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Mario Anniversary Screensaver and Pins Arrive at Club Nintendo

Posted by James Newton

Get ready to cash in your coins

If you've been hoarding away your Club Nintendo coins in the hope that something awesome would come to Club Nintendo in celebration of Super Mario Bros.' 25th anniversary, take a look at these new updates and see what your coins will net you.

You could spruce up your computer with the "Evolution of Mario" screensaver for 10 Coins, but if your lapel is looking a little lacklustre you might have your eye on the four new pin badges featuring the plumber himself. Costing 450 Club Nintendo Coins, each badge has a different design, all of which are galleried below.

The rewards are available now, so be quick if you want to nab them.

The “Evolution of Mario” screen saver features game-play footage from Mario™ games throughout the history of the series, from 1985’s original Super Mario Bros. to this year’s acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy™ 2. Members will be able to download the screensaver for 10 Club Nintendo Coins. This is the first time an exclusive screen saver has been offered as a Club Nintendo reward. The four commemorative copper pins featuring original 2D Mario artwork will be available for 450 Club Nintendo Coins.

Additional details about these and other Club Nintendo rewards, as well as how to become a member of Club Nintendo, can be found at For more information about the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., visit


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User Comments (73)



NintyMan said:

Wish the price was lower for those pins, but they do look cool. At least it didn't take so long for more new rewards to arrive. I might consider the screensaver.



Ron_DelVillano said:

I just got super excited about the pins, then I realized that 450 is the price for each one individually.

It only hurts a little.



KaiserGX said:

Honestly guys which one do you think is better? I don't know which one to get or to cash in coins or not... These are the coins I'm saving for next year's Club Nintendo. Does anyone want to sell me one?



James said:

I personally think the badge with Toad, Yoshi and the star is best. How much is 450 Coins incidentally?



KaiserGX said:

I already got Platinum and if I do survey's with the codes I have right now I might not have enough for next year's Club Nintendo. So I was wondering if someone would sell me their's. Name a price!



ArmoredGoomba said:

I'm excited to actually see something worth getting...but I wonder if I should wait for more items to go up. I'd be disappointed if something really cool is put up later.

@Kaiser Redeeming coins doesn't change your elite status. As long as you registered the games your status is independent of your total coin balance.



TingLz said:

Well it depends honestly because Club Nintendo can hand out coins like crazy (+10 for Intending to Buy, +10 if you buy within first week of release and +10 for Post-play survey)



Objection said:

Wow, what ridicululously awful rewards.

Can we just have the Anniversary Collection already Nintendo? I mean, Japan gets it, Europe gets it and special red systems, Australia gets a bloody train, and we get...a website and a screensaver?



GamesX99 said:

I'll wait to see if anything else gets up but im going to get he screen saver



Robo-goose said:

450 coins each? They better be made out of 18+ karat gold.
(There is a 0% chance that they are)



Mayhem said:

Yeah, I was part hoping the US site might get the (unannounced) Anniversary Collection in there to buy heh. At 2000 coins or something!



PSICOffee said:

hm the pins are cool but I'm not really a pin person. I might pick one of them up eventually, but would never wear it out of fear of it getting lost or stolen or whatever. I'm actually trying to save up for G&WGC 2 before that runs out of print.



EdEN said:

Well, I have enough for all 4 pins so I might get one but I'm seriously considering getting the Game and Watch games as well. Good thing I have 1300 coins.



bboy2970 said:

Well I got one of the pins. I have the coins to get all 4 (if I filled out surveys for the rest of the day) but that would leave me totally broke. I still intend on owning them all so I'll be hitting up Ebay after the pins ship. Really though, these are very expensive. If they had been like 150-200 coins I might have gotten them all, or at least more than one...



mjc0961 said:

I was all over the pins until it said "450 coins each." Come on guys, you can't have a bundle in there or something?



Rapadash6 said:

Best rewards on the US site yet, imo. I ordered two, the Nintendo Co Ltd one and the Peach one. Would've gotten more if I had enough coins... hopefully these will be available for a while so I can collect em all.



Rapadash6 said:

Oh, and put me down with the "where the heck is the Anniversary Collection" croud.



Token_Girl said:

450 coins for one pin. Meh. If the screensaver works on macs I'm getting that though.

Edit: They do have a Mac version. Yay!



LordJumpMad said:

Finally!, Something not made of Paper!

and there only 450 coins. its a Good deal for Metal Pins, and they can last for a long time, (unlike those paper fans)
This better be for US



iphys said:

I'm saving my coins for something better, or I'll get the G&W games before my coins expire, because I still think those are the best things on there. Spending 1800 coins to collect all 4 pins is a joke.



BulbasaurusRex said:

2 of those pins cost more than the Game and Watch Collection?! No thank you.

I'll get the screensaver, though.



PaperLucario said:

alittle steep for one metal pin, i'll stick to saving for game and watch 2 (just 2 more wii games w)



ToastyYogurt said:

@ArmouredGoomba: He's worried about not being able to get the platinum for 2012, because he already has 2011 Platinum and coins for elite status only count for the Club Nintendo Year they are redeemed in.



Fuzzy said:

I don't think they're too bad. They are collectors items, and something that might be worth something down the track.



Iggy said:

Those pins are sweet but 450 each is to much. Hopefully we get some good things up on CN around x mas



GammaGames said:

Uhh, its not working. It never downloads! i clicked the thing and it says there was a problem, and my coins are safe with wario



fishman100 said:

In America, each coin=$1 (in USD)

So for 450 coins (aka $45), that's pretty pricey (not that everything else in the catalog isn't)!!!



theblackdragon said:

these pins are 450 coins a piece. here's a hypothetical situation for everyone: let's say you only own a Wii. factoring in somewhat equal amounts of eligible WiiWare and retail games, getting 60 coins a piece for retail and 10 a piece for WiiWare (post-play surveys included of course)... for one pin, that could be four retail games and 21 WiiWare games. let's say one paid $45 a piece for the retail games and an average of 700 points (about $7) a piece for the WiiWare, that's $180 plus $147 for a grand total of $327.

Let's try another one -- saying you own a Wii as well as a DSi. at the same $45/$7 averages for eligible retail/WiiWare games as well as $35/$5 for your DSiWare games... let's go two Wii retail titles ($90) and round up to eleven WiiWare titles ($77) plus three DS games ($105) and 21 DSiWare titles ($105). That's $377 right there.

too rich for my blood, especially considering that one pin would just sit there collecting dust. no thanks. i think i'd rather save my coins until the very last minute before they expire to see what else Nintendo is willing to offer for them.
SNES classic controller plz



bboy2970 said:

@theblackdragon: You could do it that way but I don't look at it as "it costs 327 dollars" I look at it as "well, I bought all these Wii/DS games I would have bought reguardless and I get a nice free gift with them!" See, if you look at it that way they're actually free



theblackdragon said:

@bboy: considering we're also filling out surveys for them with every addition of points to our Club Nintendo accounts, providing them with valuable market information that other companies pay up-front for, i don't look at it as free, lol, and i'm more than happy to keep holding out for something more worth my time. :3



Supermegaman said:

Well, I suppose the screensaver will keep me sane until we actually get some good rewards...
cough, gold wheel, snes classic controller, kriby frisbee cough



hulklol123456789 said:

Ive just got the screensaver, it is really great, and only worth 10 points! But the pins are reall expensive, anyways im saving for the other Game & Watch Game!!!



Burn said:

I'm having freezing issues with the Mario screensaver running on my Mac. At least two people have reported the same problem on Nintendo's support forums, hopefully there'll be a fix soon.



zeeroid said:

I would spend 800 coins for the set of 4. But this is absurd. I knew they were going to release 25th anniversary prizes eventually, however I'm still holding out hope for something a bit nicer. Like those awesome tote bags they got in Japan. And maybe a T-shirt? Why is it we STILL don't have any T-shirts!



Malouff said:

I said for you to suggest a price
If you don't want to do that here
I have added you as a friend on the Wii and here is my number 8857 8848 6453 6344



RedYoshi999 said:

Should I point out that Nintendo of Europe has FREE 25th anniversary wallpapers on their site? I just downloaded one myself. I don't know if you guys have the same ones though.



irken004 said:

I went ahead and got the screensaver. I'll save the rest of my coins for something else.



NintyMan said:

I think I'll get the screensaver, but if I get a pin, it'll have to be only one and not all of them. Who knows, by the time I have enough to get one, they may have something cooler come up.



joebish said:

Hanafuda cards are still the best value, IMO. For anyone who has not got them yet and has the coins, I highly recommend them.

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