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Reaction: The Big Wii U Rumour Round-Up

Posted by Joe Walker

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We’re now less than a week out from Nintendo’s E3 conference where the cover will finally be pulled off so many mysteries surrounding Wii U. Since debuting the console at last year’s conference Nintendo has been tight-lipped on the subject, and when excitement is high and valid information is low, it can only lead to one thing: a maelstrom of rumours. The past year has seen an ever-increasing number of “anonymous sources” being cited in all dark corners of the internet, with stories ranging from the believable to the outrageous.

As the time for the revealing of truth draws nigh, we've decided to tackle some of the higher-profile rumours and assess their likelihood. Nintendo fans the world over are turning their excitement levels up to 11 for the beans finally being spilled on Tuesday, so now's our last chance to savour and enjoy the last few days of speculation.


Rumour: Wii U now supports two touch screen controllers simultaneously.
Our Take: Two thumb(stick)s up

At this point we would be shocked if the Wii U could only support one touch screen controller at a time. Nintendo prides itself on providing unique game experiences that get people playing together, and allowing only one player at a time to experience the real draw of the new console would be a misstep. While asymmetrical gameplay is undoubtedly the exciting new flavour, eschewing tradition would stand in stark contrast to Nintendo’s desire to lure core gamers back into the fold.

Nintendo knows this, too. When word got out that the E3 system could only support one controller at a time, gamers and journalists all cried out in unison that one simply wasn’t enough. It’s not necessary to get four of them running at the same time, but anything less than a pair is going to disappoint a lot of potential customers.


Rumour: Nintendo will introduce a physical “gamer card” device with StreetPass-like functionality.
Our Take: Not quite a full deck.

This is one of the few off-the-wall rumours that actually sounds somewhat believable. The rumour is Nintendo will reveal a physical device, similar to the Pokéwalker packed in with Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, which will store your profile information and employ StreetPass functionality to swap data with other users.

With StreetPass as one of the defining features of the 3DS it wouldn’t take a huge mental leap to imagine the big N wanting to employ a similar social aspect with its new home console. While the 3DS has, by design, very limited avenues for communication, those barriers will in all likelihood cease to exist on Wii U with Nintendo trying to appeal to the core gamer.

There would undoubtedly be limits in place, as Nintendo has always taken privacy and protecting younger children very seriously. We imagine that the functionality would be limited for profiles of users under 13 years of age, if it even works for them at all. It should go without saying that the entire program would be completely optional, so if you don’t want to share any of your information your account can stay safely tucked away in the innards of your console.

We admit, this one is quite a long shot. The cards would be another peripheral that comes with its own costs to design, develop and manufacture, certainly a risky venture with an untested feature. The 3DS has shown that adding a social aspect to handheld gaming is something gamers enjoy, but we're not convinced it'd benefit home console users. Still, it'd be pretty cool.


Rumour: Eminem is teaming up with Nintendo to promote a new mature game called Acid Ghost.
Our Take: Will the real Slim Shady please shut up and stop spreading this nonsense.

Oh boy. We don't even really know where to begin with this one. Nintendo is supposedly readying a new game called Acid Ghost, where you play as a poltergeist on a cruise ship and must scare and murder passengers, with game mechanics similar to games like Geist or Tecmo's Deception. The scuttlebutt was that Eminem has hooked up with a Sacramento, California based advertising agency to film a promotional video.

When word first hit the internet, the consensus seemed to be "okay, sounds cool. Eminem, though? That's odd." Then more and more rumours seemed to surface, extending the game's feature list to ridiculous lengths. Coupled with questionable concept art that was quickly debunked, the entire thing seemed to crumble under its own weight. The concept is interesting, but this particular rumour seems to have gone a bit overboard. (Get it? Because it takes place on a ship..? Forget it.)


Rumour: Wii U will launch on Friday, 23rd November in North America.
Our Take: Throw this one out with the leftover turkey.

Nintendo has stated that it will not announce a release date or price for Wii U at E3, but that hasn’t managed to put a lid on people thinking they have the inside scoop. One of the more prevalent dates being whispered in the internet’s dark alleys is Friday, 23rd November – otherwise known as Black Friday.

While Black Friday is without a doubt the biggest shopping day of the year for North Americans, it’s a foolish day to launch a product. People line up at 3am to get major deals on appliances and other big ticket items — throwing a new console launch into the mix would be terrible business. The excitement and hype of the product would be drowned out by the ravenous mob climbing over each other for $100 Blu-ray players.

Nintendo knows that it needs to build up a lot of buzz and desire before the big shopping season officially kicks off and ride that wave as shopping malls get more and more crowded. We’ll refrain from speculating on a release date ourselves, but we can safely assume there will be ample time before the holidays for early adopters to get the system in their homes and start spreading the gospel.


Rumour: Retro is working on a Star Fox/Metroid crossover to be unveiled at E3.
Our Take: Z or NO twice.

We want to live in whatever fantasy world this rumour came from. Retro usually has its name attached to wished-for revivals of classic franchises due to its masterful handling of Metroid and Donkey Kong Country, but even the wizards from this Texas studio would have a hard time making this one work. The fact of the matter is that these are two very different franchises that simply have no business sharing a game disc outside of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Aside from shooting and the general “space” feel, what else do these two franchises have in common? Metroid is all about exploration and isolation while the calling card of Star Fox has historically been thrills and intense aerial combat: there’s simply no common ground for Fox and Samus to share. Unlocking Samus’ ship in the next Star Fox game’s multiplayer mode or scanning a crashed Arwing in a Metroid title is about as far as we can imagine these two worlds colliding.

We might not have a crystal ball here in the Nintendo Life tower, but we think we’ve been around the block enough times to give these rumours our best analysis. Every tick of the clock brings us closer to the smorgasbord of exciting news at E3 so we won’t have to wait much longer to clear the fog.

Nintendo’s conference is on Tuesday, 5th June. Don't miss it.

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User Comments (41)



BenAV said:

I don't know how I'm going to survive until next Wednesday morning.
My excitement keeps me up at night. D:



19Robb92 said:

I'm not going to trust any of those rumors. But it'll be fun to see if any of them actually come true. Looking forward to the Nintendo conference.



The_Fox said:

Wait, there were rumors of a Metroid/Starfox crossover? What a horrible idea.



player310 said:

Hey, remember all the exciting buzz back when franchises such as GTA or Halo were gonna be in HD? I cannot wait to see all of Nintendo's best franchises in glorious 1080p HD... can you imagine!?



ThomasBW84 said:

@The_Fox There certainly were, which I personally thought was bonkers. Even if it was true, it would be one of the worst mash-ups imaginable, in my opinion. As Joe says though, it seems very unlikely.



BenAV said:

Besides the multiple controller thing, the rumour I probably most want to be true is the Acid Ghost one (or at least part of it) as that sounds pretty interesting.



Kage_88 said:

@player310 - I was actually thinking of this before... I can't wait to see (eventually) how amazing the Wii U 3D Mario platformer will look like...considering it'll likely be totally different from Galaxy, it would be insane! What kind of fantastical gameplay and/or worlds are Miyamoto and Koizumi cooking up? I wanna know!!!

As for Zelda, imagine if Nintendo introduces a totally new art style for the series' HD debut? Not 'realistic' nor 'toon'...but something else entirely? What would people say if Link made his Wii U debut as, say...a Japanese water colour painting? A claymation-inspired adventure? Or even a chanbara-style play (as a homage to the inspiration behind Z-targeting)?

Oh, and a Metroid that looks like Alien: Colonial Marines...



shadow68966 said:

i will be shocked if only ONE new controller could connect to Wii U i wanted Wii U for its AWESOME controllers not only one controller.



TheDreamingHawk said:

I had a dream last night that a starfox game was coming to wii U.

How I desperately want that to come true... Tuesday is taking too long!



C-Olimar said:

I'd rather see Kid Icarus X Metroid. The two games play similar on the 3/DS and are very closely linked in history.



SpaceKappa said:

@SpriteKing I wouldn't hold your breath. They just created an official Wii U Facebook page and it was on that leaked picture of the controller from a couple of weeks ago. The name's not going anywhere.



Tasuki said:

You forgot the best rumor, that World of Warcraft will be coming to the Wii U. The idea of that still cracks me up.



PixelatedPixie said:

I can actually see the Gamer Card being a definite possibility. In UK & Ireland recently Barclaycard introduced their new payment option which incorporates a magnetic strip that has an adhesive on one side, allowing it to be stuck to the back of mobile phones. The strip can then be used to make payments via NFC. If Nintendo were to use a similar technology on a card, the card could then be carried in a wallet or purse and then placed on the Wii U tablet to update the system with streetpass data etc. I'm not sure if the range of NFC is sufficient for this to work though.



armoredghor said:

I could see retro building a starfox game because when they presented futuristic graphics on a Nintendo console, it built a lot of buzz. People still wanted a metroid sequel to salvage the bad press from other M and kinda wish that samus was somehow involved as well. wishful thinking.



rjejr said:

Was this the "Guess which 1 of these is an actual rumour?" game, b/c the 1 vs. 2 controllers is the only 1 I've ever even read before, and I'm on this site every single day.
Real rumours - release date of Nov. 18, thumbnubs or joysticks, under or over powered, expensive ($400 - $500) or inexpensive ($250 - $300), capacitive or resistive touch screen.



Skeletor said:

I really hope there will be two controller tablets (or however they'll name it). I found it weird after everything was said and done last year, when EA mentioned playing Madden and picking a play on it so the other player can't see it, and then BAM!! Stories emerging saying that there's only support for one!?! It didn't seem to fit. Honestly, I'm expecting it to be two. The systems will most likely come with only one, but Nintendo will need to sell them separately eventually, so if something dire were to happen.



Yrreiht said:

I love how everyone is saying that a Metroid/
Starfox crossover would be terrible, just like everyone said that a metroid fps was a bad idea



James said:

@rjejr they're all rumours doing the rounds (or have done) but seeing as we've just said why we think they're almost all fake you'll understand why we haven't posted about them before

@19robb92 yep posted about that in the E3 round up - check the link at the end of this article



coolvw93 said:

im just glad that it can support two touch screen controllers simutaneously...



MagicEmperor said:

... Really? I'm the only guy who actually wants to see a Metroid/Star Fox crossover? Okay then. It couldn't be much worse than Other M, for one, and as someone else said, people initially thought a first-person Metroid was a bad idea. Look what happened.



Cloud-San-VII said:

Sorry, but since I don't know how to create articles (or perhaps I cannot) on this site, there is one that needs to go up. Put it as rumor: there has been an announcement that Kingdom Hearts is being remade in HD. It will be known as Kingdom Hearts: Remembrance and have: KH 1, KH CoM, KH 2, KH 358/2 Days, and KH BbS. It will also have extra side quests that relate to the story. Lastly, it is supposed to come out for PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

The two touch screen controllers and the streetpass- like function o are the only two interesting and realistic things that could happen.



FluttershyGuy said:

One thing, I was hoping it would support more touch screens controllers, for the purposes of card games or anything strategic where you don't want everybody else to know what you're going.

Next... honestly, I prefer my Nintendo franchises separate, with the exception of SSB. Metroid is too serious, and Star Fox too comedic for them to officially be in the same universe. I don't think either could be looked at the same way again, if this game is true.

Finally, Slim Shady still can't figure out which Spice Girl he wants to impregnate (and he can have them all for all I care )!

(Check out the shorter woman in black in the "crazy effing BLOODY FRIDAY shoppers" photo going gonzo )



NintyMan said:

The controller and Streetpass device rumors are the only ones that could end up being true. I have to disagree that a Metroid/Star Fox crossover wouldn't work. Anything could work in Retro's hands. Still, such a game would be wishful thinking outside a fan's dreams.



mamp said:

You know now that I think about it I feel like I don't know much about the Metroid universe. I think it's because Samus only explores limited areas like ships or just parts of a planet, instead of vast open areas like on the Zelda universe. IDK, maybe it's just me though.



blueeaglewombat said:

@BenAV I agree. Although I think the "Acid Ghost" leak might be part of a bigger marketing campaign to showcase mature titles on WiiU. The inclusion of Eminem in the rumor does seem a little odd. BUT, if there really are some mature Horror style games coming to WiiU, I can see Eminem and his song "3 A.M." being used in the marketing campaign and commercials. For anyone that hasn't seen the "3 A.M." music video, it's pretty intense and extremely graphic. I mean it premiered uncut on Cinemax late at night. It's actually a pretty good short film.



BenAV said:

Angel792 wrote:

@BenAV Nintendo E3 is on Tuesday, dont miss it!!!

Here in Australia, it's actually at 2am on Wednesday morning.
Thanks anyway, though.



TimboBaggins said:

acid ghost? seriously? I hope thats not true. And since when did anyone say anything about metroid/starfox crossover? That would indeed be a very bad idea, although I do like the suggestion of a unlockable ship in starfox or a nod in metroid via a crashed Arwing. Seriously though, the big reveal is going to be retro doing a remake of starfox or F-zero. And either would be great. And how about Silicon Knights releasing a new Eternal Darkness?



chiptoon said:

The only thing I want (besides the Wii U itself) is for Wii games to be upscaled, and sadly we're not getting that.



James said:

@Cloud-San-VII You can't create articles as you're not one of our writers But you're welcome to post that in the forums! That rumour seems to have originated on Dual Pixels which, in all honesty, I do not trust at all. It could happen — it's a KH anniversary this year right? — but genuinely I think it is just the usual pre-E3 fanboy wishful thinking/hit-mongering. But hey, if I'm wrong, good news for people who like Kingdom Hearts.



DarkKirby said:

Supporting multiple touch screen controllers is something people have been asking for since the Wii U was revealed, Nintendo knows this, whether they think it's worth implementing (manufacturing cost concerns possibly) is another story.

Peppy: Do a Barrel Roll! Samus curls up into a ball.

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