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3DS Gets Pokémon Black & White 2 AR Apps

Posted by James Newton

Gotta snap 'em all

Pokémon Black & White 2 is coming to DS, but 3DS owners who want to beef up their experience can do so with the release of two new eShop applications.

One is a follow-up to Pokédex 3D, updated with the new moves and information from Black and White 2. In Japan at least, the original Pokédex 3D will be removed from sale, replaced by the new software at ¥1,500 — around $18 or £11.40 — when it's released in July.

The other app is Pokémon AR Searcher, which is like Face Raiders but with Pokémon. Any 'mon you catch in the app transfer over to Black and White 2, which is quite nifty. It's on sale in Japan on 23rd June for ¥300.


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Morpheel said:

That one where you get to keep the pokemon sounds great! I'll totally get it if it comes here, but I'm not sure it'd pay $18 for an updated pokedex!



Knuckles said:

Wait... What? Is Pokedex 3D really going off the market in Japan and being Replaced for an 18 dollar 3D version of Pokemon Snap? Well I hope some of them are free...



Geonjaha said:

Wow thats expensive, especially considering the cheaper one actually is the one getting you pokemon for the game...



19Robb92 said:

The AR Searcher sounds neat. I think I might pick it up since I can catch Pokemons for the actual game in it. However, I don't get how the 3D Pokedex update can cost more than the AR Searcher... :/

Who would pay 18$ to be able to watch some Pokemon?



James said:

It should be said the 1,500 Yen to dollar/pound conversion is a straight-up currency conversion.



mamp said:

Does anyone else think a pokemon snap sequel would work amazingly on the Wii U the control could function like a camera you can aim.



James said:

I now want Pokémon Snap Wii U more than anything else in the world.



mamp said:

I loved pokemon snap and we're long overdue for one I know I want it more than AC HD but that's mostly cuz we're already gettin one on the 3DS



theJOE said:

will this update include all pokemon? or are they really asking us to cash in?



Geonjaha said:

This has been confirmed for Europe too. :3
"Later this year". The new app will have every Pokemon in existence



kyuubikid213 said:

$18 dollars is crazy expensive (for a downloadable game, in my opinion) and I would only spend that much if I got all of the Pokemon from past generations along with a game to play on the app itself.

Not trying to be cheap, but my most expensive eShop purchase so far is $10. I'm willing to go as high as $12 because I still have enough money to get another GOOD game. Like a 3D Classic.



TKOWL said:

(Sees you can transfer the Pokemon you get in Pokemon AR Searcher over to BW2)



DeMoN-13ruce said:

lol 13euros for an pokedexand 2 euros for pokemons you can catch tooo keep well i know wich function is way better....



Hokori said:

Hope the updates free for us who have the original, but I'll deffinently pay for the ar reader snap like game if it's only $5



GuardianKing said:

Don't you guys get it? If we can use a 3DS app to transfer things into a DS cart, that means B&W 2 will most likely have 3DS exclusive features! I call streetpass Black City/White Forest.



Aqueous said:

Face Raiders to catch pokemon, count me in, 18 dollars for a pokedex, they are kidding right?



Kitsune_Rei said:

Aww, I was really hoping they'd add older generations of Pokemon to the app. It sucks you have to pay, I hope the additional features are worth it since it seems rather pricey, and I thought there weren't that many new Pokemon in B/W 2. The shooter game seems weird, but I guess you get sucked into buying that too since it connects with the Pokedex -_-; LIke $25 for two light apps for Pokemon? Ouch. I can buy Diamond/Pearl for less than that.
I guess I'll be buying them either way. Hope to have a NA date soon.



mullen said:

It seems to be too expansive. What's more, I'm wondering whether the way of collecting pokemons is the same as previous one. I mean, if for certain pokemons, the only way I collect them is to find other players who own them, and trade face to face, then it's will almost be a mission-impossible considering no longer almost everyone will download it as its previous free version,



mullen said:

The worst case is that to transfer a pokemon from searcher to b2w2, you need one 3ds(for searcher) and one ds(or 3ds, for b2w2), and link between them. In that case, b2w2 can have no 3ds special feature.
However, at least, I hope that b2w2 can at least have the feature that while playing on 3ds, unlike other ds title, home menu can is still available, as well as all built-in network functions can still work. Otherwise I doubt I'd like to play it on 3ds.



TrueWiiMaster said:

For close to $20, that pokedex better include every Pokemon ever, along with detailed information on every move and stat they have. I mean seriously? A full guide costs $20, and comes with maps, hints, strategies, Pokemon locations, and an in-depth pokedex. The free Pokedex 3D was okay, but they're gonna have to really step things up if they want me to pay anything for it, let alone 20 bucks.

The AR game looks pretty great though. I'm definitely interested in that one, though I'd prefer a full-blown Pokemon Snap 2.



rjejr said:

So is the Pokemon AR really like Face Raiders - where you take photos of your freinds so you can shoot them - or is it more like that PSP Inviziamls game where you look for things that aren't realy there?
And nobody in my household is paying $18 for an update of the FREE Pokedex.



storm-skyflyer said:

Heck unless they include codes for those two 3ds apps I'm not getting this game! bad enough they didn't make this game for 3ds now they ripping off 3ds owners by making them pay extra for the apps intended to give incentive to 3ds owners. I mean if they included codes for those apps with every copy of the game pokemon black and white 2 could encourage people to get a 3ds. But as it stands they're telling people they dont trust the 3ds's prospects and if they don't why should gamers trust the longevity of their newest system. It greatly disapoints me, as I've been wanting to see a new pokemon game for the 3ds



SkywardLink98 said:

Well the app costs less than a strategy guide, and if it's as helpful than what's the point in arguing? I don't plan on getting Black/White2 but I might buy the AR app just because AR is so cool

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