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Wii U to Get Online User Accounts

Posted by James Newton

About time

While Xbox 360's Gamertag and PlayStation Network's PSN ID systems have allowed unique online identifiers for some time, Nintendo's 3DS, Wii and DS have lagged behind in the online space. Speaking to investors, president Satoru Iwata revealed Wii U will get individual user accounts for online services.

Iwata said:

Also for the Wii U, we are planning to introduce a personal account system compatible with Nintendo Network. With this, for example, the ease of using a video game system when the hardware is shared by multiple family members, which has been a challenge we needed to tackle, shall be improved, and we will also be able to construct and offer the system by combining a variety of different services and content.

Here's hoping this means digital purchases will be linked to the user account instead of the console, as is currently the case.


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Ernest_The_Crab said:

You know I never really saw much of a problem to the 3DS's means of doing things (other than the fact you can't transfer purchases easily). The friend card pretty much guarantees you have an unique identifier, while giving you the ability to make whatever you want your name to be (since it shows up on other people's lists).

The two things that really need to be fixed are the transfers and the ability to add people in game (or in a lobby). Nevermind 3 things since there's no verification of someone adding you.



StarDust4Ever said:

Good idea. Link the system to your club Nintendo account, only this time, you carry over the whole kitten-kaboodle with user accounts!



NintyMan said:

Finally, Nintendo is showing that they can get their online going. Downloading sounds better when in a personal account than just on the console, and Nintendo's borders ought to really expand like it should. I await to see and read more!



TingLz said:

@Scrafty: Motion controls and touch screen gaming aren't going forward? Sony seems to think so

Cough Move Cough Vita Cough



Rapadash6 said:

I think they summed it up well at the end when referring to digital downloads. If these aren't tied to the accounts then they'll pretty much be useless, imo.



19Robb92 said:

Sounds great. I wonder if they're gonna do some kind of achievement system too..?

Seems like they're playing with the thought of it at least, since they did include it on the Street pass software on 3DS as "Accomplishments".

I'd like to see something like that. Maybe "Stars" or w/e.



rjejr said:

I have to say, when I first got my PS3 I hated having to set up separate accounts for everybody in lieu of just having several save points per game. Then I bought a PSP which only allowed me to have 1 account AND the games only had 1 save point, so I returned the PSP. One of the cool things about having 4 people w/ 4 separate PS3 accounts is having them set to the US, EU, Tokyo and Hong Kong (yes I know). I wonder how N will handle that?
And as others have said - link each person to their Club Nintendo account. We also each have our own and Club Nintendo is even nice enough to group them under 1 family account so all of our coins are in 1 place. I suppose it might be better to have 2 Platinum awards rather than 1 but I like the family dynamic.



komicturtle said:

Curious to see if they'll update the 3DS with this feature- since it 3DS will be using the Nintendo Network. Also curious to see if they'll be letting you use your Club Nintendo account for this.



Azikira said:

This is very welcome news indeed. I just hope it functions as well as the competitors. :3



Hokori said:

Ill make my account something so tedious and long that youll want Friend Codes again



Squashie said:

Brilliant news, this was the only thing Nintendo's onine infrastructure was missing!



Urbanhispanic said:

Yes!! Friend codes will soon be a thing of the past and this would make people want to set up friends list in various online multiplayer games.



grimbldoo said:

Do you hear that? That's the sound of the gears turning in the heads of those that complain about Nintendo as they try to find more excuses. If the Wii U is still GC controllers compatible, then Nintendo better as hell make the FPS's playable with the GC controllers.



MeloMan said:

Nintendo continues to work on it's promises, but like with all things, Nintendo has rightfully earned its fair share of doubters, so turn all this stuff into action big N and we're all satisfied.



alLabouTandroiD said:

This must mean there will be no more parental control stuff when / where not needed, right Nintendo ?
Also makes me wonder if the WiiU will get some online equivalent to the MiiPlaza games.



DarkEdi said:

First they need to find how to tranfer all VC and wiiware games from Wii to Wii U and then we can talk.



MetalGearZelda said:

Finally this is what we've been waiting for.
I guess it's time to use the old slogan...



Ramses said:

Friend Codes will still probably exist. Nintendo's love of child overprotection is one of the main reasons I'm using my PS3 more.



Maggots said:

@Darkrai ... YES... My Nintendo Network Name will be 8474-1983-1899-1373-1876-3084-9632-1059_maggots_9135_the_8321_face_ha_ha_this_is_for_complaining_about_friend_codes_like_an_idiot2012



motang said:

About time! Would be nice if we can use our Club Nintendo credentials to log in.



Capt_N said:

Interesting. & yes, I'm also in the camp that says Nintendo is promising, but we must wait, & see what they deliver, & that fcs will more than likely still be used in some form.

Hypothetical here: they keep the fcs, just make it easier to join online games, like you can do w/ MK7 just by accessing your friends list, when they're online.

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