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In Tomena Sanner, players take on the role of businessman Hitoshi Susumu who is behind schedule and won't stop running until he gets to his ultimate dance party.

Dashing past samurais, T-Rexes, cowboys, and all manner of esoteric obstacles using just one button, gamers of all ages and skill level will be able to play the game in order to help Mr. Susumu get to his goal. A high speed side-scrolling action title, Tomena Sanner also features a unique timing based control system that players can utilize as they jump, dance and fly over hurdles that come their way. As players glide across the screen they can read the comical notes that flash along the in-game ticker, adding a new level of fun and humor to their experience.

Players will be able to lead Hitoshi in his quest across nine different levels including the Moon, jungle, a city and more. As an added bonus, multiplayer madness with up to four players can ensure that Hitoshi does not miss the party, and online rankings can be updated with high scores. With an Endless Level Mode that keeps players going for the ultimate high score, and a Turbo Mode that tests skill level, players will have many opportunities to explore the bizarre and comical world of Tomena Sanner.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

We don't know why...he's the greatest dancer...that we've ever seen!

Tomena Sanner is the kind of WiiWare title that gamers expect to come from Japan. You control the destiny of a faceless salaryman named Mr. Susumu (Japanese for "forward" or "continue") using only a single button press to help him...

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User Comments (13)



Ratengo said:

Isn't the game's working title supposed to be Crescendo with 'a musical experience fused with quick, frantic action of classic arcade action' when it was announced by Konami last year?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Could very well be a different game, Ratengo.

Anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on this quirky music game. :D



Terra said:

I would bet that Crescendo was the working title for this game. Shame as I liked that title more, but it doesn't matter, as long as it's good



jhuhn said:

The ESRB has rated this game "E" so it's possible for a release in North America soon.



grnd2 said:

Seems like it's not released for iPhone in Europe yet. At least not Sweden.



Gameday said:

Is this game out for noa , if not when is it suppose to come i want it now

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