any prospective buyers will be able to try out a demo of Denpa Ningen no RPG on the Nintendo 3DS eShop prior to launch. We'll let you know as soon as we hear any more on a release date.

Check out some of the gameplay videos below:

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Icefreak45 said:

Color me intrested, this looks cool
The pokemon catching side (reminds me of Invisimals for the PSP) mixed with rpg element seems like it will make fore quite the eshop title.



ajcismo said:

Excellent. Bout time we get a weird JRPG. Day 1 purchase for sure. Can we send Japan a few FPS's for a trade? We have enough of those in NA.



RR529 said:

I've been hoping this would happen. I'm loving all the attention eShop has been getting lately.



genoboost said:

I remember this game looking really fun. Then I completely forgot about it. Glad to hear it is finally leaving Japan.



Csaw said:

Looks like a mix between pokemon, pikmin and dragonquest, definately interesting and something I'd be willing to try.



lanabanana said:

To me , it looks like a mix between Animal Crossing (The characters are so cute , that's why) & Pikmin lol. idk if i'll get it though lol



BenAV said:

I was really hoping this would make it over but it didn't think it ever would.
That made my day.



XCWarrior said:

Definite pick up. Any idea about what it costs in Japan translates to America/Europe?



KiroX777 said:

umm a region free 3ds would have helped :/

whats the point behind region locking again?



ianmage1 said:

This looks like a quality experience. It kills me that they can release a great game like this on the eshop, but release angry birds as a retail game...



MrWezzle said:

Nice. This looks like a deeper "Rescue Mii" game, but one you don't need to encounter a million strangers to play. Sign me up.



Tsuchinoko said:

I have the demo, and play it often. Its actually really fun, and uses the 3DS's various capabilities really well. The graphics and sounds and general humour of the game is really cute. I'm sure people in the west would enjoy it too.



RupeeClock said:

This does look absolutely fantastic, seriously I'm pumped that this is heading to Western shores.

Dragon Quest IX like dungeon crawling with randomly generated characters? With the people behind it? Sign me up.



Araknie said:

I think it's time to do like when i had the SNES, choices because of wallet. LOL



Samholy said:

allright, let me get this straight. the character design is way too much similar to katamari characters.

still look odd to play. ill try the demo first, cant say im attracted to the art design.
knowing a dragonquest creator behind the title is the only thing that prevents me from ignoring this title.



LittleIrves said:

Surprised none of those gameplay trailers show the AR capture stuff... but this looks like just the sort of oddball, charming little game I'm loving on eShop. Looks like blend of FreakyForms and Face Raiders and Find Mii. Depending on the price, I'm very interested...



horobita said:

So this game is like Pokemon mixed with dragon quest 9 gameplay with pikmin-katamari like characters .....hmmm this seems.......AwSOmE



Layton4evr said:

This reminds me a lot of Dragon Quest but more "cute". I will definitely try it out though, looks fun



Korbin64 said:

I'd get this. To me it looks like a mash-up of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and the hand-held Legend of Zelda games.

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