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Dawn Paine to Leave Nintendo UK

Posted by James Newton

Fond farewell

Nintendo UK's long-serving marketing director Dawn Paine is leaving the company.

Paine has served ten years at Nintendo, during which she oversaw the marketing campaigns for Wii, DS and 3DS, as well as games phenomena including Wii Fit Plus and Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training, among others.

Paine leaves Nintendo to join Universal Pictures as marketing vice president.


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SaKo said:

Uhhh... yeah... good luck random lady I have never heard of before...



StarDust4Ever said:

She (lady I have never heard of before) is just following the money trail, sadly. Why don't some big media company buy out Reggie of NOA? He's had to stuff his foot in his mouth more than once



thebluelight1 said:

So if she was behind some of the bigger marketing campaigns does that mean she was the person who thought that having Jedward promote Dragon Quest IX was a good idea? I think it's good she's gone then



New_3DaSh_XL said:

@5 ive never heard of that person who just died after serving 44 years, but so what we wish you luck!



Haywired said:

Wish her all the best in her new job, though if she was the one responsible for all those truly cringeworthy Wii/DS UK ads, then I'm not too sad that she's moving on... Maybe she ran out of boybands to use. I think she perhaps translated Nintendo's "expand the audience" message with "market every single Nintendo game as a game exclusively for girls and in the most cheesy way possible."



ThumperUK said:

Nintendo had a UK Marketing Director??.....for 10 years?? Who knew! I can't say she'd be a loss as really we should have known the position (and she) existed !!



James said:

The amount of entitlement shown in these comments is, as always, incredible. You guys have outdone yourselves again!



erv said:

Was she one of the minds that made sure the wii sold a gazillion more than anything else in the uk? I never heard of her but if she is, she's gooood... And from a stubborn brand expert and interaction designer that should mean something... right... right? **cries**



OldBoy said:

Hope this means the end of the Redknapps, Ant and Dec et al.They have to be the most cringeworthy adverts ever made.Sure they help them sell a lot of product to numpty's but the whole campaign for the average gamer was laughable!
The next Universal pictures marketing should be great!!!



Haywired said:

Yeah, but the thing is, I don't think they actually did help them sell a lot of product. The period after they started going hell for leather on those sort of aspirational lifestyle/celebrity commercials coincided with the Wii's massive sales decline in the UK. The UK used to be considered arguably the Wii's strongest market, now it's one of its weakest (where it's been outsold by both the 360 and PS3 almost every week for about two years now). I think it was Nintendo UK's relentlessly cheesy marketing of the Wii (this one was typical for example: that turned it from the hot new console into the most uncool product around. When their ads were fun and quirky (like their early DS ads) then they appealed to everyone. These just embarrass everyone.



Noire said:

It's quite Paine-ful to see her go. Hopefully this means a new Dawn for Nintendo's marketing campaigns in the UK.

please don't shoot me



Gavin_Rozee said:

Saw her on a video involving promoting Wii Fit outside somewhere once. She referred to the game as "The Wii Fit". I can't respect anyone who says that.



Marakuto said:

I hate Nintendo UK ads, in 2000 - 2007 they were good and looked alright like American ones, but now One Direction who can't battle properly in Pokemon BW, Rumble & Pokedex 3D adverts.



Ren said:

Marketing Director? Be nice if they could just send her to the US, Nintendo could use one over here.



Angel_Fur said:

I heard they've got a new office cleaner, too, as well as a fresh print cartridge for the Xerox machine. Its all change in the crazy, rollercoaster world of Nintendo UK!

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