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Feature: The Full E3 2012 Schedule

Posted by James Newton

Bookmark this (updated 31st May)

With one week to go, we've put together a complete guide to this year's E3 show so you know exactly what's on offer, when and how to watch it.

We've compiled a list of the major press conferences and live events and converted them into a range of time zones so you know exactly when to come to Nintendo Life to get all the news, updates and discussion. We're nice like that.

If you don't see your time zone listed or aren't sure what time it is where you are, use this time zone converter to find out.

This should be the full line-up but we'll update with any other important dates and times as and when we hear them.

Thursday 31st May

Konami Press Conference

When: 10:30pm Pacific / Friday 1st June 1:30am Eastern / 6:30am UK / 7:30am Central European / 3:30pm Eastern Standard Australian Time

Where to Watch:

Monday 4th June

EA Press Conference

When: 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern / 9pm UK / 10pm Central European / Tuesday 5th June, 6am Eastern Standard Australian Time.

Where to Watch:, MTV 2 and Spike TV.

EA and Nintendo have an "unprecedented partnership" for Wii U, but we probably won't hear anything about that at this press conference. We could get our first look at EA's Wii U games — the publisher's doing FIFA 13 among others — but we'll have to wait and see.

Ubisoft Press Conference

When: 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 11pm UK / Tuesday 5th June, 12am Central European / 8am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Where to Watch: Here at Nintendo Life.

Ubisoft has confirmed it will show off Wii U games during its conference, so this is one you won't want to miss. We'll have all the big announcements and media content just for you.

Tuesday, 5th June

Nintendo Press Conference

When: 9am Pacific / 12 midday Eastern / 5pm UK / 6pm Central European Time / Wednesday 6th June, 2am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Where to Watch: Here at Nintendo Life,, Facebook, on MTV2 and Spike TV.

The big one. Wii U and 3DS are set for massive shows and there'll be plenty to dissect and discuss. If you can't watch the video feed live, we'll have a live text update service on Nintendo Life so you can keep up with all the big announcements.

We'll also have all the news, media, reaction and community you could ask for, so make sure you keep it locked on Nintendo Life on 5th June.

Developer discussion with Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi

When: 11:30 pm Pacific / Wednesday 6th June 2:30am Eastern / 7:30am UK / 8:30am Central European / 4:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Where to Watch:

Last year we heard from Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto, but this year we'll hear from the console's producer, Katsuya Eguchi, whom you may know from his work on the Animal Crossing and Wii Sports series.

Wednesday 6th June

Nintendo Software Showcase

When: 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern / Thursday 7th June, 2am UK / 3am Central European / 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Where to Watch:

This is likely to be a tour of the Nintendo booth, as the showfloor closes to visitors at 6pm, so expect in-depth looks at all Nintendo's games.

We'll update this post with new information so make sure you bookmark it to help you plan your E3 viewing and less important things like eating, sleeping and toilet breaks.

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User Comments (55)



BenAV said:

I highly doubt I'll bother getting up at 6am to watch the EA presentation, but I'll probably check out the Ubisoft one at 8am Tuesday morning here to see what they have to offer for the Wii U, and there's no way I'd ever miss Nintendo's one at 2am on Wedensday morning.
Can't wait!



Lunapplebloom said:

Awesome. I'll check out EA's and Ubisoft's when I can, but will definitely be up for the big one. E3 can't come soon enough.



3DS said:

Dam! I have to return to school on the 4th I shall be watching the conference on the 5th though! Out of them all I can only see two of them



Raptor78 said:

WOW! The Queens Diamond jubilee AND the Nintendo Press Conference on the same day!!! I dont know what im more excited for.. lol

Still at least its a day off for everybody on that Tuesday we can get to watch the conference live



Late said:

I'll watch Nintendo Press Conference and probably Discussion with Eguchi. I'd also like to see Ubisoft and Software Showcase but they have so bad timing. Not going to stay awake till 1am to see Ubisoft or wake up at 4am to see Software Showcase. Thankfully there's Nintendo Life



SaSoBe said:

I think I'll watch the Nintendo one online, and just catch the interesting news from the others here at Nintendo Life. I know you guys will do an awesome job, like usual. (:



Luigi_is_better said:

I wonder if work would consider this a reason to take a day off...probably not. Bummer. Well, thanks for all the coverage you guys provide. I'll be checking in as much as I can.



CosmoXY said:

I know what I'm doing on my lunch break next Tuesday. It's going to be great!



Squashie said:

Thankyou Diamond Jubilee! UK Bank Holiday on Tuesday 5th June!

I know how I will be spending it!



CommanderAudio said:

Does anyone know what time Sony, Microsoft and anybody elses conference not metioned here is happening?



NintyMan said:

Exactly one week from now, we'll know what Nintendo has in store!

I'll try to watch Nintendo's conference on TV. The Eguchi interview seems way too early in the morning for me, so I'll watch that later. I can watch the Nintendo showcase live feed at 9 PM, though.



Radbot42 said:

i can watch the start of it online but I have classes all day I'll just record it and turn off my twitter. I like surprises, and honestly I hate getting a thousand twitter updates from you guys on these dates. It's always on my to do list. Turn off NL twitter on conference days. It kinda kills my phone too



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'll have to make sure to get up by 11 AM next Tuesday, as I've never had the chance to watch Nintendo's E3 Conference live before, and I can even watch it on TV now.



RR529 said:

I'll be sure watch Nintendo's conference (I'll probably stream it, as not to miss anything).

Any news on if Capcom, Square Enix, Sega, Namco Bandai, or Tecmo Koei are going to hold any press conferences?



James said:

Nope but I believe Konami has a prerecorded press conference this Friday we'll be covering



Firejonie said:

I won't be able to watch the Nintendo Confrence live . I will just record it though, I will make the Sony and Ubisoft confrences live though:). I don't know if this is worthy of mention, but G4 lost the rights to broadcast the Nintendo confrence, which is where I usually watched the confrences starting from 2010.



TKOWL said:

So much freaking hype.

But I have exams RIGHT during Nintendo's press conference.




sc100 said:

Is the Katsuya Eguchi interview really taking place at 11:30 at night or will they just replay a pre-recorded interview at that time?



GamecubeMan said:

9am perfect time! About to get off school in a couple of days too so I'll be able to watch it live!



MetroidMasher17 said:

This, fellow gamers, is what we live for. Will watch at 9am, then get ready for The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary concert. So much Nintendo in one day!



Nintendude789 said:

I will watch it! School is bin over 2 weeks ago! The only problem is that...... I don't know what time does it start at the Mountain Time Region, USA.



RR529 said:

@ James, what time is Konami showing the confrence, and will it be streamed anywhere?

Suikoden, Metal Gear Solid, ect. There's so much that could be announced for 3DS (oh, and Wii U too, of course)!



Tasuki said:

Hmmmm I will have to set the DVR to record the ones on Spike and MTV2.



James said:

@RR529 Updated with that info now

@SC100 I imagine it's a pre-recorded interview, or might even be streamed from Japan given the time?



shake_zula said:

The only one I might miss the start of is the last one, I work Wednesday nights in a bar and I'm not usually home until after 2am (UK time). Hopefully I can get the landlord to finish my shift from 1am so I can go home early.



James said:

Updated with a link to Nintendo's conference LIVE here at Nintendo Life.



LonelyGreyWolf said:

Awesome that you post in multiple time-zones, but we in central Europe don't use the outdated twelve-hour clock; we have a 24-hour clock. No am/pm. After 12:00 comes 13:00.



LonelyGreyWolf said:

@James Not really. When I saw "12 am Tuesday" I thought it was midnight on Tuesday at first, then I realized it's midnight on Monday.

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