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Nintendo Reveals Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Soak it up

The avalanche of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword videos continues: we've seen the romance trailer and sword tutorial, but here's a trailer showing all sorts of other good stuff.

The suitably epic video is embedded below, but be warned: it contains footage of previously unseen boss battles, as well as bamboo, balancing, balls and birds.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is set for release next month.

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Late said:

Looks like Beetle is in Skyward Sword too. How did he end up there?



shingi_70 said:

Silly nintendolife thats a trailer not the opening. The opening was halfway leaked last week at a skyward sword demo. Its kinda like the wind waker one just using watercolors and brush strokes instead of colored windowpane glass.



KaiserGX said:

Yeah that's what I thought they were going to show. That had the Spanish subtitles.



James said:

Quick! About face!

Anyway, as always we can't post about stuff if we don't know about it: you guys are welcome to send in tips using the Contact form.



RoyalBlur said:

Crap! That's one EXCITING VIDEO! I'm really and truly looking forward to playing this game. Only, our Wii has fallen to the floor so much that I wish this was on the 3DS instead.



bezerker99 said:

That vid has me pumped! Epic stuff - can't wait for SS now, I'm going to be preordering pretty soon here.... >.<



matgr said:

skyward looking good i watched on youtube i saw wind fish ideas past 25 years ar in that game mm let think original zelda items boss zelda 2 advanced link awaken zelda wind fish four swords ocarina of time double claw TP wind waker other more older zelda game to me seems wee to put all together by mixing old zelda to new zelda. same thing they did super mario 3D Land mix super mario bros 3 super mario N64 super galaxy 1 & 2 modern gamers ar runout ideas.



citizenerased said:

@James You guys posted "We'll have another Skyward Sword trailer for you tomorrow." and now you're claiming you guys didn't know this existed? Kinda sounded like you were spreading it on purpose, but okay.

But yeah, what KaiserGX said. Bummer.



James said:

@Tealovertoma I was referring to the sword tutorial which, due to various circumstances, went up on Sunday instead. It's not me playing dumb: I really didn't know about this trailer.



matgr said:

going preorder wiiU full HD 1080p much more powerfull then ps3 xbox 360 also going preorder ps4 as well graphics new zelda for wiiu will much better then ps3 xbox 360. super mario HD graphics will so much wee what do u think of wee hu??



Teh-Ray said:

Man, trailers that show things that were in other trailers that we've already seen are the best.

(They're not.)

Somehow, though, it's only got me more pumped for this, so I guess it's served it's purpose.



Rawk_Hawk said:

Its impossible! I thought I could not be anymore excited for the game, but now I am!



link_hn said:

this video was out last week but still good enough to see it again ToT
you can see elements of many zelda games such as beetle wind waker, the gust jar from minish cap, the boat with canon from wind waker and phantom hourglass, the double clawshot from twilight, windfish type from links awakening and i think many other surprises that they have included, this will be a milestone on zelda series and one of the most richest stories in the series....



Ren said:

Common guys, a website is a website. If you saw it already so what? Most of us haven't. Leave James alone, he's doing an awesome job by most accounts.
This is the only site I go to for this stuff so I don't care where it came from first. now I see it and I'm crazy excited.



cyrus_zuo said:

I hadn't seen it, so thank-you, that's the best trailer yet. I really hope the game is as good as it looks as the Ninten-haters play the game extensively (at all?) BEFORE they give their opinion on it .



grumblebuzzz said:

I wonder, at this point, if Beedle is a time-traveler? The Links and Zeldas all look and act somewhat different in nearly every incarnation throughout the centuries but Beedle always appears the same and has the same "OH!" catchphrase.



Late said:

@link_hn: Where is the Gust Jar? I've watched this video few times now and for some reason didn't notice it. Could you or someone else please tell me.
Minish Cap is one of my favorite Zelda games and I liked using Gust Jar



Collinhall said:

Typo in the article, it says "is released next month" released is past tense, should be "will release next month" hehe

Edit: Oh dear god, at :59 that looks like the water temple D:



TKOWL said:

Everything about this game looks AWESOME.

Also, drinking potions while on the run, for the win



gabrielwoj said:

I hope there will be a feature like Wind Waker.
NOTICE: Maybe spoilers!

The non-hero clothes, after completing 100%



fishman100 said:

It's great but I think now they're releasing too much information.

And thanks for spoiling me gabrielwoj. perhaps next time you could decrease the size of the spoiler's text?



timp29 said:

I preordered this game a few days game a few days ago. The only other games I've preordered in my lifetime are Zelda OoT, Zelda OoT 3D, and maybe the diablo Ii expansion. Really looking forward to this!



pocket_arsenal said:

I still can't get over how the beginning of this game sounds like a bad 80's movie, but holy crap the rest of this really does look amazing.

I never have been dissatisfied with a CONSOLE Zelda before, but im going to remain healthily skeptical that it won't blow me away as much as Ocarina and Windwaker.



phoenix1818 said:

It's kind of funny how they upload 1080p HD videos of a 480p game, but whatever. I bought a component cable for my Wii, so I guess I can't talk.

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