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Five Minutes of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Better Than Five Minutes of Most Other Games

Posted by James Newton

Extra-terrestrial epic nearly here!

The footage of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is flooding out of Nintendo lately, with regular transmissions showing off new elements from the upcoming adventure. If all this spectacular footage still hasn't given you Mario on Wii ennui, this five minute trailer will have you bouncing off the walls and gnawing your fingernails until the game's released.

Not long to go now, nail-gnashers.

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Incognito_D said:

shouldn't the title read "Five Minutes of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Better Than Five HOURS of Most Other Games", for emphasis?



LoopyLuigi said:

@games1000: nice to know that you'll be on time for this... wait.. what?

in other news, I'm really looking forward to playing as Luigi again. and with Yoshi it'll be the green-team to the rescue (wow that was lame.....)



suburban_sensei said:

Every article and video that comes out for this game makes me that much more excited for it. I got 120 stars with Mario over the weekend on Galaxy 1 and I am now playing as Luigi. Who knows, in the next 2 weeks, just out of excitement for Galaxy 2, I may blow through the game as Luigi so I can say I "completely" conquered the game.



Raylax said:

Must. Not. Watch.
I'm kinda spoiler-dodging, so I'll just say 'yay' and then move along.


Right, moving on.



ZarroTsu said:

It looks like... the bird ally/enemy from Kirby Superstar.

And pokemon...

...Galaxies for other nintendo games? Aw snap.



Klapaucius said:

Looks like Japan gets the DVD too, so only NA is missing out?

I really don't have the time for this this summer
Whether I get it or not depends on how weak I am X_x

@16 Awesome.



RyuZebian said:

No matter how bad some people consider spring Mario, I still found it as innovative and fresh as any other aspect of the first game! And that's what the games are all about - Innovating the plattforming genre.Pretty much all the games have done so...



Will_Ireland said:

"No matter how bad some people consider spring Mario, I still found it as innovative and fresh as any other aspect of the first game! And that's what the games are all about - Innovating the plattforming genre.Pretty much all the games have done so..."

Sorry guys, I just didnt care for spring Mario. I thought he was unimaginative, and a pain in the to control! Hey, thats just my opinion though



nintendogamerftw said:

Looks a lot more challenging than the original. Some parts I know I'd have died on atleast once or twice the first time around.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

SO... PUMPED!!!!!!

I just wish that guy wasn't talking in the background. It was too distracting! Not to mention I don't know Japenese...



TKOWL said:

This makes me so mad that I only have $20 now, I gotta find some way to make 30 bucks in 11 days....



TLink9 said:

Why is Peach Speaking English in this add?
p.s. I like the count down clock add here, it counts down until my birthday.



timp29 said:

@30 Prostitution is an option. That or enrol in dangerous drug trials. I'm going to do both!



WaveBoy said:

Definitly looks better than the first Mario Galaxy! Color me freakin excited Not only that, but it looks more challenging, and it seems smarter on a gameplay/level design perspective.

Oh how I love Cloud Mario



mushroomer said:

Whats so great about this? Its just more of the same. They are recycling the engine. Nothing really new. Just Yoshi and some power ups. If they included 4 player wifi co op.. or create your own level and share options, then maybe but its just a rehash of galaxy 1. Ill play through it but quite honestly, they should have done more. nothing innovative about it.



yoshdude64 said:

@bro2dragons - Some of it does, but I'm glad! I beat Galaxy 1 really quickly and I am glad that I can finally have some challenge..

So true. This is the best 5 minutes of any games, and IT WASN'T EVEN 5 MINUTES!



Chunky_Droid said:

@mushroomer: They've been quoted that 90% of the game is comprised of new ideas

I think Bee and Boo Mario and a few of the classic enemies probably comprise the 10%



Will_Ireland said:

Dare we draw comparisons with Galaxy/Galaxy2 and NES SMB/SMB2? I welcome the challenge of a difficult game, makes me feel like I'm getting my moneys worth



RevolverLink said:

As great as that is to hear, I'm pretty much on media blackout as far as SMG2 is concerned, so I won't be watching the video.

I want everything about this experience to be as fresh as possible.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Y'know...there's more to creating a great game than completely rebuilding engines for no real reason. Not having to worry about creating a new engine frees up the development time for level design, gameplay elements, and so on. Looking at these trailers, it doesn't look to me like they skimped on the fun...



mushroomer said:

Look at the differences between SMB 1, 2 and 3. I just wished/hoped for a new art direction. But oh well, I guess I cant be too picky. I guess if they did that then maybe we wouldnt see it til 2011



mushroomer said:

I guess you guys are right.. I just dont like those fly-betweens planets.. where you arent controlling mario much.. Could have done without that..



Wolfcoyote said:

Read the latest Iwata Asks interview; they stated that the original idea was to rerelease SMG with updated levels but the development team had so many new ideas regarding the physics that it became a completely different game.

And regarding the complaint about EAD Tokyo reusing the engine - some games benefit from from an engine's reuse. Valve's Half-Life 2 series (Source engine) says hi.



M00se said:

this and lbp 2 will be top games of the year.... what about halo reach you ask.... thats trash!



Min said:

... Good lord that looks amazing D:

Only... Holy cow 11 days



Discipledoctor said:

<i>Why is Peach Speaking English in this add?
p.s. I like the count down clock add here, it counts down until my birthday</i>

That. Is. Epic. Happy (early) birthday!



BlueFlameBat said:

0:35, 0:53, 1:54, 2:08, 2:35 (except for Yoshi being there), 2:43, 2:59, and 3:10. I probably should have said "gameplay" rather than "footage". It looks more like an expansion than a sequel, but hey, if that's what you want, more power to you. Personally, I found too many issues with the first one to justify purchasing this game if it's mostly more of the same.
I also have an "irrational" hatred for Bowser Jr and Mario's voice.



Bakajin said:

Not psyched about the return of spring or bee Maeio, but this is going to be a lot of fun. And I am really psyched for Mario-balancing-on-top-of-a-ball Mario.



Token_Girl said:

This game looks significantly harder than Galaxy 1; I'm excited.

For those complaining about how this game looks too similar to Galaxy 1, listen to Chicken, his words are full of truth and win. (And if you didn't like the first one, why are you bothering to watch the trailers? There IS plenty new content and variety and unique variations on the theme, but if you don't like 3D Mario platforming with funky physics, then didn't you know from the get-go you were going to be SOL with this one too?)



William90 said:

I'm going to make a little calender out of post-it notes, and tear one off each day in anticipation!



Ristar42 said:

This game looks pretty amazing, seems to have more ideas in every single clip than most platformers manage in an entire game.
Makes you wonder where Nintedo can take Mario in the future...



Nitromer said:

Hopefully there will be at least SOME surprises in the game left after all this videos.



StarDust4Ever said:

It's called "aspect ratio." Get it right, people

Five minutes on some games (namely the bad ones) can feel like five hours. Five hours on great games (like Mario Kart Wii or Galaxy) can feel like five minutes - Epic Win!

@Nitromer: If you don't want spoilers, you don't have to watch the said videos

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