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Wii U's First Launch Title Announced Already

Posted by James Newton

Bit early, though

We don't even know when the Wii U will launch other than a vague "between April and December 2012" guideline, but we already know one of the games you'll be able to pick up with the console on day one: Tecmo Koei's Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.

The publisher's financial reports (via Andriasang) peg the game for release alongside Nintendo's next home console. First announced at E3 2011, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge is an accompaniment to Ninja Gaiden III on PlayStation 3, though as yet we're not entirely sure how the two titles will differ, particularly as the PS3 version will support motion controls in the form of PlayStation Move.

Here's the E3 2011 video showing off Wii U's most powerful third party games:

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SpaceKappa said:

A reminder, because I hear this so often: It's pronounced "GUY-den", not "GAY-den."



erv said:

oh the irony. Wii motion controls for wiiU anyone?

If the ps3 gets the move treatment and nintendo the classic setup...



retro_player_22 said:

Finally Ninja Gaiden returning back to Nintendo's console since the NES and Super NES. Ryu Hayabusa had being missed for so long now, glad that he's coming back.



lalalalalalal said:

No No No...not a XBOXy game....Please Nintendo, keep away from that other stuff. Stick to your old Mario, Kirby and Zelda games. IT'S WHY NINTENDO IS DIFFERENT! (and awesome)



alLabouTandroiD said:

Looks like a good start for us Nintendonly players (who like the prospect that there will be more adult-oriented games on the WiiU).
I wonder if they will launch with any third-party or new, unusual Nintendo games to really tempt the PS360 owners too. If something like that exists that is.



shingi_70 said:

Cool for all the kids who don't have a HD system yet. My cash is going towards the Original games. Only way Im paying for a port if its a port of the PC game. (please Akhram City with that advance physics)



komicturtle said:

Ah, this video. I hope the haters felt real real stuid for saying "LOL it looks worse than ps3 and 360 grafix"

lol the jokes on you. Always

Anyways, I think this'll be a game I get at launch with Pikmin 3



capitalism said:

Do we really have to wait a whole year until the Wii U comes out Nintendo? I love the Wii but I honestly think its run its course after Zelda.



capitalism said:


Wii U is a next gen system and has considerably more power than the 360 and PS3. Stop trying to act like the Wii U is comparable to the current HD consoles.



shingi_70 said:


Where did I say how powerful the Wii U was. Why do you think my post said that if they do port's than I want the PC version. (the best version)

I was just pointing out that unless the visuals are improved or Wii U only content (ohh Dragon sword rebuilt in HD) than i'll get the 360 game.

I expect this game to bomb in February as i can see most people waiting on the Wii U game.



Ryno said:

True Ninja Gaiden NES is better than New Ninja Gaiden, I still want this though. I will probably wait for the Wii U over PS3 version because I rather have motion control support and I dont have a Move.



misswliu81 said:

i'm in two minds with this one: it's a strong launch title for the wii U, HOWEVER, i'm not a big fan of team ninja's games; i.e ninja gaiden, DoA.

still, if it gets released then fair enough, along with some games. perhaps new pikmin, super mario games too.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

There is still SOME Wii games coming between now and next year, even if it is Mario Party 9, the Operation Rainfall games, etc.



darklinkinfinite said:

You know, people were complaining a lot about many of the possible Wii U games being ports of games released first on the 360 and PS3.

If you ask me, the Wii U is in a great position to launch with GotY versions of the big blockbusters coming out this year. Arkham City has seen a lot of DLC that could be bundled in a Wii U release along with Skyrim and its inevitable expansions.

I'm not really worried about ports since its normal to see ported games on the last gen system on the next and really any games from this year to hit the Wii U during its launch window wouldn't have taken any longer then a few of the 360 to PS3 ports.

As for Ninja Gaiden 3, I haven't played the series since Ninja Gaiden Black but it does seem to be a series most people core gamers enjoy and can help flip the perception of the Wii U from a continuation of the Wii to something gamers as a whole can find interesting.



Link79 said:

Guess I might care about this a year from now.
Anyone else think the Wii U was revealed way too early?
What was the point of showing it to us if we can't even touch it for another year?



Token_Girl said:

All of the games in the video are ports of games that are out now for PS360, pretty much. If you want those probably already have a PS360, they're very reasonably priced at this point.

Here's what I see happening. The first year of WiiU's launch there will be a few big Ninty titles and old ports from the PS360. Who will buy it? People who have a PS360 will buy a WiiU for their kids or significant other to play Mario Kart on while they play their PS360s. They'll snap up tons of Mario Kart/NSMBU/Whatever, but not much else. Why? Because there's already a PS360 in the house. 3rd parties will whine about poor sales.

We could get a few months of solid multiplatform releases after that. Again, it's not going to sell many systems, because people will probably be OK with using their current hardware.

1 - 2 years later PS4 and Xbox720 will come out, and the WiiU will probably be the equivalent to an Xbox520 or a PS3.5. 3rd parties will primarily design games for the true Next-Gen system and WiiU will get watered down ports. 3rd parties will complain about poor sales and then abandon the system, as the Nintendo 3rd party cycle once again comes to it's inevitable conclusion.



Csaw said:

Wasn't that killer freaks game announced to be a WiiU launch title. Anyway this is cool and all but if nintendo really wants the WiiU to stand out they need to get new 3rd party exclusives on it and nit just ports of already realesed games.



MeloMan said:

I love how Token_Girl summed that up. Like myself, I can see that you've paid very close attention to how the cycle has gone in the past, and unless something drastically changes then... yep... pretty much...



WaveBoy said:

I hate 3D Brawler button masher gaiden, give us a Ninja Gaiden IV in the style on the NES gaidens!

Yup, The Wii U was definitly shown a bit too early....All Nintendo had to show for it were a bunch of graphically unimpressive Wii U title mini games(that at least showed off some cool unique ideas for the controller, plus a graphically tame and lame version of NSMBWii U) and that beautiful-yet quick Zelda Wii U Clip, in the midst of a bunch of depressing PS3 'hardcoreZ' ports. Yawn. If anything, i was totaly impressed by that bird demo.

2012 E3, they'll be busting out the big guns however, and i'm guessing the Wii U will be releases shortly after that.
If anything the Final E3 Wii presentation blew me away and totaly got me excited. With the unvieling of Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 and many other titles that showed off those revolutionary 1:1 Wii controls.



Gamer83 said:

Great, a game I can play on the PS3 I already own in February. Seriously Nintendo needs to get it together.



skywake said:

I'm surprised that people are complaining that it seems to be getting all of the major 2011/2012 cross platform titles. Personally I'd be pretty worried if that wasn't happening.

Think about it, next year we'll end up wanting it for some cool first party title. Then we'll see 2012's Skyrim or Arkam City and have the option to get THAT on the Wii U. If that option WASN'T there then why did they bother? That's where and what the Wii is.



drumsandperc92 said:

if PS3 version supports Move, it's safe to say the Wii U version should probably support motion plus.
The one down side i see to all of this, is that the Wii U's big new thing besides it's power under the hood is it's controller.
if one of it's big 3rd party launch titles uses the Motion Plus as opposed to the Wii U tablet it might make some customer's scratch their heads a bit.
For educated customers like most of us here, we know the deal...that the Wii U supports both & that both SHOULD be used because now with Skyward Sword, Motion Plus is finally realizing it's full potential...I definitely want Wii U to continue to support that technology.
The other thing is that it's a multiplatform game...which means there's going to be immediate graphics comparisons.
And since Nintendo wants this to be a next gen console, the Wii U version better blow the PS3 version out the'll probably look similar but on Wii U we should see less framerate issues, quicker load times, higher res textures, less pop in, better lighting, no jagged edges, more realistic shapes, etc. Itll look much the same since they are most likely just porting it, not starting from scratch, but the wii u version should look much more polished overall, otherwise we are going to not stop hearing about how the Wii U doesn't look as good as even the PS3 let alone next gen consoles. So hopefully, this game looks good lol.



GameLord08 said:

Seriously, Nintendo? Come on, get your stuff together. You can do better than this. There is no way I'm getting a Wii U in the launch window if this is the majority they have to offer for it.



Hokori said:

this is really great that Nintendo has a M game for launch, im kinda getting fed up with people calling ninty a "kid" console I mean if they launch with this, NMH3, Pikmin 3, Wii SportsU (or whatever the name willl be) a Mario game, and some other major series I think itll show Nintendos for everyone not just "kids"



Gamer83 said:


Arkham City is an awesome game and there was no way I was going to wait a whole freaking year to play it. I'm really looking forward to Ninja Gaiden 3 but I'm not going to wait until next summer at the earliest to play it and pay the price of a new console no less when I can get it on one I already own way sooner. It is great news for the Nintenbots out there and it is important Nintendo gets the big third party support, but for somebody like me who already has a 360 and PS3 as well, I need to see more than NG 3, Arkham City, etc. The only thing that will entice me at this point is a 2D or 3D Mario platformer. I'm going to give Nintendo one more chance to impress me when they have their next big conference before the Wii U launches, if the day one lineup is 'Complete Collections' of this past year's big 360 and PS3 titles with no good first party support, I'm not even going to consider giving this console a second look until 3 or 4 years down the road.



jerryo said:

Gamer83, i agree with what you say in a way, and that applies to those like you. this is simply a cheap and easy way for third parties to jump in and cash in. but i am in no hurry, i might get them at that point.

on the other hand, most of the "mature" core games, i play them on my PC anyway. consoles are for kids, youngsters and casual



rjejr said:

Is there a link to that video somewhere with the first 2:05 cut out? I really don't care what those @ss kissers have to say in a video they made to get their names and faces and companies products advertising time during a Nintendo E3 conference.

I hope they have something new as well. It's been over 5 years, but 1 of the reasons the Wii sold well (in the US) was it's out of box Wii Sports "experience". After the severe lack of 3DS launch games they need something for the 2012 holiday. I don't see anything near as revolutionary as Wii Sports w/ the new controller so they're going to need a game.



Sean_Aaron said:

I really enjoy a good 3rd-person action title, so yeah, that Ninja Gaiden game looks like it could be worth a look. The more I think about the possibilities of the controller, the more I think it was a good move by Nintendo. Anything else would pretty much mean what Token Girl says could come to pass, but assuming that technology is exploited properly it means the Wii U will offer a different gaming experience from the Xbox and Playstation that won't easily be replicated.

By taking their gaming experience in a different direction they can avoid competing head-on with Microsoft and Sony, which has to be an advantage in the long run.



brandonbwii said:

I read the game may utilize a Dragon Sword style control scheme. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Also I'm getting a little tired of the whole blame Nintendo for what 3rd parties do mentality. I'm looking at you gamer83

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