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E3 2012: Yes, We Will See New 3DS Games Today

Posted by James Newton

Which is nice

All this talk of Wii U and the most recent Nintendo Direct has put poor 3DS in the shade. Well don't worry, the little handheld that can will get its chance to shine again during Nintendo's E3 press conference today.

Despite saying it'll focus on Wii U software, Nintendo confirmed it will reveal new games for 3DS today, promising a "massive line-up":

At the E3 Expo, Nintendo will reveal a massive lineup of first- and third-party video games for the Wii U home console and the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.

The consensus in the Nintendo Life office seems to be we'll see the new Zelda for 3DS today. What are you hoping for?

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Squirtodile said:

Yes! Thank god! I mean, i want to hear about the Wii U, but i'm not even sure when i'll be able to get it. And i'm gonna watch the whole conference so...



V8_Ninja said:

"...Nintendo confirmed it will show off new reveal new games for 3DS today,..."

I assume James was tired from defending his pudding?

OT: Nice to see that the 3DS won't be entirely forgotten.



ennan said:

Hoping for a new Zelda or a 2D metroid. Guess we'll just have to wait and see...



eddypikachu said:

Good thing I woke up extra early... I only slept for four hours to wake up early... ;_;



Yasume said:

A massive line-up? This may turn out better than I thought it would. If they are going to talk about new 3DS games too today, I wonder what they are going to tell us at the June 6th conference.



WispMetas said:

I just hope we see a new toon link game . i loved phantom hourglass +.+



DF2506 said:

Honestly, theres only one 3ds game I NEED to see & thats Animal Crossing 3ds! If they show that today & say when its coming, I'm set. And every other 3ds game they show is a wonderful extra.



Tsuchinoko said:

Yes to new Toon Link game, 2D metroid, 3DS (Advance) Wars, and for the hell of it, maybe an announcement of that revival of a certain cancelled game we've all been wanting, or at least the "prototype".



Phle said:

Not that it's going to happen, but Pokémon generation VI for 3DS !



Radbot42 said:

i just have to wait till i get home from class.....4 pm ... only 9 more hours hope this year is awesome!



MPNAlex said:

Didn't Nintendo say that they'd show 3DS during the "software showcase" tomorrow? "At the E3 Expo" only indicates that there'll be a massive line-up at the show, not particularly at the E3 conference which was said to be about Wii U. The software showcase event is also "At the E3 Expo". Bit of a confusing message...



Pokefanmum82 said:

The software showcase is still going to be about the 3DS. That quote doesn't really say that there's going to be any 3DS news today anyway. It just says that there will be some new 3DS games announced at E3, doesn't say it will be today. I hope I'm proven wrong.



RR529 said:

I'd love new Zelda, but as I've just beaten my first two Metroid games (Return of Samus, and Fusion), I'd love to see some Metroid as well.

Paper Mario 3DS should be given the final title of Paper Mario & Luigi, in honor of Mario's previous portable RPGs.



ajcismo said:

Paper Mario, a new Zelda, and 2 old Zelda's (Majora's Mask and Link to the Past). Everything else is icing on my cheesecake.
I'd love to see the SNES and N64 get a bunch of VC love on the 3DS. Doesn't have to be 3D remakes or anything, ports would do, but we're getting to the point where theres no reason Nintendo's back catalog can't be available on current-gen hardware.
Also, will Gamecube titles be available for download on the Wii U? One of my many questions for the days events.



Hejiru said:

I would imagine we'll see Zelda 3DS before we see Zelda Wii, but there's no guarantee we'll see either today. Actually, I don't think we'll that many NEW 3DS games considering they've got four announced big-name titles that we know nothing about. (Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario, and New Super Bros 2.) And they'd better announce Fire Emblem Awakening.



Geonjaha said:

Dragon Quest games. Localised. Noa! >:0

  • Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 2
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Terrys Wonderland 3D

You know you want my money Nintendo...
Dates for LM2, AC, MH3G, MG4, PM would also be great. :3



NintyMan said:

Please, oh, please let WarioWare 3D be revealed!

3DS needs to have some attention at the conference, even if a little. If not, then definitely during the rest of E3.



Dodger said:

Animal Crossing. I've been waiting since E3 2010. I would be happy if they spent an hour and a half talking about that.

But other stuff is nice too. I would like a new Ice Climber game (one of my favorite NES games), a new Wind Waker sequel, a new 2D Metroid for 3DS, a Mario 64 port for 3DS, a new WarioWare game for Wii U and a new Elite Beat Agents game for Wii U. That is pretty much all I can think of. No Pilotwings. I still want the time I spent on Resort back.



Captain_Hookey said:

all i care about are:SNES VC or SNES 3D classicsLuigi's Mansion 2 release date(and more?)more NSMB2 newszelda paper mario (3DS)animal crossing(3DS) and Fire Emblem Awakening Release date in NA



Mk_II said:

Yes, my money is also on a new Zelda adventure for 3DS for Q4 2012. And i hope they also announce that a Majora's Mask port is in the works for next year



New_3DaSh_XL said:

E3!!!!! E3!!!!!!!!! E3!!!!!!!!!AC3D!!!!!!!!!LM2!!!!!!!!!!!!!NSMBU/2!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZELDA3D/Wii U!!!!!!!!!!!



gamergoddess said:

i seriously hope it's Animal Crossing 3DS it is said to come out this summer and i hope it is before July XD



ThePirateCaptain said:

If they didn't show Animal Crossing my sister would be very upset. They had me worried there for a while but now all confidence is with you Nintendo, this will be epic.



ThePirateCaptain said:

If they don't show Animal Crossing my sister would be very upset. They had me worried for a while about showing any 3DS stuff but now all confidence is in you Nintendo; this will be epic.



1takauchiha said:

I'm hoping to see Kingdom Hearts 3D here, but if not I know it'll be at E3 anyway so I'll see it either way.



RedYoshi999 said:

New Zelda AND Majora's Mask please! Plus Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion info.



Percentful said:

I would love to see a new IP they've been working on. But I'd be totally satisfied with paper mario, luigi's mansion, and any other 3DS games.
This was probably will be the only time I woke up at 6:00 in the summer without an alarm clock. My brain can sense the things to come.



SonyFACE said:

I hope there's a new zelda cause then i can hear miyamoto go, "mmmmm. zelda."



Spagem said:

Just Snes on 3DS and please nintendo make a 2D metroid! people have been waiting years and years but its always prime or now... other M.



StarDust4Ever said:

Hopefully, we get some release dates for Paper Mario 3D and Luigi's Mansion 2, which were announced last year and originally scheduled for early 2012 release, which didn't happen. Those few seconds of screenshots for the next 2D Mario for Wii-U sure were looking good in the Nintendo Direct video.



simonbelmont82 said:




dizzy_boy said:

i would asume today would be used for nintendo to promote their games and tomorrow for 3rd party games.
i would love nintendo to rework the snes starfox, update the graphics, add 3D, and add the in starfox 2 levels.



shonenjump86 said:

Can't wait to see what they are. It would also be nice to add Neo Geo Pocket games to the VC.



Megumi said:

Do localization announcements count as new games? lol
("3G 3G 3G 3G 3G 3G 3G 3G...")



SyFyTy said:

2 or 3 games is a massive line up? and how about showing something that will actually make it out of Japan, localized. since this article IS written in English.



KibaAkina said:

If they do not show Animal Crossing 3DS tomorrow at the 3DS conference...I will be very very upset..>
It was the only thing I was looking forward to in the Nintendo E3 conference..



RevolverLink said:

It was nice to actually hear more about Paper Mario, but hopefully the big 3DS bash will feature something more in the way of, you know, stuff we haven't seen yet.



grumblegrumble said:

I may be in the minority here, but Paper Mario (when I played it on the Wii recently) sucked! I don't know how anyone enjoys a game that is pretty much all planned out for you with sucky graphics. Zelda Twilight Princess was and still is the best Wii game out there, imho. I am a huge 3DS fan now and will probably never own a Nintendo dedicated console ever again. It's all about portability for me. Bring on the 3DS game announcements!



Fabian said:

You really should buy Paper Mario 64 on your Wii for 10 bucks it is by far the best one in the series and if you had played this you would know why so many people enjoing this (It has great graphics for a N64 game)



cyphid said:

I truly hope for some surprises from Nintendo's Software conference like the rest of you. However, I will be prepared for little new games. I bet they will focus on what games we are already aware of and what they have shown at the last conference. Luigis Mansion Dark Moon, Paper Mario Sticker Star, New Super Mario Bros 2, Animal Crossing, etc. I do suspect Nintendo will talk about the newest Fire Emblem for the 3DS; it's selling wonderfully in Japan.

Oh if you don't know already, you can download the latest trailer NSMB2 at eShop! If this trailer is any indication, Nintendo will release trailers for their upcoming games on the eShop tonight/ tomorrow, as they did last E3!

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