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Even More Virtual Console Titles on the Way

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Four more possible future retro releases

We only reported on a few potential Virtual Console games getting rated less than a week ago, but it's already time to report on even more of them. Since the last news post, the OFLC has rated two more classic titles which are very likely for Nintendo's beloved retro service, and in addition to that, we've been digging through trademark sites to come up with another two.

Let's get the OFLC out of the way first though; the two new titles they've rated are Commando and Spinmaster. The first one is of course the first title in Capcom's Commando/Wolf of the Battlefield series, of which the second game is already available on the VC. The latter is a wacky, colourful action platformer for the Neo Geo developed by Data East, which was already released in Japan last month. Nothing too unexpected here.

With Capcom seemingly bringing arcade games to the West, obviously, we thought it would be interesting to look through the trademarks they've been filing lately. We found that SonSon and Exed Exes, their first two arcade titles, had already been trademarked for Europe at the very beginning of this year.

What's more interesting, however, is that a few months later they trademarked another two games – Black Tiger and Ghosts 'n Goblins. Ghosts 'n Goblins is likely to be the arcade version of the NES game already available, in all its original quarter-sucking glory, so you can relive the nightmare all over again. Black Tiger is a not nearly as well known action platformer, but it's still a pretty decent little game.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Capcom follows through on releasing all of these games, but if they do, at least we already know what to expect.

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Philip_J_Reed said:

How did Ghosts N Goblins work in the arcade when you died? Would it start you at the beginning of the level when you put in another quarter, or at a checkpoint? Or--hopefully?--exactly where you died?

If it's the latter, this'll be an instant buy. I loved the NES version as much as you can love any game that frustrates you so much you can never bring yourself to play it.



suburban_sensei said:

Not really interested in any of those four titles, but I LOVE the tweet that Odnetnin posted...maybe we will actually get DK64 around the release of DKC Returns.



StarBoy91 said:

@Brutus - if you died at the first half of the stage, then you start over at the first half of the stage; if you died at the second half of the stage, then you start over at the second half of the stage.



MasterGraveheart said:

There are still plenty of games that they could be giving us. Turtles in Time for arcade, Metal Storm, the first Breath of Fire, Yoshi's Island, EarthBound (NES), EarthBound 2 (SNES), Contra Hard Corps, Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, Metal Gear, Gun-Nac, Power Blade, Maniac Mansion, Bionic Commando, Mega Man X, Road Rash II, Mutant League Hockey or Football, U.N. Squadron, Mischief Makers, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Pilotwings 64, I mean, come on, there is lots of good stuff waiting to come out.



StarBoy91 said:

@MasterGraveheart - the problem with Breath of Fire: The Dragon Warrior is that it was published in the US by SquareSoft (they helped translate {developer} Capcom's first RPG {this game}).



brainofj said:


Road Rash II and Mutant League Football/Hockey won't happen because those are EA, and EA won't sign off on VC. And you're never getting Earthbound ... no point in holding your breath there.


SquareSoft already has games on the VC, so how would the Breath Of Fire game be a problem?



StarBoy91 said:

@brainofj - the other Square-Enix games on the VC were made by either Square (King's Knight, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars {with Nintendo}) or Enix (ActRaiser). The first Breath of Fire was created by Capcom, not SquareSoft (they only published and translated the game; it was Capcom that made it).



JDesensitized said:

^Both of those are masterpieces. I would also like the Turbografx version of Double Dragon II. What is the hold up on that series?

There is STILL no excuse for the lack of NES Contra, though. Not to mention Jackal, Contra Hard Corps, Soul Blazer, Rygar NES, Ys III, Rockin' Kats, Gun Nac, Illusion Of Gaia, Legendary Axe, Ranger X, Rocket Knight Adventures, Terranigma, and many others. We could also do with some more imports.

Luckily Sunsoft is aboard, so I'm looking forward to Gimmick! and Journey To Silius. Not to mention those Nihon Telenet games.



StarBoy91 said:

I think someone should remind the people that brought us all those aforementioned titles on to the VC (on post 16) that they are called Square-ENIX. There's no reason that SoulBlazer and all those other SNES games by Enix should not be on VC (@Square-Enix - you cannot just forget about Enix's {VC-wise} line-up of games after releasing ActRaiser on VC).

I'm not mad, I'm just extremely bothered by this.



Drake said:

@Odnetnin: Honestly, DK64 has always been a pretty unlikely release, not only does it include a Rare game (Jetpac), but it also includes the arcade version of Donkey Kong, which I don't think Nintendo would like to release basically for free as a bonus with another title. I wouldn't be surprised if it never shows up!



GeminiSaint said:

They could modify the game to get rid of DK arcade and Jetpac, and just give you the two coins and bananas you get from playing them.

But then again that would probably be too much work.



odd69 said:

i got the mega man collection on gamecube for 20 bucks , i could careless bout those on the vc but hey they are great games. im excited bout sunsofts games being released



StarBoy91 said:

As for the original Ghosts'n Goblins, it's okay (I could only ever manage to get to the second half of the second stage, with several continues). My top favorite G'nG titles are Ghouls'n Ghosts (2nd favorite) and Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (top favorite).



brainofj said:


Again, not seeing the problem. Square's on VC, Capcom's on VC, and there's already one Breath Of Fire game on VC to boot.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@brainofj: The second Breath of Fire is on VC because Capcom localized it in-house without Square's help. In order to release the first, Square and Capcom would have to agree on how to split the money, and I doubt very much that either of them feels it would be worth the bother at this point.



StarBoy91 said:

Here's my viewpoint on the G'nG series:

Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (superior in every way possible, imo) > Ghouls'n Ghosts (second best game in the series) > Ghosts'n Goblins (okay experience, but not bad) > Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins (my least favorite game in the series; I thought it was a bit disappointing)



CrazyOtto said:

I knew Capcom would actually support the VC on our Wiis unlike a certain other company



MasterGraveheart said:

@brainofj: If you're referring to the thing, they're not an official source, they have no official source, Nintendo has NOT confirmed it, so it's unfair to say either EarthBound game isn't happening.

And if LucasGames is going to do games for Virtual Console of all people, never say never on EA.

And my name is GRAVEheart, but thank you for not calling me Masterofgravey, lol.

@StarBoy91: Unless there is some kind of issue between Capcom and SquareEnix, I don't know if it's good enough reason for the original NOT to join it's sequel on the Virtual Console, though.



MrDanger88 said:

I think Rare should spend less time on Twitter and more time repairing their tarnished reputations.



Tails said:

I would like to see more VC games but Nintendo really needs to give us what we want. We have been extremely paitent. After all we were the last to receive smash bros on n64. We need some good games back on the VC. Not this wiiware crap. If Nintendo looked at how much they sell for Wiiware and VC and put them together on a chart. They would see VC sells 10x more.



Sean_Aaron said:

Black Tiger is one of my favourite Capcom games, I remember sinking many quarters into that and 1942. Having played the PAL version of Super Ghouls and Ghosts on the VC, I think that is a much more balanced game than either of the arcade ones that preceded it. It has a more forgiving difficulty curve and looks and plays just as well, so I'd personally spend my 800 points on that version (which reminds me I really need to get it for my Japanese Wii).



Bensei said:

Spinmasters? Woohoo! That's the only arcade-game I remember playing in arcades!



Bass_X0 said:

They could modify the game to get rid of DK arcade and Jetpac, and just give you the two coins and bananas you get from playing them.

The banana - fine. Remove all detailing from the arcade machine in the stage to make them look broken. And you get two bananas for the price of one from somewhere else. But the coin... the coin's purpose was to allow you to play Donkey Kong and Jetpac from the title screen. Remove them and there's no point in the coin remaining. Not interested in those other games announced though.



Sneaker13 said:

Already got Ghost 'n Goblins on the GBA. I'm curious what is different with the VCA version though. Spinmaster actually looks pretty cool. Might get this. Like the two player co-op too.



LittleIrves said:

I care nothing for DK64. What I do care about are old Capcom arcade games.... Give me Gun.Smoke! Please?



GeminiSaint said:

@42. Bass X0: You needed both coins to open the gate that ultimately leads to the final boss.



TingLz said:

@Tails: That is an incorrect statement. Wiiware brings in more profits

@MasterGrave: Earthbound isn't coming because Japan doesn't even have it, so again, don't hold your breath



Sean_Aaron said:

@LittleIrves: Great minds think alike - I'd love to see that game as well! Forgotten Worlds would also be excellent if they use the pointer or a twist motion to substitute for the rotary dial (I expect we'll end up with dual stick support instead, but that would be acceptable).



MeloMan said:

Thumbs up to this list mentioned previously:

There are still plenty of games that they could be giving us. Turtles in Time for arcade, Metal Storm, the first Breath of Fire, Yoshi's Island, EarthBound (NES), EarthBound 2 (SNES), Contra Hard Corps, Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, Metal Gear, Gun-Nac, Power Blade, Maniac Mansion, Bionic Commando, Mega Man X, Road Rash II, Mutant League Hockey or Football, U.N. Squadron, Mischief Makers, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Pilotwings 64, I mean, come on, there is lots of good stuff waiting to come out.

Maybe not all of these games will come, but I'm really guess that certain ones will be held back for release on the new console... I can't imagine the VC "completely" dying off as there's just too many "possible" titles still to be released.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

This is great..not for US, because Im sure we wont get any of these Its bothersome that I'm so pessimistic about VC stuff now.



Drake said:

U.N. Squadron is definitely not possible, it's based on a Japanese anime called Area 88 (Which is also the game's title in Japan).



Token_Girl said:

Hopefully we'll see some of this stuff in the US too.

I'm not sure if the DK arcade would be a stopping point for DK64. How many people buying DK64 are really all that interested in DK arcade? How many who are interested in DK arcade are going to complete enough of DK64 to get it (or know about it's existence). The games are from two different generations. Take out Jetpac, get double bananas or whatever from DK arcade and call it a day. (Still probably too much work for a VC game, though, unfortunately.)



Bass_X0 said:

U.N. Squadron is definitely not possible, it's based on a Japanese anime called Area 88 (Which is also the game's title in Japan).

Does U.N. Squadron keep the licensed characters though from Area 88? I was wondering maybe U.N. Squadron would be allowed if it originally replaced the characters even if Area 88 isn't allowed.

get double bananas or whatever from DK arcade and call it a day.

Wouldn't Nintendo one day want to release arcade DK seperately on VCA?



Capt_N said:

If any games are being saved for special events/occasions, I would guess:

Yoshi's Island - 25th Anniversary of SMB, some anniversary of Yoshi, or SMW.

Donkey Kong - Next year will be 20th anniversary. Considering the Nes port is already on VC, & the possibility of it being 1000pt.s(as some VCA title are), not to mention it's importance in Nintendo history, N might cough this one up for us next year.

I'm waiting for the Mega Man games to come out. I know they will, probably this year. I'll take a look though, @ Ghost's N' Goblins for VCA.

@MasterGraveheart: Pilotwings 64 ~ I don't know. But, from wiki, it was co-developed w/ Paradigm Simulation, a studio now defunct.

Still, I hope to see it on VC. One of my favorite N64 titles.



dres said:

Ahhh... Commando. One of my all time favorites. Looking forward to that. Played it a lot on my C64, but never tried the Arcade version.



PSICOffee said:

I wont begin to list the literally hundreds of games that need to be released still because most people already know them, and many won't be released because of licensing issues (possibly including the capcom/disney nes games). Also Rare has stated before that Nintendo owns DK64 and can't understand why they won't release it. However, I am VERY excited to play the arcade version of the Ghosts n' Goblins! It is VASTLY superior to the NES version and I loved playing it at the arcade! The best part of that is now I'd be able to play and die as many times as I want without wasting lots more quarters. For other arcade releases, I just hope Konami releases the Simpsons and X-men games that were never ported to any system.



Drake said:

@Bass: The western version removes an ending sequence with some dialogue, but all the characters are still there and they still have the same names as in the anime.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, Capcom could always choose to renew the license. It all depends on how much that would cost and if they think they can make money on it.

I'm hoping they still have rights in Japan at least as U.N. Squadron is a cracking shooter I'd love to have on the VCA.



retro_player_22 said:

Yes Capcom bring more arcade goodness to VC, hopefully we get arcade versions of Strider, Darkstalkers, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Now if only Konami did the same.



brainofj said:

I point to the first Final Fantasy -- published by Nintendo, developed by Square. Wouldn't be the first time a title's been released on VC with more than one hand in the honey pot.



SafariSuz said:

re @10 MasterGraveheart
|sf>Keith Courage in Alpha Zones isn't an impossible release, but it's unlikely. Sunrise (the Gundam company) owns the characters. It mentions the company on the HU Card.

On the plus side, however, you are correct that there are several non-import Turbografx titles which shouldn't have any hurdles. There's Buster Bros., Splash Lake, Parasol Stars (Granted, the defunct Working Designs released in the US version, but I don't recall there being a language barrier to the game.), Valis II & III, Prince of Persia, Loom, the original version of Bomberman, and Dungeon Explorer II.

The Legendary Axe series gives credit to a company called Victor Musical Industries, so I don't know if that's what has held up that title.

I'm still curious why the Sega Master System gravy train has run dry. Since we have Puyo Puyo 2 by Compile, I'd expect that Golvellius: Valley of Doom (also by Compile) should be fair game. Even though I own the cart, that title blows away most of the SMS catalog. I also don't understand why we don't have Ghost House, Teddy Boy, My Hero, Penguin Land, Kenseiden, Golden Axe Warrior, or Fantasy Zone: The Maze.

I love Gun*Nac as well, but it was released by ASCII. That company used to release titles onto the original Gameboy, but I haven't seen a title from them in a long time.

Mischief Makers' problem is probably due to the N64 (From what I've heard on forums in the past, Nintendo has to do some extra emulation work to get N64 games to work on VC.), but Dynamite Headdy for SMS shouldn't have any problems.

As far as the listed titles, I think Commando is certainly worthy of inclusion on VC and Ghosts 'n Goblins is an obvious classic, but I can't say I'm acquainted with the other games.



mabbs81 said:

Too bad Nintendo is holding out on one of the best games EVER! 007 Golden Eye (For the 64), That is the game I am holding out for. It was such a hit IMO that it almost has to be available at some point.



Zach said:

@mabbs81 It probably won't, though - developer Rare is now contracted to Microsoft, so Nintendo would have to negotiate as well as pay them a fee or perhaps negotiate a percentage-based profit-sharing deal, plus licensing fees would have to be paid to the owners of the Goldeneye film and James Bond movie franchise. This on top of the programming, registration and other fees that normally go with converting a game for the virtual console, plus Nintendo is probably betting that the recent re-imagining of Goldeneye for the Wii release will tide people over.



mabbs81 said:

Did not know that, just looked it up, and it looks like a compilation of most if not all the bond movies games, in the way of the characters you can use in multiplayer. I could be wrong, but if it were basically a remake of the original Goldeneye I would def. think about picking it up.



Zach said:

@mabbs81 You can read our review if you're interested. It's somewhat of a different take on the film, not a remake of Rare's N64 game, though with plenty of nostalgic nods. Daniel Craig steps into Brosnan's shoes as well, giving it a different feel. Also, welcome to Nintendo Life!

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