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Cave Story 3D Coming August 9th

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Hits the following month in Europe

Despite originally being expected in late June, NIS America has just announced that Cave Story 3D will be hitting stores in North America on August 9th, with a European release expected in September. You can check out the press release below for more details.

NIS America is proud to announce today the official release date for the highly anticipated Cave Story 3D for the Nintendo 3DSTM console in North America! The European release will follow a month after in September, 2011!

Cave Story 3D embodies the unmistakable Cave Story feel in a new 3 dimensional form. The legendary game mechanics is now combined with cutting edge handheld graphics and a remix soundtrack to give a new life.

“This game is inspiring. It’s been a while since I played a game where I keep craving for more. Cave Story 3D has a mysterious charm, you will want to explore more and see what lurks deep inside the dungeon. Just be prepared, this game will refuel your passion towards video games once more” says Jack Niida, Producer of NIS America, Inc.

“We’re very excited to bring Cave Story to the Nintendo 3DS. Making the transition from 2D to 3D has been a challenge, but it has allowed us to further expand the Cave Story universe envisioned by Daisuke Amaya. I think fans will have a great time with the expanded world and characters brought to life in 3D” says Victor Rodriguez CEO/Executive Producer of Nicalis, Inc.

We'll keep you posted on any new developments with the game and we'll have a full review once the game releases in August.

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Colors said:

I'm excited about this. And I think the box art is average, not terrible and not amazing like the european LoZ:OoT box art.



Popyman said:

Has...there even been a trailer yet? o_O

I think I'll buy this as soon as it's out even though I don't have a 3DS.



AlexSays said:

Nothing better than a remake of a remake of a free game. And the 3DS continues to live up to it's great fame of remakes.



pixelman said:

That box art is... fugly. :/
how on earth can you make Curly ugly, I mean srsly!



SilverBaretta said:

Lol, well, maybe I overstated the box art. I still think it's pretty good, could be worse, but I do agree with pix on Curly. What the heck happened to her? XD

@AlexSays: Yeah, yeah, we get it. You've said the same thing on every other comment thread about a remake game.



komicturtle said:

A remake. I love remakes.

Please make more. I like seeing people annoyed for petty reasons.

Then comes the possibility of a Cave Story sequel



WolfRamHeart said:

"We'll keep you posted on any new developments with the game and we'll have a full review for you when the game releases in August."

When it releases in August? This is Cave Story we're talking about here. Surely there will be at least one delay.



Noire said:

Would I like to have Cave Story 2? Very much so.

Am I happy to have a definitive, retail version of this game? Very much so.

Call me crazy if you like; I've called myself worse. Bring on CS3D~



zionich said:

It could just be me, but I would rather have more games than my wallet can handle, then sitting around waiting for somthing id really like to play to come aorund. Of course I trade in games to get new ones also.



daznsaz said:

im not to concerned about box art ill be getting this though ive never played this from what ive heard its a classic



SwerdMurd said:

wait now it's a 40 dollar full retail title..?

I's a good game...but come on It's like 3 hours...



Burny said:

Before you all jump to the conclusion, that this is going to be the definite version of cave story and settle with possibly paying 40 bucks for this remake, take a break and head over to IGN's screenshot section of the game:

I do neither know from when those wip screenshots are (IGN posted them yesterday), nor how far the game has progressed from there. Now, if these were pre-alpha shots of a running prototype, that might be ok, because although they look hideous now, that would mean they had enough room for improvement. The trouble is the release date.

I don't think there is even room to argue, that this is not actually what we would expect from a full price remake of Cave Story. It's also not even near what their concept art of the levels looks like in terms of atmosphere. At this point, I'm not completely faithful, that Nicalis can turn this into a quality remake before the release, even with the delay.

Here is hoping they don't this up. But with the release rather close and their track record of taking ages for bringing Cave Story to WiiWare (and even that was bugged), I'm doubtful at the very best.

Unless they push this to the end of the year or possibly beyond, we're probably in for a massive disappointment.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Will i cave in to it ? I don't really know yet. The normal price i pay for graphical remakes is 15 € so i don't think i'll invest much more on this game.

PS: It would be interesting to know if this release contains a version with the original PC or DSiWare graphics and sound too.



brandonbwii said:

LOL, yeah remakes are fun and it's funny how much it annoys people (looking at you Alexsays).

Anything that gets even MORE to notice a great game is fine by me. It sure beats having "Petz this version" and "Imagine that version"



Samholy said:

so many games coming out, my wallet will not like it. my wife neither. i will need to make a list and buy the titles now and then... but why making them 40- 45$ ?????? make them 30-35 and ill buy 2 instead of 1 !



OverlordMao said:

The boxart is HILARIOUSLY BAD. That doesn't matter to me though, one of my favorite games ib eing released and it's published by one of my favorite publishers!
secret Disgaea character boss fight, anyone?



TKOWL said:

Maybe the box art is "bringing us back to the past" when all the NES boxes had terrible covers?

Anyways, I can't wait for this!



HvE said:

I have a bad feeling about this... hope it turns out well



AlexSays said:

Please make more. I like seeing people annoyed for petty reasons.

Why would it annoy me that you like playing the same games over and over and over?
I couldn't care less. I have other gaming devices that I use much more frequently than anything Nintendo because they're regularly supported by NEW games.

And I don't even have time for those! Heck, if you Nintendo guys ever get a new game that is actually decent, I'll have even less time!



Bassman_Q said:

I'm really not digging the boxart. Its too anime-ish, and doesn't seem to do the original characters justice. And I don't know how in the world they can justify paying $40 if the only updates are the graphics, sound, and a slight expansion of the world. While it is indeed a great game, it only lasted about 8 hours for me on my first playthrough, and there's NO WAY you can justify $40 with only 8 hours of gameplay.



fishman100 said:

I'm pretty excited about this game; I never got to play either the WiiWare or DSiWare one



Odnetnin said:

Actually, this already is a delay, isn't it?

Box art is meh, hope it doesn't represent the graphical quality of the rest of the game. Much more excited about SAGA for obvious reasons, but this still has the potential to be amazing as well.

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