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Sat 24th Oct 2009

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Zammy commented on Review: Tomena Sanner (WiiWare):

It's a hilariously awesome game. :3 Great review - I agree that the essence of games is pick up and play. Bah to extreme loading screens I say. Bah.



Zammy commented on Nintendo Download: Tomena Sanner, Happy Hammer...:

Tomena Sanneeeeeeeeeer!
It's too bad I already completed it on my JapanoWii or I would fork out the money for the English one too. :3

In other news, pretty terrible haul here. Nintendo have forgotten wii exist at all, to be honest. =P
CS for the second new year update!



Zammy commented on Feature: Retro GT Clothing Interview:

I love T-Shirts like this and simply use eBay to get mine. Through that, I have a Death Note t-shirt, a Sonic one, a Stewie and Bender (Family Guy and Futurama) one, and a Mario "1-up!" hoody. It's awesome. =P



Zammy commented on WiiWare Phoenix Wright Makes Most Of Wii Remote:

I wish Capcom would stop reading my mind.
Seriously, just yesterday I was thinking:
A. A Wiinix Wright/Phoenix Wiight/Ace Attornwii would be awesome
B. That I really need to replay the Phoenix Wright games. And now this news? Thieves! shot



Zammy commented on Stop Stress This Monday:

I really, really hope that this game is good. Because it looks awesome, and the art style is amazing. :3



Zammy commented on Review: The Combatribes (Virtual Console / Sup...:

"A beat 'em up that packs very little punch"

Oh. OH. Haha! Hahaha! Hahahahaha! That's hilarious... no. =P
In all seriousness, I almost downloaded this too, but you've made me see the light. Screw that. =P



Zammy commented on Infinity Ward Unhappy With Wii's Power:

I still don't care about the graphics in a game unless it's godawful, like this almost definately won't be, so doesn't bother me. Besides, I hate CoD, so it's a no for me anyway =P



Zammy commented on Red Steel 2 Sharpens Up:

So appealing, yet I'm still wary of gimmicks. If I find any major ones, there'll be trouble.
Oh well, I'll probably pick it up anyway. It's a shame I didn't get WSR, 'cause I missed out on a free MotionPLUS. I guess there's no harm in buying it now, but still...



Zammy commented on Review: Nostalgia (DS):

Sounds pretty good, I'll pick this one up later this week.
Although, my gaming life is still chained by the muchmuchmuchmuchmuch earlier released Disgaea DS, so I'm not sure where I'll find the time to play this... anyway, good review, Corbs.