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Wed 19th Jan 2011

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ShellyDeKiller commented on 3DS Sales Momentum in U.S. and Europe is 'Not ...:

It's almost as if people are noticing that Apple is offering cheaper, more casual based games, thus taking away all the people who bought the DS for Nintendogs and Brain Training....

I hate having to bring up iPhones and iPads, but Nintendo can't keep ignoring them forever.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Wii Has Featured Fewer New IPs Than Rivals:

The Rainfall Trilogy were great games, and I'm hoping for at least some new IPs to be announced for the Wii U eventually. The thought of a HD Xenoblade makes me ever so happy (But not as happy as a Super Mario 1+2 HD Remaster, or even Super Mario Galaxy 3).



ShellyDeKiller commented on Mighty Switch Force! HD Heading to Wii U eShop:

This was probably the first game which made me consider, even if for a tiny while, buying a Wii U(I have the game on 3DS, but HD DRAWN GRAPHICS PEOPLE!) . If Nintendo can show that they are serious about having an online market ready for indie games, then I'd be all over that.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Super Smash Bros. Needs A 'Change of Direction':

To be honest, I'm hoping for less characters. Even if Brawl is one of my favourite games ever, the large amount of characters, several of them unfit for competition (Pit, Meta Knight), I'd much rather have a well-rounded experience instead of a large amount of characters for the sake of it.



ShellyDeKiller commented on No Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for Wii U:

So far, I'm getting the impression that the Wii U is going to have exactly the same problems that the Wii had, only this time it's not even because of hardware limitations. No Dead Space 3, no Tomb Raider, no Far Cry 3, no Castlevania, no Dishonoured, no Hitman, no Metro: Dead Light, no Borderlands 2 (BOO!), no Crysis 3, I could go on (If anyone could confirm these games in case I didn't know about a Wii U port, thanks).



ShellyDeKiller commented on EA Sports to Reveal Wii U Games Next Month:

I'm surprised that, with the EA Partnership thing announced last year, there weren't more mentions of EA games beyond a casual mention of a Mass Effect 3 port, whether it's Medal of Honour, Battlefield, EA Sports, ANYTHING. Unless Mr. Riccitello is actually working for Ubi-Soft, or WB Games.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Miiverse Won't Connect to Twitter or Facebook:

What I'm referring to is how numerous websites and services allow several methods of connection with social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It may not be my cup of tea, but I know plently of people who enjoy using these services, whether they are through 'Likes', 'Tweets', or whatever. My interpretation of 'Miiverse' is that Nintendo is trying to integrate this social networking concept into an online service, which just confused me considering this new development. If they want people to stay connected, I assumed they would have immediately announced Facebook/Twitter/etc integration. Of course, this is just my thoughts on it, and Nintendo could have an entirely different plan to entice people to their social networking service.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Miiverse Won't Connect to Twitter or Facebook:

It's a good thing Nintendo aren't aiming the Wii U at casual audiences then, otherwise leaving out popular services such as Facebook and Twitter would be really stupid.

I........don't even know what Nintendo is trying to do anymore.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Castlevania: Mirror of Fate "Definitely Not Me...:

Well thank god they said it out loud before I wasted £40. There is no greater joy for me than the Castlevania Series, but the recent reboot left a bad taste in my mouth, and although there has been plenty of similar games in the recent handheld series, to outright dismiss the 'Metroidvania' entirely comes across as short-sighted, as well as limiting what Castlevania can or cannot do.



ShellyDeKiller commented on First Impressions: Rayman Legends:

A moment in time that made me smile was when UbiSoft revealed that Rayman Origins was actually a secret success at retail, no thanks to their lackluster advertising and release schedule. I sincerely believe that Rayman Origins will be remembered as one of the greatest videogames of all time, and the thought of a sequel looking THIS good can only fill me with joy. In fact, it's so good, I'm probably getting a Wii U at launch, despite being a little disappointed by the E3 conference and showings.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Iwata: "Overwhelmingly Rich" Wii U Launch Line...:

What the Wii U needs is a flagship launch game that'll help entice customers, the same way Halo did for Xbox, or Mario used to do with Nintendo games (Hope NSMB on the Wii U is launch, then). There was nothing on 3DS at launch other than mostly DS ports and other remakes, so I'm expecting a lot of games at E3.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

Sony's been doing this right, by offering a small discount for digital purchases on the Vita. Previously, they did what Nintendo is doing now, sometimes even RAISING the price. Not sure why small discounts can't be the case for WiiU/3DS games, but I can only hope consumers treat this decision the same way they treated Sony's choices.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Camelot Justifies No RPG Mode in Mario Tennis ...:

It's a shame there won't be an RPG mode, as I've always considered the handheld games to be vastly superior to the console games. Besides, you played as humans in the RPGs as well, so Miis would be PERFECT for an RPG.
I might get this eventually, but only after a price-drop or something. An RPG mode would have made this a day-one purchase.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Talking Point: Wii U and the Future of the Onl...:

Online Passes could be considered as one of the worst problems the video game industry have ever faced. Mostly because 1. Companies like EA and THQ have already abused it endlessly, whether through locking off content for no reason other than to create Online Pass material 2. If the activation process for the PS3 Online Passes are any indication, it means wasting a lot of your time filling out endless codes (The Wii Shop Channels are a nightmare enough as it is, especially considering Friend Codes) 3. The used game market is nowhere near the evil of the industry that these companies want you to believe, with them providing a cheaper way to play certain games, without the risk of a £30-£40 entry 4.It's just a terrible idea that the gaming community has convinced itself is normal, leading the way for further problems to arise ( A little conspiracy-theoyish, I know, but I wouldn't put it past companies that still believe DRM is a force for good).



ShellyDeKiller commented on Feature: The Wonder of Ugly Add-Ons:

My GBA had a TV Tuner, which let me watch up to four terrestrial channels in squinty-vision. However, I was able to hook my Gamecube to it, thus giving birth to a weird curiosity for eons to come. Haven't tried it on my PS3 yet though, which I bet would be freaky....



ShellyDeKiller commented on Aonuma: "We'll See" About Zelda Voice Acting:

If done right, voice acting can help enhance any game, with recent examples I believe made games better being Warhammer 40k Space Marine, or even Saints Row: The Third. It's just a shame Other M was so badly received (Not that I disagree), because it was a game filled with lessons to be learnt, which could be seen if Nintendo went forward, as apposed to backwards.



ShellyDeKiller commented on Super Mario Galaxy Director Said No to Kuribo'...:

There was enough Tanooki suit to compensate for the last 20 years of it being absent, so I hope that if it does come back, they don't make it the main focus. Besides, the Tanooki was overpowered as hell, so I can only imagine what the Kuribo's Shoe would do...