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Tue 1st May 2012

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kirkdouglassd commented on Iwata: "Overwhelmingly Rich" Wii U Launch Line...:

Am I the only person who read this differently?? I am pretty sure he was saying he isn't going to over promise an OVERWHELMINGLY RICH selection of games at launch but instead, they would be working on a schedule of titles throughout the launch window to keep the system "evergreen" as he put it. Again, am I the only one who got that? Or am I wrong? ...I'm not hating, just saying that I would personally be shocked if we saw more than 1 or 2 big titles from Ninty at launch. I think there's a much higher likelihood of getting a Mario Kart and a Zelda along with quite a few PS3 and XBX ports. I hope to god i'm wrong, as it would be great news to see otherwise but I am thrilled they at least seem to have a good plan for some longevity here.