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Nintendo Download: Tomena Sanner, Happy Hammerin', Dragon's Lair, Miami Nights and Texas Hold'em (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo of Europe seems to have forgotten Virtual Console still exists.

Yes, we didn't get any Virtual Console games in the final update of 2009, and now it looks like we're not getting any in the first update of 2010 either. Nintendo of Europe has just sent out a press release listing Friday's new downloadables, with a measly selection of 5 games compared to the 10+ North America's consistently been getting lately.

Tomena Sanner on WiiWare is the only truly interesting offering this week. In this rhythm-action game, you control a Japanese businessman as he automatically runs through a variety of environments. So where's the gameplay? Well, it doesn't consist of much more than simply pressing the A button at the right time, to avoid various enemies and obstacles that try to hinder you from reaching your destination on time. As simple as it may sound, impressions of the Japanese version have been quite positive, so it's definitely one to look into. It's also only 500 Wii Points! We'll have a review soon.

Happy Hammerin' might seem like a very simple whack-the-mole game, but it's actually a collection of various completely different minigames, all involving moles and hammers. We've already got plenty of minigame collections on the Wii, but at 500 Wii Points and with support for 4 players this could be decent. We'll review the game soon.

DSiWare this week consists of nothing but games already released elsewhere. Dragon's Lair is a near-perfect conversion of the original arcade game, featuring all the fully animated cartoon action the game is known for. And at 800 DSi Points, it costs far less than the combined total of all quarters it would take to clear it on the original arcade machine! You can read what we thought here.

Miami Nights: Life in the Spotlight is the umpteenth conversion of a mobile phone game by Gameloft, and although they're generally decent, this one's a bit mediocre. A "social life" game of sorts, there's no real objective other than walking around, talking to people, going on dates and that sort of stuff, which is also its downfall - It gets repetitive fairly quickly, making it one of the lesser Gameloft DSiWare releases so far. Our thoughts can be found here. It costs 800 DSi Points.

High Stakes Texas Hold'em might be the first poker game for DSiWare, but we're sure there will be more to follow. We generally expect good games from Hudson Soft, but they dropped the ball a bit on this one - It's as basic as can be and offers nothing more than 4-player multiplayer for its 500 DSi Point asking price. Our review will tell you exactly why this is one to skip.

That's sadly all there is this week. Here's Nintendo of Europe's painfully brief press release (It's like they're not even trying anymore!):

Bring in the new year with some amazing downloads for Wii and Nintendo DSi!

Get the most out of your Wii or Nintendo DSi by downloading new software directly from the Wii Shop Channel or Nintendo DSi Shop in exchange for Nintendo Points. More information on WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare can be found at the bottom of this article. The following new releases will be available from Friday:

New, original games offering something for everyone!

Happy Hammerin'
A party game where friends and families can compete against each other by bashing moles using the Wii Remote!

Tomena Sanner
Take control of businessman Hitoshi Susumu, who won't stop running until he gets to his ultimate dance party!

Nintendo DSiWare
Access a world of new possibilities with Nintendo DSiWare.

Dragon's Lair
Play as the heroic Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon!

High Stakes Texas Hold'em
Hold 'em and fold 'em with High Stakes Texas Hold'em, a world-famous poker game now available as Nintendo DSiWare!

Miami Nights: Life in the Spotlight
Follow the path to becoming the star that you've always dreamed of being and live the life you've always wanted!


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User Comments (60)



Djrr-ific said:

No VC, i dont care, but the DSiware is maybe already released elswhere, it isn't very bad, with Dragons Lair and Miami Nights.



nintenden said:

Bleh.... nothing interesting. And no vc ??? lame..... there are so many good games that could should be released on vc!



Shiryu said:

I knew it... we have been surely getting bad deals as of late. No Castlevania Rebirth, no Excite Bike World Rally... step up, Nintendo Europe! =(



JoeDiddley said:

Tomena Sanner!!
I was beginning to think that it would never come. And only 500 points too



JX75 said:

No Flight Control, or Oregon Trail for DSiWare ??? I was so looking forward to some nice games to end the year. Instead of that, we get 3 mediocre games



Sean_Aaron said:

Tomena Sanner is not mediocre you spoilsports! You should kiss Konami's feet for even getting a chance to play it!



Tsuchinoko said:

Duuuude, omg, as a guy with only an NA wii, i must say im jealous that everyone has Tomena Sanner but our region.

No VC and not much else to chose from, but i've been waiting for this game, so everyone in the PAL region should at leave see that as a positive side to this so-so week.



Zammy said:

Tomena Sanneeeeeeeeeer!
It's too bad I already completed it on my JapanoWii or I would fork out the money for the English one too. :3

In other news, pretty terrible haul here. Nintendo have forgotten wii exist at all, to be honest. =P
CS for the second new year update!



Stargazer said:

Hey, at least you have free healthcare and more vacation time to play your crappy releases.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Great another absolutely disappointing update. Wasn't christmas update pain enough? But no Virtual Console game again? They must be kidding! What the hell is Nintendo of Europe thinking?

PS: And don't forget that Nintendo of Europe still didn't manage to solve the problems concerning the poor PAL-conversions.



Dazza said:

Tomena Sanner looks great but I feel really shafted that we missed out on Castlevania Rebirth. There's really no excuse for not letting PAL gamers start out the new year with Super Mario Kart either arrggghhhh!



astarisborn94 said:

I remember the same thing happening to North America during the summertime, and this is just flat-out unforgiveable. Pretty patethic update with the only positive being Dragon's Lair.

Nintendo of Europe, whatever you do, DON'T CANCEL THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE!

I'm predicting this will happen to North America again during the summertime, so we might as well prepare for it.



Ntommy said:

Am I the only one who's waiting for Pop Island? Any news? It looks so nice...



Bass_X0 said:

I just downloaded Super Castlevania IV yesterday in preparation for Castlevania Rebirth. Its not the first time I played it but I'm not really a fan of the old pre-SOTN style Castlevania games; I keep dying a lot by bottomless pits than I do being hit by enemies (although being hit by enemies usually sends me falling into a pit anyway). Looks like I get to play Super Castlevania IV longer while waiting. I also want Super Mario Kart too but I am in no desperate need for it although I will be downloading it as soon as it shows up. Anyway, I don't have much money this week although I could have spared some for both Castlevania Rebirth and Super Mario Kart if they were released; this way i can put it towards other things. I also just ordered Soul Calibur II on the Gamecube a few days ago to give to my nephew for his new Wii. I already had it years ago but sold it. My nephew quite likes Tekken 6 on my XBOX 360 so I think he'll like Soul Calibur II as well. He doesn't like to fight against the computer or even against another person, he is happy enough to go into training mode by himself.



Noire said:

Tomena Sanner! I want that game.

/me goes on a silly and uncalled-for rant against Europeans and their always-getting-stuff-first, even though it's not true



Varoennauraa said:

Another week of no games what so ever for me in a very long row. Thanks NOE for no christmas for european Nintendo Fans and thanks very much for no new year also! While youre at it, waste a couple of next weeks by throwing some vague Street Fighter 2-versions among other crap.



Mike1 said:

@21. Super Smash Bros. Fan1999
You are correct, our summertime releases this year were just painful, just like Europe's are now. It will probably happen again this year in NA. Of course the only games I'm looking forward to are the Mario Party games and Mario Tennis on the VC since it looks like the Ninja Turtle games won't ever come out. And of course Mega Man 10.



Stevie said:

Tomena Sanner does look interesting, I love quirky little games like this and would love to see Muscle March come to the EU, however NOE do seem to have been Scrooge this Christmas.

Please sir, I want more



NintenDaan said:

@Sean Aaron

Completly agree on that, sir! Loved Tomena Sanner on my Japanese Wii and it saved this week's update (although Happy Hammerin' isn't bad either)

For people interested, check some footage here!



madgear said:

I stocked up on Wii points before the start of Christmas - mostly in anticipation for Super Mario Kart. This is the third Friday of my holiday now and still no Mario Kart - or anything for that matter!

I'm tempted to just spend my points on a couple of Sega games now since they're cheap such as Gunstar Heroes - but no, the game's arn't compatible with the component cables!

I'm not one to complain usually if there's a week where nothing interests me, but no VC releases at all and still broken compatibility with the games I would consider buying makes it a terrible service for me at the moment.



Porky said:

Im so jealous of NOE now! They have that Music Japanese Running, Wak-o-mol, and Uno Wiiware.



outrun2sp said:

nintendo eu are shocking at the moment. its no wonder that people go down different avenues to play games. even paying customers. when they insisted on releasing 50hz only games that wont run properly on high end home set ups that was the ultimate attack on the fan base. vc probably is being phased out and they are slowing it all down.



Sneaker13 said:

Disappointing week for Europe, as it has been the last couple of weeks. Especially compared with US.



Ristar42 said:

NoE are messing up in an epic fashion with the VC. I wonder who makes the decisions and how they can be so out of touch... To think, the VC was one of the main reasons I bought a Wii, I might just go back to good old retro collecting!



Chunky_Droid said:

Argh! You guys get Tomena Sanner! Gimme gimme gimme!

Otherwise, I sincerely apologise for the lack of Castlevania/VC this week



LittleP said:

@ Ristar42

Perhaps the biggest reason for me buying the Wii is so I could play my old gaming collection especially SMK. The fact that we still havent got this game (among other key releases) three years after launch is a kick in the teeth.

I am losing faith that SMK will arrive in europe especially after the poor quality of Virtual Console releases over the last month or two, in fact I intend to contact nintendo to communicate my disappointment in this service and I suggest as many people a possible do the same.




Horrific update as is lately usual and no respect for VC to boot! Fracking drell!

Still I await for the revw of Tomena Sanner with interest. Has that silly Warioware style humour-visuals to it!



Tranguz said:

I don't expect a Castlevania Rebirth release in Europe since I can't even find Contra Rebirth in the catalogue... and still no Axelay for VC... I don't trust Konami no more. VC is suffering too much



Drake said:

@Tranguz: For some reason, neither of the ReBirth games so far have been released in Italy and Australia. If you want them you can simply change your Wii's country to a different European one and they'll be there (But you'll lose all Wii Points you have so make sure you've got 0 before you do it).



Tsuchinoko said:

Oh wow. i had no idea that Europe didn't get SMK yet. I was so sure that NA was the last to get this game, but i think i got mixed up with PAL getting Super Smash Brothers months before us.

Hugs to LittleP. Sorry you still have to wait. I feel bad as i lazily have not even downloaded the game yet. But really, I'm not sure why the service is so haphazard some days. It is true that this past summer NA fans were screaming for something new, and now that we pretty much have everything we wanted (save for a few odd ones, like the original Contra, Yoshi's Island, and Star Fox), most of us in the NA regions are actually waiting on Wiiware stuff like Night Game, or for most people, Cave Story.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time before you're playing SMK on your Wii.



SKTTR said:

so many good games

I must have Happy Hammerin' damyou!



Vinsanity said:

Sorry Europe. That sounds horrible. And I find myself complaining about America's updates:( At least we get crappy, double dipped VC games 1 at a time nowadays. That's gotta be better than the nothing you guys have been dealing with.



outrun2sp said:

Yeah Fuzzy. I agree

I reckon that since the nintendo europe christmas party, no ones been in the office at the VC section.

All said and done im getting Tomena Sanner this friday.



PALgamer said:

Really great Xmas updates! Haven't been bothered with the online offerings from Nintendo this year, and it seems I haven't missed much.
NoE, it's Christmas, time of giving. It's also the first time some Wii owners begin to get their Wii's online. Nice way to greet them! It's Nintys business and they must know what they are doing?!?!?!

See you next year.



Tranguz said:

Thanks for the info man. I didn't know that Contra Rebirth was released in other European Countries (...poor Italy...). Thus there is a chance we can get Castlevania Rebirth too. However I know I can get Axelay switching to Australia too, but... hey, how many times and how many countries I have to switch to? lol



Roo said:

I've been playing Tomena Sanner for the last half an hour and expect it to recieve a solid review. 500 points is a generous cost if you ask me...

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