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Customisable Miis and Online Standings Served Up in Mario Tennis Open

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Who wouldn't want a Bullet Bill outfit?

Mario Tennis Open isn't far away, and details about the title's single and multiplayer options are continuing to emerge. The latest update from Nintendo teases us with some single player features that may keep us busy when not on the worldwide multiplayer courts.

The Special Games mode will apparently include tennis exercises with a number of Mario themes twists: Super Mario Tennis promises to bring goomba stomping action onto the court. It will also be possible to play as and customise Mii characters in a number of outfits, while the online mode will include leaderboard standings, for the competitive amongst you.

Check out the full press release below for all of the details.

Nintendo revealed more details today for the upcoming Mario Tennis Open, which launches for the portable Nintendo 3DS system on May 20.

The Special Games mode in Mario Tennis Open lets players hone their tennis skills while enjoying tennis games with a Mario twist. Players can check out games such as Super Mario Tennis, which puts a classic Super Mario Bros. twist on tennis drilling. As they play through familiar game levels, they can use their tennis swing to stomp Goombas and Koopas along the way.

People can play as their favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom or even compete as their Mii characters. They can also customize their Mii characters with Mushroom Kingdom-themed tennis gear, which not only enhances players' appearances but also can boost their stats. The wide selection of available gear includes Bowser's favorite racket, a Bullet Bill outfit and Peach's tennis shoes.

In addition to a singles tennis match mode, another mode in the game lets up to four players compete online in multiplayer doubles matches. Players can also compete online for leaderboard standings in Open Match.

When playing with other Nintendo 3DS owners in the same room* or against distant competitors using a wireless broadband Internet connection, players can cooperate to take on a common opponent or stay competitive and try to claim the glory for themselves. Players can opt to use intuitive touch-screen controls or increase their strategic options with traditional button controls. They can also switch seamlessly to the Nintendo 3DS system's built-in motion controls.

For more information about Mario Tennis Open, visit

Are you planning to hit the court in May?

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Adam said:

Dang, customizing your Mii sounds fun, but I hate playing as my Mii when I could be playing as a Mushroom Kingdom or Subspace denizen.



Zantagor said:

So, no RPG mode like the previous handheld ones :/ Makes me hope they release the GBC Mario Tennis and Mario Golf then.



warioswoods said:


No, so I suppose there's still hope. But I find it a stretch to think that they would have kept all screenshots of a story / RPG mode under wraps when trying to hype the game for the past couple of months. I dunno... maybe it'll be a big secret after all.



James said:

@warioswoods It's playable at PAX East this weekend; I'll see if we can collar someone from Nintendo for a straight yes/no about the RPG mode.



Spoony_Tech said:

This game wasn't on my radar but it might be if things like this are in the game. I've played all the Mario tennis games and wasn't interest till now. Still wish it was Mario golf instead!



Linkstrikesback said:

The RPG mode was the best part of the GBA Mario sports games, I hope it's included (though I have lost hope, like some of the posters of the above comments), otherwise, I'm not that interested .



LittleIrves said:

I'll be buying Mario Tennis for GBC on the eShop when this comes out. Show my preference for the expanded single-player mode of the earlier portable games. Vote with your $$, people. (Although I must say the Super Mario Tennis mode sounds like a good bit of fun.)



Nin-freak said:

Any word on if their is still Special Shots? Without those I don't know if I'll even want it



rjejr said:

When I first read Mii customization I thought full Mii costumes like Disney Universe characters, I'm not as excited over wrist and headbands.



pixelman said:

I think the closest thing we'll get to an RPG mode is a hub for your Mii with tournaments, minigames to increase your skill level, and maybe your own customizable pad to house trophies and other stuff.

If there was anything on the level of Power Tour we'd have heard of it by now.

@Nin-freak Yes, there are power shots. I saw a Japanese video and I saw someone (I think it was Peach?) pulling off one.



Whopper744 said:

Definitely looking into this one! Might be one of the first games to actually get me to play as my Mii!
Plan on using button controls with that too though...not a big touch screen guy



mamp said:

Customizing my Mii O_O
That's all I've ever wanted not gonna lie I have wasted a couple of dollars to customize my avatar on my 360 (especially when they released the Harry Potter clothes). It's just so fun hope you can do something similar with your Mii on the WiiU.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm really surprised at how slowly they've been revealing information for this game considering its out next month.



mamp said:

Don't know why but this game doesn't seem interesting to me, IDK why I loved the N64 game. I didn't care much for the GC one, IDK why but I just didn't. This 3DS one seems weird I feel like it doesn't have that same Nintendo quality that its games usually have, it feels like a quick cash in, or it could just be because they haven't shown anything that makes this game stand out other than online. nothing seems special about this game it seems like they just slapped online to a Mario Tennis game and just decided to throw it out there. Looking forward to getting more info from you guys because I seriously hope I'm wrong.



cyrus_zuo said:

Online is the key here...
Online Tournaments - should be happening, organized by Nintendo
Online ranking and laddering are a basic minimum.
I played the game at the GDC and really enjoyed the feel of it, but it will come down to how good the multiplayer options are online.
If they are great, I'll probably get it.
If they are simple ranking and random matches I'll pass.
This is a great opportunity for Nintendo to really push the online options .



Knuckles said:

Am I the only person wondering why the nintendo network logo is on this box and KI:U?

The nintendo network hasn't even launched yet, but i believe it's replacing Nintendo Wifi Connection



Retro_on_theGo said:

There is no RPG. It was confirmed in an interview in the latest Nintendo Power. Sorry for destroying your hope, Warioswoods.

After reading the article in NP I'm actually kind of interested in the game.



SMW said:

Mii costumes and leaderboards? I need this game now! Camelot can do no wrong! If Mario Tennis has the amount of attention to detail that We Love Golf has, then there will be tons of hidden stuff.



NintenHero said:

Oh I'm hittin' the court in may alright! n' I'm hittin' it hard with Peach<3! I like the features they've listed so far to. This game sounds promising, let's hope for the best.



Tsukun said:

In the New Nintendo Power they pretty much confirm there isn't an RPG mode. When asked about it Hiroyuki Takashi says something like "This version may be for a handheld, but we approached it like a console title. With features like Download Matches and Online Matches. the game has a feature set closer to console games.
Another reason is that the game's cast includes Mii characters in addition to Mario characters, which are difficult to work into an RPG scenario. It didn't feel right having already-existent Mii characters appear in an original storyline."

EDIT: Also, in regards to Power Shots, there are no offensive and defensive shots this time around.
"There's a shot you might call a 'mini Power Shot' By Delivering a well-timed shot with either your own hit or the Chance Areas that appear as the game progresses, it's possible to unleash a defensive shot"
Then Toshimaru Izumo adds: The equivalent is the back-and-forth of a high-speed rally. And we hope you'll enjoy the exhilarating feeling of the remade powered-up-shot mechanic."



alLabouTandroiD said:

Need more information. Sounds to me like the Ninty characters have preset stats that don't change at all. Can your Mii become more powerful than them?
And i refuse to get too hyped up for the Special Games before i don't know what they really play like.



Nintendude92 said:

@14 Those shots pretty much single handedly destroyed any type of competition in Mario Power Tennis. They would be fun in like an item mode as per tradition but otherwise I am glad they are not here. far anyway



Bobhobob said:

@James Actually, it has been confirmed there will NOT be a RPG mode. In the most recent Nintendo Power, in an interview. A representative said there wouldn't be a RPG mode because they wanted the game to be more like a console version.



NintyMan said:

The Super Mario Tennis game and customizable Miis have me interested. Hopefully this title can deliver. It's somewhat surprising that this game is just over a month away.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

P.S. I don't understand why the developers didn't make Toad a playable character. He's always been a tennis player.

But most Mario games don't have many (playable) female characters. At least Toadette or Rosalina would have been nice.



Millenia said:

What! Toadette's not in it?! Mario Kart 7 now this?! She's my favorite character to play with. Ugh, they are giving Toadette the cold shoulder lately. I'm so sad about this.



Henmii said:

Why is there a yellow Yoshi on the box instead of the regular green one? I just wondered.

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