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Iwata Won't Promise "Overwhelmingly Rich" Wii U Launch Line-Up

Posted by James Newton

Has "several proposals"

The 3DS had a lacklustre line-up of games. You know it, we know it and Nintendo knows it. The real question is how the company will avoid a similar situation with Wii U when it launches later this year. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors that it has plans in place but that it pledges to create "evergreen" titles to help the machine sell long after launch.

Iwata touched on the launch line-up, saying:

The company now has to develop software for the Nintendo 3DS, has to prepare for the Wii U launch and has to finalize the hardware functionalities. With these circumstances in mind, if I said that an overwhelmingly rich software lineup would be prepared from day one, it would be too much of a promise to make. On the other hand, we are making efforts so that we will be able to make several proposals even from the launch period that can eventually become evergreen titles for the Wii U.

Sounds to us like Wii U will launch with several Nintendo-developed games, as expected. Iwata is keen to pitch these as long-term sellers, not just seasonal wonders, and knows they must launch right alongside the machine:

We have learned the lesson that we have to make that kind of preparation for the Wii U, or the Wii U will not gain enough momentum to expand its sales. We would like to share additional information at the E3 show in June this year.

Hurry up, June.


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Knux said:

Good, I'm glad to see that Nintendo will try to make the Wii U launch better than the 3DS launch.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Wii U Play With Mii
New Super Mario Bros. Mii
Pikmin for U
F Zero UX
Eternal Darkness 2
Metroid Prime 4

All launch day titles.



Raylax said:

First-party launch line-up:

  • Super Mario Bros. (NES) released on Wii U eShop
  • Urban Champion HD (same game, same pixels, upscaled!)
  • Mario Calculator HD (retail release, includes scientific functions)


BenAV said:

Can't wait for E3 this year!
I have faith that the Wii U will be amazing... I already paid $300 towards it.



AltDotNerd said:

I hope there's more connectivity between the Wii U and the 3DS than there was between the Wii and DS (there was ONE game), hopefully more than Gamecube/GBA (of which there was plenty).



AltDotNerd said:

Mother of God...connectivity between:
SSB (WiiU) & SSB (3DS)
Zelda HD & a future 3DS Zelda game (maybe even OoT 3D)
New Super Mario Bros. WiiU & New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)
The possibilities are endless! DO IT NINTENDO! (I mean if that's OK...)



kirkdouglassd said:

Am I the only person who read this differently?? I am pretty sure he was saying he isn't going to over promise an OVERWHELMINGLY RICH selection of games at launch but instead, they would be working on a schedule of titles throughout the launch window to keep the system "evergreen" as he put it. Again, am I the only one who got that? Or am I wrong? ...I'm not hating, just saying that I would personally be shocked if we saw more than 1 or 2 big titles from Ninty at launch. I think there's a much higher likelihood of getting a Mario Kart and a Zelda along with quite a few PS3 and XBX ports. I hope to god i'm wrong, as it would be great news to see otherwise but I am thrilled they at least seem to have a good plan for some longevity here.



PixelatedPixie said:

For some reason I read that as a hypothetical question. As in, is an '"Overwhelmingly Rich" Wii U Launch Line-Up "Too Much" to ask for? Haha. I thought Iwata-san had lost his marbles.



misswliu81 said:

only less than a month to go until E3- it''s getting ever so close!

i hope nintendo surprises us but also that the launch line up is much better than the 3DS's.



Gold_Ranger said:

The Title of the article is contradicted by Iwata IN the article... way to achieve false hope there...



Squiggle55 said:

@kirkdouglas You are not wrong. Iwata most definitely said he didn't want to overpromise a rich launch, and then tried to use vague CEO speak to make it still sound promising somehow. He's saying don't get your hopes up too high people.



Alienfish said:

Yeah, that's how I read it too. I wouldn't count on seeing a Zelda title anywhere near launch though. They did release Skyward Sword only 7 months ago. My guess is Pikmin 3 along with that new Mario game.



ShellyDeKiller said:

What the Wii U needs is a flagship launch game that'll help entice customers, the same way Halo did for Xbox, or Mario used to do with Nintendo games (Hope NSMB on the Wii U is launch, then). There was nothing on 3DS at launch other than mostly DS ports and other remakes, so I'm expecting a lot of games at E3.



rjejr said:

I concur w/ the others about the misleading title, it should read: Iawata says ""Overwhelmingly Rich" Wii U Launch Line-Up "Too Much" TO ASK FOR. I'll give you guys the benefit of the doubt that it was written that way but the "To ask for" got cut off at the end by the webmaster.

I also disagree that the 3DS has a lacklustere lineup now that Mario 3D, Kart and Kid Icarus are out. We are talking about a 2 screen system w/ 3D. It may be easy to get a bunch of PS3, Xbox360 and PC ports to help round out the WiiU launch lineup but the 3DS developers are on their own to make new content for only 1 system. They should have made Pokemon B&W 2 for the 3DS though, DS owners already have theirs. .



Kage_88 said:

Interesting...Wii had 'evergreen' titles such as Wii Fit, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Mario Kart Wii.

Iwata seems confident that Nitendo's own software on Wii U will have the same amount of longevity, sale-wise...I just hope that Nintedo will still satisfactorily cater to those of us who like to buy their games on day one, and not just let us twiddle our thumbs whilst we wait for the next big release...

I doubt it though. Besides, even if that was the case, hopefully the 3rd party software will be as good as Nintendo promised!



booker_steve said:

Well whatever they choose to release, I just hope all of my downloaded VC games are coming over too.



SSB2014 said:

idk about the launch day but if Nintendo manages to pull out these next tittles the WiiU will be selling like hotcakes!!
Super Smash BrosHD
Pokemon SnapHD
am I forgetting others??? ohh yeah ZeldaHD



hillbill26 said:

Personally, i think to save some great day one titles for maybe 1 to 4 months later. That way gamers can have more to expect and more to play and expand on. Don't sell all your great games too early.



SKTTR said:

It should be a tradition (since it's a good strategy) to release the potential multimillionsellers which Iwata refers to as "evergreen titles" as close to launch as possible. Games like Wii Sports / Fit / Play / Party, Mario / Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, and Nintendogs. These are the games that will sell millions over the lifespan of the whole console.

For a start they pepper in Pikmin 3 and one or two secrets by 2nd party developers and I think at least Nintendo fans will all have a good launch. As for 3rd party fans, I don't see much changing (yet) but I'll wait and see what's coming up.



pastasauce said:

Wow, he pretty much said the launch line-up would suck. Why are people excited about this?



NintyMan said:

I'm sure Nintendo is too busy to have a huge line-up of launch games, but as long as top-sellers like Mario launch with the Wii U, then that should get things started right. E3 feels so close yet it's only the first of May.



Ren said:

what a relief. I was so worried that I would be overwhelmed by the richness of the launch titles. thank goodness he's confirmed they're PLANNING on doing the same thing as the 3DS launch:
Set a date for launching great hardware and stick to it even though the great software coming for it won't be ready yet, and then freak out when everyone is disappointed. I never thought I'd say it about Nintendo but just delay the damn thing! Don't jump into a crowd of starving children with a popsicle, wait til you can get an ice cream truck. Didn't they learn anything after that messy launch!?



19Robb92 said:

"if I said that an overwhelmingly rich software lineup would be prepared from day one, it would be too much of a promise to make"

So don't say it... Keep peoples expectations low instead and then blow them away. This will just lead to people expecting way to much.



JimLad said:

So long as they have one killer app they'll be alright.
If not then they need to delay launch like Ren said, or they will have learned nothing.



SilentHunter382 said:

I love to see a good amount of titles at launch date but not too many. If Nintendo releases alot of good games at launch then it might be a while before another good game is released.



rjejr said:

Thanks for fixing the title James, much better now 8-)

As for the actual launch line-up, did anything famous ship at the Wii launch? I looked back over the calendar recently - a feature I also like on the 3DS and really wish the PS3 had something similar - and we basically only played Wii Sports for the first year we owned the system. I think they need a title like that for the WiiU. Not Mario or Zelda or Metroid but something for the soccer moms using the screen and camera like Skype w/ Battleship and tic tac toe and hangman. Which I've previously mentioned as "WiiU Play: Together".



hYdeks said:

3DS launch was pathetic, but I think Wii U will be an awesome launch. Just, stay FAR away from making another Steel Diver game, ok Nintendo?



Sean_Aaron said:

As long as that Marvel pinball collection is near launch I'll be happy. I'll also get a Pikmin game as I enjoyed the first one with the Wii controls.

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