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Interplay Straps In with Descent for WiiWare

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Relive the classic PC game this fall

PC gamers might remember the flurry of Doom clones that just seemed to never end in the mid-90s. While a lot of them didn't try to break with the winning formula too much or only put a mild spin on it, where others put enough spin to make you motion sick and, at first, disoriented.

Interplay's Descent was one of these, zagging where others zigged. Instead of throwing you in a series of dimly lit space corridors with a shotgun, it plopped you inside the cockpit of a spacecraft into the depths of the dimly lit corridors of planets with a laser. The full 360-degree movement took quite a bit of getting used to, but a flight stick later and you'd find yourself in one of the better shooters of the era.

The wording of the press release indicates that it'll be the original 1995 game brought over and not a new sequel/prequel. Then again, stranger things have happened.

Developer G1M2 is behind the WiiWare effort. They recently dropped the Data East Arcade Classics on Wii, so it's safe to say they know a thing or two about old games, or at the very least have a passing acquaintance with them.

Interplay and G1M2 Announce Descent on WiiWare

April 14th, 2010, 11:00 AM - PRESS RELEASE

(April 14th, 2010) — Interplay Entertainment Corp. and G1M2 will partner to bring the classic Descent to the Wii.

“Descent remains the most popular 1080º 3D blasting game. Translating its 3D worlds and game play to WiiWare™ is an exciting move”, said Hervé Caen, CEO of Interplay. “Descent will pair perfectly with the motion sensing Wii Remote™ controller and we can't wait to show players how intuitive the game play and control can be” seconded Scott Hawkins, the Founder of G1M2.

Descent is expected for initial release during Fall 2010 and is planned for electronic distribution through Nintendo's WiiWare™ service.

“Following Clayfighter DSiWare™ & WiiWare™, and Stonekeep WiiWare™, Interplay continues to redevelop its fantastic portfolio of games,” Hervé Caen concluded.

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zane said:

Does this include lost vikings??? Löööööve that game.



Shiryu said:

Wow! Now this is a trend I will defintly approve. Someone call up whoever has Microprose game rights, I want X-Com on Wiiware!



grenworthshero said:

Awesome! I actually just heard of this fairly recently, and I've been wanting to play it. I didn't see this one coming.



Imerion said:

This sounds very interesting. If they add WM+ controls (simply for the fun of controlling your ship by tilting) and upgrade the graphics a bit I will indeed be interested in getting it. I liked the original, even though it was rather confusing at times. (Hence the need of upgraded graphics.)



Chunky_Droid said:

It'll be intriguing, I enjoyed the original but never bothered to finish it, I'm interested to see how this pans out



Mayhem said:

Played this to death on the PC back in the day... should be... interesting heh...



V8_Ninja said:

Cool! I've checked out some of the footage from the other games and it looks pretty good. The problem I have is how will you be piloting your ship? Please allow a classic controller option...



Impresario said:

Hmm since this is being re-released, I wonder if we can get a remake of the SpaceTEC SpaceOrb to play it with <ponder>......



Kelvin said:

Wow, I didn't expect this. Descent was quite good, but it seems to have been filed away under "failed experiment" in the minds of many, so I never imagined it making a return. The controls will make or break this one, I think.



RonF said:

Quite unexpected but still a good match. I look forward for this one.



darklinkinfinite said:

I'm Darklinkinfinite and I approve this message...and the porting of classic PC games to WiiWare.

crosses fingers for Doom, Hexen, Duke Nukem, Heretic, X-com, Leisure Suit Larry, etc etc

or at the very least release Doom 64, Hexen, Duke Nukem 64/Zero Hour, etc on the Virtual Console. I never got to spend enough time with those when they were new.



CanisWolfred said:

YES!!!!!!! I;m surprised they didn't do an Xbox Live Arcade port, though. I wonder if it'll have online?



ODoyle said:

K, mildly excited about this, but I will be elated if they eventually release Descent: Freespace as WiiWare.

THAT would be amazing.



Wow that was very unexpected. I never played that game but I remember they used to mention it on some PC Games magazines of the day.

Now if id could swallow their huge ego and pride and do the same with Doom and Quake <_<



jbrodack said:

Could be cool, wondering how well it will control. Would also be nice if it was enhanced in some way like at least graphics. An online mode would be killer too.



Zork2 said:

If the graphics are good I'll get it. Descent was a great game, not just a decent one.



Jockolantern said:

One of my very favorite PC first-person shooters coming to WiiWare? Out of freakin' nowhere? Count me in. _ I'm just hoping the developer can really nail a great system of controls that feels as fluid if not more than a PC joystick. Time will tell, I suppose. Looking forward to it!



SgtSawkz said:

This was the first game I EVER played...I might have to get it just for nostalgia



BulbasaurusRex said:


I love this game. I look forward to playing more than the 7 levels available in the demo and with Wii motion controls and a modern online system (the original has online play but only by LAN or direct dial-up with the other player).

This is now my most anticipated WiiWare game. (Sorry, Sonic 4)



Sean_Aaron said:

I have to think there will at least be some kind of additional play mode like Phalanx in Japan - I believe Nintendo has a policy of not allowing VC content as WiiWare (hence denying Intellivision Lives as a DSiWare release).



JimLad said:

Oh that's cool.
I never did play Descent, but I played (and loved) Forsaken which I hear is similar. How well will it work with Wii controls... can't wait to find out.
Hopefully there will be online too.



deadly_by_design said:

I missed the Descent series until Descent: Freespace, but I fondly recall this style of gameplay from Forsaken.

Heck - Forsaken was even good on the N64, and that's saying something...



BrazCanaMan said:

This is a surprise! I was a fan of the original, I hope it this version turns out great. Can't wait!



Zach said:

I said I was excited before but whenever I scroll past this article I get re-excited.



Zak_Canard said:

I loved Descent and Descent 2 back in the day, this just made my day one purchase list.



Matt_B said:

Descent was awesome in the day; a full-on textured 3D shooter while Quake was still glint in John Carmack's eye. You just needed to be able to think in six degrees of freedom to get the best out of it, which I think limited its appeal somewhat.

Still, if they can get the controls right, and preferably get some good bonus content in too, this looks like a sure fire hit to me.



Swiket said:


Actually, John Carmack has had interests in developing for the Wii before. It would be nice to see more old PC games hit the wii. Day of the Tentacle, anyone?



Bigby said:

I don't know if this bodes well for WiiWare...
Welcome to the new virtual console.



primeris said:

I usually spend a good chunk of my time with any new computer I get trying to figure out what hacks and emulators to use to get Descent to run right with a good joystick (Keyboards rarely make good game controllers for me). I would love to play this game with an easy intuitive control system.
So, technically, this should be Virtual Console, but since they're tweaking the control system it's now WiiWare.
Whatever. There are many great games out there that have barely been played in 20 years just because of legal nonsense or other lame reasons to not republish.
I would also love to see Daggerfall get polished up to Nintendo standards and re-released for the Wii (though it might be a half GB).



eacmacro said:

I didn't notice anyone mention dxx-rebirth. It faithfully restores all the original gaming excitement, without the extra calories...



vio said:

2012 now and still no sign of it, but supposedly it's still coming now that Interplay has got their *&^% together again, along with the release of the long awaited Descent 4. Keep your fingers crossed for this one guys.

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