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First Super Monkey Ball 3DS Trailer is Bananas

Posted by James Newton

Opposable thumbs mandatory

Sega's Super Monkey Ball series has appeared on every Nintendo console since the GameBoy Advance, so it's no surprise it'll be launching for 3DS next year, with much the same formula that's entertained countless monkey lovers for years.

Below we have the first Japanese trailer for the game, completely free of surprises and without the 3D effect, of course. Does it still look like more of the same addictive ape action? Yes, yes it does, and that can only ever be A Good Thing.

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Corbs said:

I love the Super Monkey Ball series, so this is a definite buy on day one.



TheBaconator said:

I haven't enjoyed a Monkey Ball game since Super Monkey Ball 2, which is one of my favorite Gamecube games.



TKOWL said:

If this game is 80% as good as Super Monkey Ball 2, we're in for something special.




I read the hands on play test / prevw thingys in N-Gamer and ONM. You can play either with the moion sensing "tilting" controls or the analogue pad control scheme. The 3D effects obviously work best with the analogue pad controls.

Insta-buy methinks.



AVahne said:

So many bananas flying at your face...I'll buy it for my friend to play.



Megumi said:

As long as those stupid credits don't keep playing after every world... >_>



Kevember said:

At the end of the trailer there is a picture of AiAi trying to take a banana; it would be cool if they use that kind of images (that represent the 3D) as icons for every game.



JimLad said:

With tilt sensors it should be good. But then there is also a Kororinpa game coming out for the 3DS...



Arcanum said:

why does this game look kinda....well i'm not saying it looks just doesn't look as good as other 3DS title's, such as Resident Evil.

But still first day for me



WaveGhoul said:

Same here. Graphically it looks more in tune with a PSOne title and doesn't come close to looking as good as Banana Blitz...What's the deal?



ianmage1 said:

This game seems to have the best frame rate out of all the 3DS games, but I'm not a fan of the series...



SwerdMurd said:

(it doesn't look as good as banana blitz because the 3DS isn't as powerful as the Wii)

@5 - clearly stated by someone who's never played the series. These games are probably a lot more difficult than whatever makes your arbitrary "hardcore" definition...I still to this day can't get much further than Stage 30 reliably on Super Monkey Ball 2's Hard mode (with 2 lives)...the stage layouts are really tough later on in most cases.



DarkLloyd said:

a red 3DS, legend of zelda oot, mercanaries 3d are day one buy, possibly this one as well



Kid_A said:

Yay! Fantastic series, hope they finally bring back the proper Monkey Target from the first two games--one of the best multiplayer games of all time, but they could never seem to get it right in the later entries.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Try playing the trailer again and imagine all of those bananas flying at your head.

Anyway, this kind of game isn't for me.



moosa said:

This brings back good memories. Those who haven't played the series are missing out. I had 1 & 2 but honestly 1 was my favorite.



WaveGhoul said:

@Swerd Merd
The 3DS may not be as powerful as the Wii regarding polygon power but it's shaders are superior giving it almost the look of what the PS3 and 360 can do as to why the 3DS's visuals are unique. Anyways, After seeing Resident Evil: Revelations, MGS, Paper Mario, NIntendogs, Street Fighter and basically every other 3DS game at the moment, yes Monkey Ball looks like complete crap graphically. This looks Playstation worthy and the 3DS is alot more capable than that.



AminalCrosser said:

Sigh #5, you've never played monkey ball, have you? =__= this game is plenty harcore. and a note to everyone talking about it having PS1 graphics, yeah but its simple and cartoony. a style they went for from banana blitz on. ya they didnt really try too hard, but i guess they didnt have too... idk, all i know is these games pwn.



gatygun said:

Slack on graphical deparment.
Looks monotoom
Seems to have somekind of gimmick iphone alike fibe around it.

They should actually start using shaders and games like this.

@waveboy its a xbox ++



Ickaser said:

Personally, I liked Monkey Ball Adventure the best. If this has a story like it had, in which courses are interspersed around worlds, I'll buy it.



LEGEND_MARIOID said: mean the iphone applied the idea of the wii remote tilt "gimmick" to its system and now nintendo are applying that original principle (via the iphone idea) onto one of its other, newer consoles? Hopefully the hardware will be a lot more reliable than the xbox's breakdown rate of 56%. Then again, that would be unacceptable.

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