After Nintendo's announcement last year that DLC would arrive on 3DS, it looked like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy — due for release in Japan on 16th Feburary — would be the first title with paid extra content on the handheld. Not to be upstaged, Nintendo has jumped ahead and released three small download packs for a 3DS camera app called Tobidasu Print Club Kiradeco Revolution.

This app allows editing and customisation of pictures taken with the 3DS camera, no doubt offering options beyond the default system program. Three separate decorative kits have been released: The Mario Kart 7 Set, Spring Trial Set and Mario Basic Set, all available for ¥100 (about 82p or $1.28). Each kit includes photo frames, backgrounds and stamps, an example of which you can see in this article's picture.

Paid DLC on 3DS is well and truly underway in The Land of the Rising Sun: what do you think of 'sets' like these and their price?