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Nintendo Download: 1st September 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

NES, DSiWare and WiiWare

By now you've probably downloaded the 10 free NES Ambassador games for 3DS but if there's still currency burning a hole in your pocket help is at hand.

Here's what's vying for your virtual funds this week.


Trenches Generals (Fishing Cactus, 700pts) — This is a strategy war game that some recognise from an earlier appearance on iOS, though this version is built from the ground up for Wii. We'll put it through rigorous training and see if it should face the firing squad or be given a medal soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Pac-Man (Nintendo, Game Boy, $3.99) — The classic pill-popping game entered the 3DS maze in Europe last month and has now made it out on the other side in North America. Our Pac-Man review lets you know if it's a tasty cherry or a deadbeat.


GO Series: Fishing Resort (Gamebridge, 200pts) — A happy take on the ages-old story of what happens when a human with a rod and some string wants to pull something from a river. Our GO Series: Fishing Resort review is the catch of the day.

House, M.D. — Episode 2: Blue Meanie (Legacy Interactive, 800pts) — A second helping of House and his cantankerous ways. Is it lupus? Find out with our upcoming review.

NES Ambassador Games

In case you haven't got yours yet, the 10 free NES games for 3DS early adopters are available now.

What will you be getting this week?

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User Comments (45)



cheapogamer4life said:

After 10 VC games I'd figured 3DSware or a 3DS classic for sure this week. I guess my figures don't add up..



Link79 said:

Yeah I figured we wouldn't get anything special for VC this week.
Since they just gave everyone 10 free games and all.
I might get Pac-man anyway just to have a portable version.



daznsaz said:

been a few americans on friend list asking where i got my pacman game.least they can get it aswell now



FluttershyGuy said:

@6 & 7
No. It's sarcoidosis!

And this update needs to be about 20% cooler (aside from awesome Ambassador games).



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I'm still waiting for the DSi SD card update so I can actually get games for my DSi.

BUT I really have to thank Nintendo again for the 10 free NES games with the Ambassador Program. I did not realize I would be getting Zelda AND Zelda 2

Thank you Nintendo! These games will be keeping me busy for a while.



Punny said:

I'll still be messing around with the Ambassador games. I'm enjoying most of them, especially Zelda.



longtimegamer said:

Trenches General has Zombies in it somewhere. It'll be cool if the wiiware version has this too. If it does then it automatically scores points with me. Gotta love zombies. Zombies make everything better

Hmmmmmm.......Do they taste great in milk?? . . .~Ok that's at least one thing with zombies that I won't try.



Blue_Yoshi said:

I already got the Ambassador games which would be perfect if only they had a restore point feature. As for the eShop well it got crap. Why would we buy a black and white Pac-Man game for 4 bucks when we already got Dimensions in 3D with the colored original and Championship Edition?



SteveW said:

I've never been so disappointed in Nintendo as I have been this year... even the ipad app store is killing them, they released Frogger Decades last night! it's amazing! Nintendo releases B&W Pac-Man??? come on!!



Hardy83 said:

Can't wait till we actually see 3D digital games being made for the 3Ds.
One game and the system has been out for 6 months. /clap



komicturtle said:

So I guess Cat Trap comes out next week then. There's a lot of games coming out on eShop- lots that I have interest in. Anyone ever check out the "Coming soon to eShop" section?



TKOWL said:

Darnit, while you ambassadors are enjoying your free games, we regular people are stuck with all these boring things



suburban_sensei said:

Yeah, Pac-Man doesn't seem to exciting (esp when you can get a great game like Gargoyles Quest for the same price). Downloaded the 10 games yesterday, early...and REALLY happy with them. Just so weird playing those games on such a small screen!



LordAndrew said:

I don't have enough in my account to buy anything. Looks like it'll stay that way for another week.



x10power said:

Decent week with the 10 Free NES games hopefully next week we can get a VC game on the Wii.



Supremeist said:

I just got my 10 free games and really enjoying them.. I don't need Pac-Man because I already own P&G Dimensions 3D. So looks like I'll be waiting another week.

On the other hand, if someone wants a portable version of Pac-Man, it's a good choice.
Also Wii owners, Trenches is loads of fun on the iOS, so check that out.



Tasuki said:

@Link79: I didnt get any of the 10 free games so saying that everyone got them isnt accurate.

Although I cant really argue with today's line up at least they did provide a VC game for those who didn't take place in the ambassador program.



Bass_X0 said:

Nintendo releases B&W Pac-Man??? come on!!

Nope. Namco released Pac-Man. Not Nintendo. There's a difference. Nintendo didn't make Namco submit Pac-Man for release. And why did Namco choose Pac-Man? Because its their earliest Game Boy game and everyone knows Pac-Man. I expect Namco's next GB game will be Extra Bases.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I was expecting no new games like Europe (sorry about that, though :/), but its nice to have a new GameBoy release today. I was kinda excited for GB Pac-Man, even though I played Pac-Man a million times, but I'm gettin' it anyway. Plus, I got my free NES games, so this is shaping up to be a good week for me.



Bass_X0 said:

Namco only developed seven GB games that were released in America originally. If they keep up their interest, they'll burn through all seven. Great Greed is supposed to be good.



slidecage said:

GO Series: Fishing Resort .... fun game worth the 200 pts......if i had to guess could be all 60 mission in around 10 hours or less though... beat the first 6 missions in 20 mins but i heard they get harder



Birdman said:

Wow, I got those prediction right on that DSiWare thread ...

But still, nothing for me unless a hidden WiiWare demo appears.



Supremeist said:

This week is good for some and bad for others. If you don't own P&G: Dimensions then grabbing Pac-Man on VC is a good choice.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Isn't it amazing how we spend the week wondering what the new download is going to be, find out, bash Nintendo for releasing garbage, then look forward to the next week even though we have an idea of what it's gonna be? You'd think we'd learn. Well, some of us anyway...

But I really don't care, because I just got my Giant Mii AR Card in the mail today, got Super Paper Mario new for $20 (Nintendo Selects) AND I just got 10 free NES games. Retro goodness! And new stuff goodness!



StarDust4Ever said:

It's a shame that the NES series don't allow simultaneous 2-player action. Balloon fight truly shines when played with a friend. On the NES, you can either work together to clear the levels, or you can try to kill each other off instead!

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