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The acclaimed PS2 RPG comes to 3DS, with enhanced graphics and gameplay!

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Posted by Mark Reece


In the nine months or so that it’s been on sale, the 3DS has had a number of obstacles thrust upon it, but one major problem for early adopters to lament has surely been the distinct lack of quality software available, with only a handful of truly great...

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Take on the Tales of the Abyss in Namco's classic action RPG, heading to 3DS in 2012

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pixelman said:

I'm not a fan of Symphonia, but this one looks like it might be fun. On my radar. :3



ElFlorro said:

As huge fan of the series, I'll be glad to finally play it. Europe hasn't been very lucky with "Tales" releases... I hope the other unreleased titles will also make it to Europe some time...



Samholy said:

the first rpg on the 3ds. cat miss this one !
on top of that, i missed it on ps2



DM666 said:

Also playing this now, is Luke the most annoying lead character in the history of gaming or what?



KAI7321 said:

@DM666 Agreed. However you can see a mile away his personality "maturing" to the eventual hero persona via tragedy and all that jazz throughout the adventures.



Chuie said:

i have the 3ds and the ps2 version ima sell the ps2 version i guess



golephish said:

about halfway through this. love it. with 3d or without - it was hard to find - I had to order from namco, but worth it!

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