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Mon 28th Dec 2009

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Impresario commented on Review: Avalon Code (DS):

Playing through this atm, it's not a bad game by any means. The mechanics of using the book don't bother me, it's the combat system that is a huge let down. Overall it just doesn't come together very well.



Impresario commented on Review: Rock N' Roll Climber (WiiWare):

Have to agree with the above poster here. I had to give this a try since I received the Balance Board for Christmas.

The learning curve for the basic controls is under ten minutes. The controls aren't perfect and it's hard to tell if I'm really getting it or just getting lucky. Though if your movements are precise all your limbs move quickly and smoothly along the wall.

Also the pace I find is not slow at all, it's actually very engrossing and a bit of a challenge.

The over all feel of this game really reminds me of the Sega Saturn days. It has a very arcade feel to it