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E3 2010: New GoldenEye is Real and it's Coming This Fall

Posted by Trevor Chan

Yes, it will have online multiplayer (updated with trailer)

After a lot of "is it happening?" and "is it fake?", we can now tell you that GoldenEye is happening and it's a Wii-exclusive. A modern take on the much-loved original is in the works and it got some airtime at this year's E3 event.

Hopefully this new imagining can deliver more than just nostalgic satisfaction and do for the Wii what the original GoldenEye 007 did for the Nintendo 64. The game will feature four player split-screen offline multiplayer, and support up to eight players online. More news on this as we get it, including the same trailer we posted earlier but one that this time Activision won't be so eager to take down.

The latest GoldenEye game is hoping to launch this Fall, so make sure you pack all ten of your passports and don't forget that silencer.

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JakobG said:

Why do so many people say the graphics are like the N64-original?
Also, I wonder if Oddjob has the same "stats".



Moco_Loco said:

Some people see graphics that are not on an HD system and automatically call them N64-like.



irken004 said:

Forget the graphics, wii based gameplay and online modes are the best thing about this announcement.



EdEN said:

Aiming with the Wiimote on classic Golden Eye? Here's $50, get me a copy.



fishman100 said:

i wasn't even born when GE007 came out, and i've never had a chance to play it, so i'm really lookin foward to dis!!!



Tasuki said:

This was a smart move by Activison/Blizzard. They have the Bond license to make video games yet with the next Bond movie in development hell who knows when the next "new" Bond game will come out. Heck by than Activison/Blizzard may not have the license anymore. Alot of people want this game to come out on VC or XBLA but with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Activision/Blizzard unable to come up with a deal that pleases them all, Activision/Blizzard is doing the next best thing. Props to them.

I will be deffinatly be picking this one up when its comes out. I saw someone say that it will be compatable with the classic controller but what about with the Wii Zapper or the Shotgun accessory that came with Cabela's Big Game Hunter??




I am so happy that it's a wii exclusive because these developers unlike most have not forgoten that if it wasn't for nintendo they wouldn't even be the rich gaming giants they are today and instead of just putting the game on every effin console and fogeting the wii they were smart and took the game back to it's roots. That's how you know that these guys really know what they are doing which makes me happy.



Mario_34 said:

OMG OMG OMG OMG I didn't think that this would really happen. This is making me really happy



Cia said:

great looking game, this will propably be the only FPS i'll get for my wii.



MmBuddha said:

Two things strike me watching the trailer. Firstly it looks more like a true sequel than I thought it would. But it also looks very last gen. I mean it honestly looks like it was made with the original Goldeneye engine! hahhaha.



timp29 said:

I need to change my underpants. I have been dreaming about replaying this on N64... I mean the third or fourth level in the snow with the sniper rifle... I could play that level over and over purely going for headshots. I'm just disappointed the goldeneye levels have daniel craig's face on bond
Unique death animations (the crotch and neck shots), single player time requirements (the second level on hard) this game upped the bar for the fps franchise which was previously dominated by PC. Classic



Spoony_Tech said:

Ive been waiting for this on VC for ages. Now that the wait is finally over this will do even better!



Kelvin said:

Okay, as far as I can tell, there's no way of telling if this is a new version of the original, or if it's something like Rogue Agent. I would hope it's the former, and I'm sure Activision want us to think it's the former, but I'm not sure.



shake_zula said:

@Kelvin like 75% of that footage was recognisable to me as being straight out of the original game, so I wouldn't worry. I really wasn't psyched for this game coz I thought it'd just be a new game under the GoldenEye name, but now I know it's a full blown remake I CANNOT WAIT

I've only just watched the trailer, the nostalgia hit me like a truck



bestbuck said:

I am a massive fan of the original Goldeneye. But now we have a new Goldeneye? and its not by Rare its by Activision. I don't mean to be a damp Squid but I just know this game will be rubbish. Activision are s**m. why not make your own game instead of cashing in on someone else's Masterpeace. Activision make me Sick



Tasuki said:

@Bestbuck: Because as I state above. Due to the difference between Microsoft (who now owns Rare) Nintendo and Activision/Blizzard the original GoldenEye wont see the light of day on the VC or XBLA. They know that GoldenEye is one of the most wanted games for the VC/XBLA and people have been asking about it since the VC came out. They arent really cashing in on someone else's masterpiece so much as giving players what they want or pretty darn close to it.

@A-SWE: Ok so if it has support for the Wii Zapper than it should work with the Shotgun that came with Cabela's Big Game Hunter?



RallyFTW said:

Screw the graphics. When this game was released for the 64, everything was stunning. If you only care for the graphics, then you are not a true gamer.



JGMR said:

I can guarantee you that Nintendo oversees the development of the game to make sure everything fits like a glove. I must admit i'm still stunned, it looks great, and i bet it plays the same too. Along with the new Donkey Kong Country and Metroid : Other M, the potential game of the year.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

You know; this is not the same game as Rare made. It´s being developed by a completely different team, and will have it´s own leveldesign. They may own the rights for the legendary name Goldeney, but that does not make good gameplay.

This has been done before with Goldeneye: Rouge Agent. I don´t expect miracles this time either. Remember: this is a Eurocom game.



DarkEdi said:

Someone of NLife explain us how Nintendo get the exclusive and how Activition avoided the Rare actions of the code of the game or what happened here.



greenellow said:

I still don't understand how activision got the rights to make this either, i thought rare or microsoft own the rights to the original goldeneye. i might get after reviews are published but i still fill as if activision is trying to cash in on the fan demand of a remaked



Tasuki said:

@greenellow: Activison/Blizzard has the Bond license for video games right now before them EA had it and before that Rare had the license. Rare/Microsoft has the rights to the code for the original GoldenEye but that doesnt mean that Activison/Blizzard can not make there own version of GoldenEye using their own code and what not.

Its like these recent movie remakes like King Kong or War of the Worlds for example. As long as they dont use footage from the original King Kong or War of the Worlds the original studios cant go after them as long as they make their own footage so to speak.



marioman5 said:

i have the original and it is one of my favorite games i own i really cant wait for this to come out, and i hope it has better controls than Quantum of Solace



Cia said:

People who claim that this game's graphics are n64 caliber, should really check the old pictures for n64's goldeneye, and think again. They're in completely different league.



SilverBaretta said:

Most common complaints for this game:
1. The graphics look like the N64 version.
2. Daniel Craig.
3. It's on Wii.

All interesting, none worth complaining about. (and one's just not true)



super-nintendo said:

All the hands on previews say this is awesome guys. What if the N64 version is unlocked when you beat the game? It would sell over 5 million if that was true.



Incognito_D said:

I'm cautiosly optimistic, but I'm put off by the inclusion of Daniel Craig. I really don't like him as James Bond



RallyFTW said:

If you are complaining about the graphics looking too much like the N64, then you under-appreciate the retro games, which means you can't really call yourself a super fan.



Pepe said:

Everyone in every part of the world was expecting to see this game again!!!



Gameday said:

dang i was so surprised like whoa its time to get back in the mix online now what more can you ask for



KrazyKain said:

it's so awesome FINALLY having an fps 'they' want... you know who i'm talking about...



ACK said:

This could be the big budget, multiplayer-oriented Wii FPS that we've been waiting for...

At least there is reason for hope: Activision has published two solid and robust Call of Duty ports already and both sold respectably; developers have generally come to grips with Wii FPS controls with most of the earlier kinks being worked out; Eurocom has experience with Wii in co-developing Dead Space: Extraction and some of their past work in the FPS genre has been rather impressive (including DS:E and their previous Bond games, The World is Not Enough for N64 and Nightfire on GCN, which are generally considered to be the best in the series outside of the original Goldeneye)...

Now we'll see how it all comes together, but for now I'm optimistic. The potential has been there all along for a breakout Wii FPS and this one more than any other has the ingredients to make it happen...



JGMR said:

Latest news is...

"The game is written by Bruce Feirstein, the writer of the original 1995 Goldeneye film."

"David Arnold, the composer of the last 5 Bond films, will compose the game's soundtrack."

See Wiki entry.



soopahkoopah said:

i used to own the n64 version of this game, i cant remember much about besides i loved it alot



Gamer83 said:

Graphics could be MUCH better but that's my main concern here, Activision is what worries me. I'm thrilled that Retro is handling Donkey Kong Country Returns but with this announcment and after Retro's brilliant work on the Metroid Prime games a part of me kind of wishes Nintendo and Activision could've struck a deal to let those guys handle development of this game. I have no faith that Activision itself will deliver. Most games by that company suck. I still pre-ordered this game though because I loved it on the N64 and am holding out hope that Activision proves me wrong. If not, I can always cancel my pre-order. Since there's a 99% chance we'll never get Rare's GE on XBLA or VC, I'd really like a miracle to happen here and have this be as awesome as the original. Even if it's only half as good it will still be a heck of a good game and better than most stuff that comes out these days.

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