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The acclaimed PS2 RPG comes to 3DS, with enhanced graphics and gameplay!

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Posted by Mark Reece


In the nine months or so that it’s been on sale, the 3DS has had a number of obstacles thrust upon it, but one major problem for early adopters to lament has surely been the distinct lack of quality software available, with only a handful of truly great...

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News: Tales of the Abyss 3DS Journeys to North America on 14th February

Tales of the Abyss 3DS Journeys to North America on 14th February

Better late than never

We recently reported that Tales of the Abyss, the 3DS enhanced remake of the well-regarded PlayStation 2 RPG, will hit PAL regions on 25th November, and Namco Bandai has now confirmed that the game will make it to North America a few months later on 14th February. Valentine's Day just got a little bit more epic. Do you plan on...

News: Tales of the Abyss Slips to 25th November in Europe

Tales of the Abyss Slips to 25th November in Europe

Still not far off, though

3DS owners haven't got a lot of RPGs vying for their attention at the moment, but one that's on many players' radars is Namco Bandai's Tales of the Abyss, now confirmed for a 25th November release across Europe. The game was originally supposed to make it to European shores a few weeks earlier, but encountered a minor delay. It should still reach the continent long before..

News: Let This Tales of the Abyss Trailer Set the Scene

Let This Tales of the Abyss Trailer Set the Scene

"A great evil threatens the land..." (probably)

This Tales of the Abyss trailer would be great if it were a little larger, and clearer, and if the sound were louder. But you can't have it all, so squint feast your eyes on the free-flowing combat footage below. Namco Bandai's classic action RPG is making its way to Europe and North America in the...

News: Tales of the Abyss Dated for Europe

Tales of the Abyss Dated for Europe

Namco Bandai RPG out this November

During the Japan Expo 12th Impact event in Paris, France this week, Namco Bandai announced the European release date of its 3DS role-playing game, Tales of the Abyss. Based on the 2006 PlayStation 2 original, Tales of the Abyss stars Luke fon Fabre, the heir to an aristocratic family who has spent too long being...

News: First 3DS Screenshots Escape From The Abyss

First 3DS Screenshots Escape From The Abyss

Grand Tales

Following the good news that Tales of the Abyss is coming to 3DS, Namco Bandai has revealed the first screenshots of the game in action on the console. The stills show the full range of RPG staples, with battle sequences, anime cutscenes, grandiose cities and the world map all shown in glorious 2D-o-vision. Check out the screenshots in the gallery below and keep visiting Nintendo Life..

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Take on the Tales of the Abyss in Namco's classic action RPG, heading to 3DS in 2012

User Comments (24)



pixelman said:

I'm not a fan of Symphonia, but this one looks like it might be fun. On my radar. :3



ElFlorro said:

As huge fan of the series, I'll be glad to finally play it. Europe hasn't been very lucky with "Tales" releases... I hope the other unreleased titles will also make it to Europe some time...



Samholy said:

the first rpg on the 3ds. cat miss this one !
on top of that, i missed it on ps2



DM666 said:

Also playing this now, is Luke the most annoying lead character in the history of gaming or what?



KAI7321 said:

@DM666 Agreed. However you can see a mile away his personality "maturing" to the eventual hero persona via tragedy and all that jazz throughout the adventures.



Chuie said:

i have the 3ds and the ps2 version ima sell the ps2 version i guess



golephish said:

about halfway through this. love it. with 3d or without - it was hard to find - I had to order from namco, but worth it!

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