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Mario and friends head back to centre court for more lawn tennis antics, coming to 3DS in 2012.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Open season

Camelot's revered Mario Tennis series has a split legacy: on home consoles as a primarily multiplayer-focused insane-o-thon, and on portables as a more solo-oriented sports RPG. Mario Tennis Open falls somewhere in between, trying to capture the best of...

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pixelman said:

Awesome! I love Mario Tennis. Hopefully it'll finally get online play. :3



RightHemisphereG said:

I totally agree with pixelman I'am a fan Camelot's Mario games But the visuals haven't improved since the GameCube, I would hope that any New Mario Game's would look as good as SSB,Brawl have a large roster, WiFi,& be able to take screen shots for bragging rights.



blueboom said:

Oh wow!! They are making mario tennis all over again...This one might be different because you might get to go online and play against two player or teams which is four or six or just two or nintendo can even make a tournament selecton... Maybe even T.P. for tennis points fron online and maybe just like in mk7 they will also have online *communities*but, this one might be different you might have a list of fc's but now u would probably wish nintendo had a like button and if you want to like the person their information would go on your list and nintendo should also install streetpass for when encounter a hit it automaticallysends their stats to the internet streetpass tag and it will hav a icon to show at thing their playing...Starter Characters: Mario
Baby Mario
Baby Peach
Donkey Kong



Lyndexer said:

I'll be looking forward to this game. I just hope it isn't the same as Mario power tennis Wii and Gamecube version. It'd be a waste of money. But I suppose that it has online and etc it'll grab my attention to buy it.



mario300 said:

this game is going to be the FIRST Mario tennis game im going to play if i get it.I need to play this game.



gamer_mario said:

use a mii as your character. I love doing that... I use the Angry Video Game Nerd Mii (from a QR code I found on Google Images}

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