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Nintendo Download: 20th October 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Dragons, castles and more

Some games we expected to be available today haven't made it, but here's the full list of what's up for your download dollars today including the 3DS's first ever paid video content.

3DS Virtual Console

Double Dragon (Game Boy, Aksys, $3.99) — The classic 2D side-scroller finally makes it to North America, nearly four months after it appeared in Europe. You can read our Double Dragon review for the full verdict.


Castle Conqueror - Revolution (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500pts) — A strategy-RPG hybrid, this follow-up to the pretty good Castle Conqueror promises more advanced artificial intelligence amid other new features. We'll soon see.


Fish Tank (iFun4All, 500pts) — A fishy puzzler from the creators of Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder, labelled "the worst game ever" by its developer. If that gets you excited, it may be time to consider a new hobby. Full review coming soon.

Nintendo Video

DreamWorks Animation Halloween Collection — You've seen them on Nintendo download them for keeps. The Pig Who Cried Werewolf, Night of the Living Carrots and one more surprise video coming soon, all with your favourite DreamWorks Animation characters, available in the Nintendo eShop. Each video is priced at $1.99.


Oct. 20, 2011

This week's Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop
Double Dragon® - Join Billy as he fights enemies using punches, kicks and throws, as well as a multitude of weapons, in order to save his girlfriend, Marian. Many enemies will try to stop you from reaching the end of each stage. (For Nintendo 3DS™)

DreamWorks Animation Halloween Collection -You've seen them on Nintendo download them for keeps. "The Pig Who Cried Werewolf," "Night of the Living Carrots" and one more surprise video coming soon, all with your favorite DreamWorks Animation characters, available in the Nintendo eShop. Each video is priced at $1.99. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare™
Castle Conqueror - Revolution - The Empire has ruined your island's environment and has hunted down and killed its tribal people. You must stop the madness by becoming a commander and leading the fight against the evil Empire. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi™)

Nintendo Video™
Night of the Living Carrots Part 2 - DreamWorks Animation - B.O.B. and the gang from Monsters vs. Aliens come together on Halloween to save their town from a takeover by zombie carrots. Will B.O.B. be able to overcome his fears to save the day? (For Nintendo 3DS)

Also new this week:

  • Fish Tank (WiiWare™

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User Comments (69)



Oregano said:

Wait. They're selling the short videos?:S

That's both a good and bad thing.



bboy2970 said:

2 bucks for each short?? I don't speak i'll of nintendo often This would MAYBE be passable if it was all 3 videos for 2 dollars but 2 each is just a straight rip off. How about full movies nintendo? Those would be fair at 2 dollars all day long! Other than that, very disappointed we didn't get pyramids today



Justao76 said:

Does anybody know when retrocity rampage is coming out? There was a lot of news about this for awhile, and it seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. I'm getting tired of waiting!



Savino said:

Great!! I was expecting Double Dragon for a long time. Love the series and never had the chance to play it on the gameboy!!!!

About they selling short movies for 2 bucks... I mean... they´re not even new and you can make backups of those videos (I have all here already)!
Don´t know who is more greed on the story.... Nintendo or Dreamworks!



Raptor78 said:

I dont think the films are actually that bad value. Scared Shrekless is on sale in the UK for about $12 for the DVD and that is only about 20 mins or so.
If your a fan of Dreamworks stuff a couple of dollars for a download film you can keep wouldnt seem so bad.



JayArr said:

Some free GBA games would hit the spot right about now........cause this is a bit depressing.



Kevin said:

No need to buy the GB version of Double Dragon since the NES version was announced to come to the 3DS VC.



TeeJay said:

Looks at the downloads and squeals with joy at the videos
Sees the comments
Wtf. You people are never satisfied.



Wildvine53 said:

I'll definitely be buying Night of the Living Carrots if it's both parts in one video. I wonder if the surprise video will be Shrek or Kung Fu Panda?



Dodger said:

Why? I chuckled at the videos once each and never watched them again. I've already seen them for free. I just don't see why it would be worth paying for something I might watch once then store with the E3 videos.

I suppose what annoys me is that you could spend the $2 on a game like Aura Aura Climber or AiRace: Tunnel or even Absolute Chess. I like that one. That gives you much more then 6 to 12 minutes.

Eh, whatever. I don't have to download them. I've heard of Double Dragon but I don't plan on getting it.



Chris720 said:

Videos?! You lucky Americans! >_>

We might have Pyramids, but I would trade that for some proper videos on Nintendo Video... actually, I take that back, enjoy your $2 videos!



SMW said:

B.O.B.! For a second there I thought they were talking about the SNES game. I don't think that game will ever see a re-release.



slidecage said:

i think the store UPDATES NOON EST TIME not sure though...

if its not raining im getting Castle Conqueror - Revolution (CIRCLE Entertainment today hopefully



RotNG said:

You couldn't pay me to watch anything made by Dreamworks Animation.



GreenAbobo said:

I thought Cut the Rope was due today . Oh well, any day a Double Dragon game drops, I can't complain too much.



Linkuini said:

Two bucks seems reasonable enough for those videos. I'm not going to buy them, but I have enough appreciation for that kind of animation quality to understand a price like that. I think it's neat enough that we got to see them for free, and exclusively on 3DS, in the first place.



WarioFan63 said:

Where did you see the NES version confirmed for 3DS VC? Last thing I remember was GB version confirmed for today and NES version of Double Dragon 2 confirmed for Wii VC.



komicturtle said:

But do you keep the film? that's the question. I love dreamwork's films and love the Shrek movies and thought they were always entertaining.



cheapogamer4life said:

Double Dragon for me unless the NES version really is heading to 3DSVC. I'm also interested to know if night of the living carrots is also both parts as well. I think that would be a good video to keep around to show off the 3ds 3d effects. Only if both parts are included for $2.



SteveW said:

Justao76 - I've also been wondering about Retro City Rampage and Descent forever, maybe they will be on WiiU or the system after that... maybe Nintendo Life shoud just set up something to alert us so we don't have to be disappointed for the next several years.



Cipher said:

@KomicZ Yeah, once you've bought and downloaded the films, they stay on your system. Even if you delete them, you can still redownload them from eShop for free, since they don't expire.



E32014Intern said:

yeah the videos are big so that must mean that part 2 is there gonna get the monsters vs carrots one



bboy2970 said:

Upon further reflection, I decided I will buy Night of the Living Carrots for a few reasons. 1, its pretty high quality stuff from a respected studio. 2, since its both parts, its like at least over 12 minutes of video so I guess that's not so bad. 3, I want to support Nintendo adding paid video content. They may not be going about it in quite the way I would want but I don't want to scare them away from the idea right out of the gate. So yeah, its Carrots for me!



LztheQuack said:

Why bother posting anything if all you're gonna do is complain about the same thing every week?



ImDiggerDan said:

I know one game that's coming next week... But I'm not allowed to say without permissions from Nintendo.



Seven_Force said:

Nice to see Double Dragon.

I noticed that they seem to have abandoned the Virtual Console branding in favor of "Classic Games". Wonder if that'll stick or not.



Ramses said:

Weird, I thought that the Gameboy Color had more games than just Zelda. And since when is Double Dragon for GB a "Classic"?



Noire said:

What a load of crap!

because i don't have enough money for double dragon



Birdman said:

Uh ... where's Cut the Rope?

Oh Well, between the new Layton, CATRAP, and CC:R, I should be fine for a while.

@ImDiggerDan - If you're talking about that game you briefly mentioned in the DSiWare forums a while ago, didn't you say that should be out in December?



shoopdawoop70 said:

Meh, I'd consider the Halloween thing if the 3 videos combined were $1.99. A total of $6 is WAAAAAY steep



Aqueous said:

I won't get them but this video idea will more likely then not catch on with companies and we will see more of these cheap little shorts, maybe/hopefully with Nintendo Video previews. The price isn't bad for them but I watched them on Nintendo Video and won't be buying because they were interesting to see but I don't think I'll be watching them again.



kitroplious said:

Nintendo brought "Cut the DSiWare" instead!

Just kidding! Hey this is the first time we got only one DSiWare game since 2 years ago (October 12, 2009 when Pinball Pulse was released). Thank you Nintendo for all the hard work you put into releasing DSiWare titles!



WolfRamHeart said:

Nice to see that Double Dragon is finally out on the 3DS VC. I was kind of hoping to see Double Dragon II: The Revenge come out on the Wii VC too. I'm curious about Castle Conqueror: Revolution. It looks interesting but I think that I'll wait for the review. Those videos are okay to watch for free but there is no way am I paying $2 for them. Nice try Nintendo.



Henmii said:

"A fishy puzzler from the creators of Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder, labelled "the worst game ever" by its developer"

No, really?! Lol!



kenshinrurouni said:

Double ****** Dragon hell yeah! i hope that #11 is right and the NES version is coming out. Ill just get both because i support Double Dragon games to the fullest even if ive had them and beat them for old consoles. Except Double Dragon V cuz that was a mockery to all previous DD games before that.



lalalalalalal said:

I am really hating on nintendo right now. Yesterday, their site said cut the rope would be out it says soon. SOON? Very specific.



FluttershyGuy said:

Got Double Dragon, and man! It kicks your butt just like the NES version it's quite similar to. And, same as it, you get a game over, you start back from the beginning. If you lose a life, you don't start at a checkpoint, but rather the beginning of the stage. Some old school games are very unforgiving of failure! Back then, they said: "Checkpoint? What checkpoint? Continue? What continue?" If not for restore points, I couldn't beat some of these old Game Boy games.

Oh and another Wii VC-less week. The part of me that's really, REALLY naively optimistic was hoping for Castlevania: Bloodlines by Halloween. I guess as involved as Konami is with Nintendo these days, Earthbound is more likely.



slidecage said:

man i wonder what the game comin out thursday is.. tempted to go out and blow my last 500 pts but i think i wait and see what this mystery game is

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