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Tales of the Abyss 3DS Coming to North America

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Modern RPG classic heading Westward

Back in September, we learned that Namco Bandai planned to port the popular 2006 PlayStation 2 RPG Tales of the Abyss to the 3DS, fully updated with 3D graphics. We've just learned from the most recent issue of Nintendo Power that the game would see release in North America as well. The full page teaser reads:

The modern RPG classic Tales of the Abyss is about to be retold on the Nintendo 3DS. Yes, even in America!

We'll bring you all future news on this title as it develops, including word on whether Europe will see a localisation as well.


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TeeJay said:

I've seen the name floating around the forums here....I'll keep an eye on this. Not like I'll ever get it. XD My money's already taken up on Mario and Zelda.



Knux said:

Since I posted about this in the forums the night before you guys posted this in the news, I don't get a news tip thanks?

Anyway, this is a day one purchase for me.



James said:

@Hyper Knuckles We don't always have time to scour the forums. The best way to send in a news tip is to use the Contact form as we're much more likely to see it that way



jaffa said:

ok I must do this next time when I get a piece of news

this game's characters look interestingly interesting



Samholy said:

instant buy warning. instant buy warning.
i passed this title on ps2 because mine broke, and i played the other tales before it. some of the best action-rpg battle system i tried, of course ill buy this !



FonistofCruxis said:

I really hope this gets a european release. I can't beleive I said that it doesn't look as good as many other games in the series before, now I think this looks amazing and it looks like it could be one of the best in the series. The only 3ds game I'm anticipating more is the new 3D Mario platformer. Namco, PLEASE RELEASE THIS IN EUROPE!!!!!!



freakpower70 said:

I had pretty much given up hope of a US release of this game, but now I know I will be getting an american 3DS not a european one.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Come on Europe, come on Europe...Abyss never came out during its original PS2 release. Come on, Namco, let me finally be able to play one of my favourite games! Well, okay, I have already played it, but I want to play it on the 3DS!



Malkeor said:

Oh yes...oh yeahhhh!!!

Never beaten this on the PS2 (ex's game), so this is defiantly an awesome piece of news.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

They have to release this in Europe since the 3DS is region locked. I don't want to have to buy an American 3DS just to play this. T.T



motang said:

Smyphonia was my favorite, and eagerly waited the Wii Tales game which was a no show and the DS one which was a no show. But that's ok, since I didn't get the PS2 game, I will get this one.



Malkeor said:

@13: Tales of Graces? What's funny is that it's going to be ported to the U.S as a PS3 game

I wish we got another Tales for 3DS though...Legendia?
Don't get me wrong i'm happy with Abyss now and forever (on this platform)



MeloMan said:

I was highly entertained just watching my friend play this... it's great news, but I'm on the fence of whether I'll get it. We'll see in due time.



EarthboundBenjy said:

@14 Legendia? Ugggghh. I wish that Namco would, instead of ever re-releasing Legendia, take the characters, the setting, the story and the music but turn the gameplay into something actually worth playing.
If there was Legendia with Vesperia/Abyss style battles and dungeons.... I'd be so happy. But as it stands, Legendia is one of the worst things I've ever forced myself through.



Kevin said:

YES! Finally I get to play it! Now if its not too much trouble consider porting Symphonia. Fav game ever.



FunderThucker said:

I have this game on the ps2. The story is mediocre, but the character development and the characters themselves are great. The game has a lot of frame rate drops and long loading times on the ps2 (hopefully they fix that). Long game, I've got literally 150+ hours and I think I'm about 3/5 of the way there. I'll probably buy the game again.



Meta-Rift said:

Cool, I almost forgot about this. I'll definitely get it, because I've never really had a chance to get into the series.



pixelman said:

The dude in the pic looks like he has fangs.

Anyway, I just started Symphonia so I'm not in any rush to play this.



OldBoy said:

Oh I hope they bring this to Europe. Loved Symphonia on da cube (well till my memory card corrupted when I was near the end,happy,not ). Best combat in a JRPG I've played.Looking forward to this.
@Nintendo If you really must make your consoles bloody region locked then you owe it to us to get games like these over here.I'll be very dissapointed if not. K.



cyphid said:

I missed this on the PS2 in 2005, then it became rare and worth a butt loads on ebay and amazon.That aside, I am so pleased! I was hoping to hear about this! It shows that publishers are finally sticking close for release dates between territories! I can remember having wait almost two years for some games to release and Japan was done and with a particular title.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Yay~!!!!!!!!!!! I have the PS2 version but I've sent my PS2 to the shop many times because of my abusive playing streak, so I've been hesitant to play my PS2 for at least a year and half now.



Bassman_Q said:

For a second I thought this was news for that crap From the Abyss game and was about to do a facepalm, but then I realized it was a Tales Of game. IDK, I've never played a Tales Of game, but with what I've been hearing, I should add this to the list of games I need to check out.



Glade said:

Great never played it but it looks simply awesome right now. It's supposed to come out in Jpn on the 30th of June I think. Hoping to see it released in the other half of the world in about half of a month cuz the PS2 version is already in english
This is an RPG worth getting

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