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And The Most Pirated Wii Games Of 2009 Are...

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Plumbers, boxers, islands and zombies top the list

BitTorrent news site TorrentFreak has compiled a list of the most pirated PC, Xbox 360 and Wii games of 2009. Modern Warfare 2 takes the overall scurvy cake at over five million downloads, with four of those on the PC side. But how about Wii?

Unsurprisingly, the biggest Wii game of the year happens to be the most pirated, despite having come out the latest: New Super Mario Bros. Wii was downloaded around 1,150,000 times since its release in November. Punch-Out!! was stolen 950,000 times since it's May release, narrowly edging out Wii Sports Resort's 920,000 since July. Rail-swearer The House of the Dead: Overkill came in fourth at 860,000 pirates served since February and is the only third-party Wii game to make the list. Fifth place is, somewhat oddly, the home of New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis at 830,000 knicked since March.

Both House of the Dead and Punch-Out!! did modestly at retail, with the former marked down to the cost of a deluxe sandwich at several US retailers.

On the 360 side, torrenters went the most for MW2, Street Fighter 4 and Prototype.

Check out TorrentFreak for the full list.


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Swiket said:

For the record, the PC version of World of Goo is pirated way too much, and it has practically no anti-piracy measures. It's estimated that 9 out of 10 copies are pirated.



BlueFlameBat said:

And meanwhile, people like me are getting shaken down when all we want to use are region patches and translators.



astarisborn94 said:

I admit it, I do use ROMs, but only on old systems that aren't being supported anymore. I take this as an outraged.



IlikeVideoGames said:

They think they are cool for stealing games. I bet they will still think so when they are in jail and getting sued. If the video game company decides to take that measure. I know I would.



Ravage said:

Yeah, those games that only sold moderately could have really used those sales...



Swiket said:

We all know how much Activision needs that extra money. I mean, no one's buying MW2!



TwilightV said:

@shinkukage09: It's MY business when games that could really use the sales (not necessarily those listed here) don't get them, thus resulting in developers losing interest in making them. It's an even worse case when sequels don't get localised because people spent too little time actually PAYING for them. So yes, I can be as PO'd at game piracy as I damn well want to. >: (



FairgroundTown said:

Don't these numbers have to be taken with a BIG pinch of salt? I mean... how many people d/ld NSMB thinking that all they had to do was burn a DVD?



skywake said:

I "pirate" but only to the extent of "items" that are unavailable in Australia or for the purpose of working out if the full item is worth purchasing. I don't download games but living in Australia I download a LOT of the TV I watch. I download some music with the intent of working out if its worth a purchase (which I do about 80% of the time). I don't consider either of these things stealing.....

With that logic I am not opposed to people downloading non-censored versions of games our country censors, games our country bans and games like Excitebots that never appear in our stores.



Porky said:

Whoever is defending Piracy must have been involved in it.

@1Swiket: That must be why World Of Goo has been on the top 20 wii shop since its been released.
@13Twilight: I think the same. People who pirate ruins it for everyone, even those who LEGALLY PURCHASE the games and so less chance for localizing sequels like you said.



Vinsanity said:

Jeez laweez! That's crazy - I wonder if Wii game sales wouldn't be so dreary if it weren't for the piracy. I remember seeing the Conduit selling something like 300k on VGChartz - I wonder if it rightfully would've gotten twice that if not for pirates, y'know? I didn't even think this was that big a problem, though I'm not surprised. They're just DVD's.

Real lame though.



Zork2 said:

Geez, even the pirates have bad taste. How about Muramasa? That's an awesome game, although you should feel very guilty pirating it.



shinkukage09 said:

People think that pirating is the worst thing in the world, and that it's the reason that sequels don't come out. Wrong. It's usually SALES(and come on, I'm sorry if you think so, but pirating doesn't affect sales NEARLY as much as you think. After all, Modern Warfare 2 is a perfect example. It's sold a very good surplus of what it took to make, even with the amount of pirating.) Stop acting self-righteous, you're no better then them. And before it's asked...yes, I do pirate. But 90% of what I pirate, I buy as well. Oh wait...I buy used games. Does that make me bad as well? After all...developers aren't getting my money if I buy used games! _



skywake said:

It really isn't as black and white as people here are making it out to be. Yes, piracy is illegal and so by definition its wrong but that doesn't mean all piracy is "pure evil". In many instances actions taken to reduce piracy have done more damage than piracy itself! There also isn't any conclusive proof that piracy has any significant impact on sales.

Lets look at that one example I brought up: Excitebots. This game hasn't gotten an EU release so to legally play it I would have to order a US Wii and the game and pay for shipping and so on. Alternatively I could download it and play it on a "hacked Wii". Which option are people going to take? The latter is exactly what I do with TV.

@Zork2 What did you expect? pirates aren't another species. If New SMB Wii is getting downloaded 1mill times and selling about 7mill copies you really can't expect games with 300k sales to be downloaded much more than 40k times. How many of those 40k would have brought the game? How many end up buying it because the pirated copy gave them a good impression? How many people does the pirate influence into buying it?



Sean_Aaron said:

I personally know that piracy doesn't necessarily equal lost sales, but I think you're fooling yourself if you think it's justified. What you do in the privacy of your home is one thing, but the bottom line is it's illegal (and morally questionable). If you have a problem with people calling you on it then clearly it's not something you're entirely comfortable with either (note I'm not specifically replying to any one poster here).

Personal attacks will not be tolerated in these comments or the forum. Debate and airing of views is fine, but let's keep it civil.

Speaking as someone whose Atari 800 software collection was almost exclusively floppies copied from friends who had copied floppies themselves.



IlikeVideoGames said:

I do not think someone being anti piracy makes them self righteous. It just means they do not pursue in illegal activities. I always find it funny though when someone tries to justify piracy which is thievery and makes that person no better than a common criminal.



Hawker said:

Only roms I download are either games that never came out in America, or games that I'm unsure if I want to spend the money on. If it's something I'm unsure about, after I've played enough of it to get an idea if I want it or not, I delete it, whether I buy it or not.



skywake said:

I remember the day when I changed my mind about piracy. I was watching this great new TV series called "Torchwood" which was airing at 9:30PM on one of Australia's major networks. Then one night about half way through the first season a little thing called "Big Brother Finale" decided to chew into Torchwood's timeslot until it was ~11PM and they said "Torchwood won't be shown tonight".

The next day I downloaded the first two seasons, the next week Torchwood was on at 11:30PM, the next year it wasn't renewed, the year after another network picked it up starting from season 1 again...... Piracy is sometimes a very rational response to getting royally screwed. Its not pure evil.



paulcmnt said:

IlikeVideoGames wrote:

They think they are cool for stealing games. I bet they will still think so when they are in jail and getting sued. If the video game company decides to take that measure. I know I would.

Will never happen. You would have to find and sue every one of them, which would cost you A LOT more money than you could potentially earn. Not to mention that your actions could have the exact opposite effect and attract even more pirates.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Swiket. 2D Boy saw no point in piracy protection. Seeing as the only Wii game with any real sort of Anti-piracy protection (New Super Mario Bros Wii) is also the most pirated, I can see their point. That is protection gets broken; what matters is how long it takes.

@skywake. There are two options with Excitebots for sure. Importing a US Wii and the game is option 1 while option 2 is using homebrew to skip one of both points of option 1 (I imported Excitebots from Gamestop so skipped buying the US Wii). Of course skipping both is what one refers to as piracy. Sadly, Nintendo don't see the difference.

As for TV, it tends to have less value attached to it due to it having a more disposable nature. I guess some games are like that too.

The list has a few surprises. I excepted to see the likes of Little King's Story (frustrations in how long it took to reach most parts of the world?), Wii Fit Plus ("I've already got Wii Fit, I'm entitled to the proper version" attitude), Madworld and the Conduit.



Crushy said:

Am I the only guy who actually buys a game based on the possibility of pirating it?

Back when I had a Cracked Wii (Patch 4 fixed it and I'm not sure I'll be going back until I buy all the games I'm waiting for) I tried out several games like the Japanese version of Sky Aces. If I hadn't played it I wouldn't be waiting for it to come out in the Western World, and I would never have seen the anime it was based on.



madgear said:

Yeah I only "pirate" games I can no longer buy - usually some obscure games from old systems via emulation. I know it's still not entirely legal but there's no other way to play them and I'd buy them if they were released on the Wii or something.



JakobG said:

I don't wanna ruin my Wii with Homebrew.
Is Super Mario Tennis worth no money or what?



IlikeVideoGames said:

@Diego I know it is a slightly different thing but look what the music industry has done in the States. They target individuals that are mass downloading. They actually pay people to track illegal downloads in the States via peer to peer networks( not sure if they stopped, but there were thousands that sued and out of court settlements). What I said was if they take that measure. Meaning I hope they do.

Of course nothing against you or anything. Just my view on it as a person that runs a business.



TanookiMike said:

I think the main reason we all get so frustrated at those who pirate is because while the rest of us paid to play, those who bootleg get things easier.



ueI said:

I guess PS3 games are never pirated, since the weren't mentioned by Torrentfreak.



Objection said:

Wow, HOTD really could have used those numbers. Maybe it would have thus sold decently if so many people didn't have stolen copies. I really don't think there's any excuse for pirating games, with the possible gray area of emulation for games not being sold in retail anymore being the only exception.



DarkEdi said:

In Mexico the piracy is strong but i´d see it lowered by years passed. The bad thing is the big stores doesn´t give competitive prices and today HOTD:Overtkill continues in absurd 1000 pesos (like 77 dls). I don´t chipped my consoles but this year i begin to buy used games and to interchange more often, but when a game has a decent price i buy it. The bad thing is here we don´t have Nintendo representation like previous times and the tax are high to stores.



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

Steal from me, and I'll cut you!
I actually like holding the game case in my hand, seeing it on my shelf and so on. That's why I don't like digital downloads too much. Although I do have a ton of VC, WW & PSN titles on my systems.
Not really one to snatch illegal games up tho.

There's a hilarious video up on YouTube., Avatar: The Making Of The Bootleg.
Kinda relevant...



vdallos said:

In Colombia is the same thing than Mexico. The piracy is strong but mainly because the taxes makes dificult buy a game legally. A game you can buy in USA in $50 we take it in $80-$90...Thats stealing people. I have 4 retail games because of that...fortunatly the wii point can be bought in fare change.



vdallos said:

Only i thing more. When the value of movies on DVD decreced the piracy also decrese and a lot. Now the legal movies on DVD are a real market in here (from$8-$20 is OK and people is buying legal).



FantasiaWHT said:

The prices we have to pay as legal consumers is higher directly because of piracy. Three reasons: (a) Piracy costs games sales. No, it's not a 1:1 ratio, but you're delusional if you think every single pirater would never have bought any of the games they pirated. (b) We pay for the anti-piracy R&D. (c) Anti-piracy measures also can hurt our gameplay experiences - case in point, I bought Civ IV and it wouldn't install on ANY of my three computers because of copy protection (I even uninstalled DVD burning software, no help).



IlikeVideoGames said:

It is laughable that people are defending piracy. Also your right it is nobodies business but some of these people openly admit to it in an open forum. If people do not want the supposed self righteous to comment then they should not openly admit they are pirates. Bottom line thievery is thievery no matter what way you look at it.



Nintendork said:

This is pathetic. Stealing games that can still make money is just wrong. The ONLY way piracy can be somewhat justified is with games that are pretty much dead, but still has a copyright (the abandonware concept).



Sean_Aaron said:

@Nintendork: Agreed, though the law is against you on that, sadly. It's worth repeating what someone said earlier: every download != a lost sale, but some might be -- nobody's done a proper study to find out! Also worth noting that as the price of DVDs has gone down the downloaders have become people who do it more out of convenience than price.

I definitely think the issue is overblown in the case of CDs/DVDs and the music/film industries aren't helping themselves. I think if the games industry cuts down on the number of titles that cost too much to produce and focuses more on less-expensive games the "piracy" problem could be greatly reduced.

Of course we've also got a culture of instant gratification where everyone feels entitled to have whatever they want right now. The real solution would be fostering a less consumerist mindset generally, but the big economies of the world wouldn't be doing quite so hot if people stopped buying things they don't need so the alternative for people unable or unwilling to pay is downloads.

Can't say I see a solution here!



Ren said:

I haven't actually pirated any Wii games before, I'm not set up for it and nervous about the brick risk, but I might if I understood more about it, and I do pirate some on another console.
It does amount to stealing on some level, which is not so great to be doing even if I myself have done it before, I'm not going to try to defend it. I won't fault those who do it, but I won't try to defend the practice it's wrong; But it's just going to happen no matter what the protections.

It ultimately comes down to a meeting of economics and accessible technology. I just can't afford to buy games anymore at the prices they go for at retail, the same is probably true for at least half of those pirate DL's, but the tech these days is simple to figure out.
People on low incomes just don't like being left in the cold by the bloated prices of video games. It's a luxury. If retail games were only 20-30 dollars new, I dare say I wouldn't barely hesitate to buy every one of the big releases and neither would wealthier gamers hesitate on the tons of 3rd party gambles, but 50 dollars is just too much. How can anyone be expected to buy all the games they like for one system at full price if each one is $50? Unless you don't eat or pay rent it's downright absurd! I don't see why no one ever mentions this.
We're not talking about single handmade art pieces that demand top dollar, these are commercially manufactured software discs designed specifically to be sold in huge numbers for a big profit. How can that justify 50$ or more per disc? I know Dev is expensive now but it doesn't have to be if it's smart and the talent is there, and clearly it isn't always expensive with the 3rd party junk that's trying to cash in, some of which isn't that bad. Piracy is NOT driving up prices, high prices are driving up piracy.
Remember why the Wii is dominating sales even now with it's console? Because it's always been, by far, the cheapest console, thats it. Skyrocketing sales would eclipse any profit loss if game prices were to just go down a little.
I know stealing is wrong and I wouldn't do it because I'm evil or for a love of theft, but if someone tells me I can get full retail games with ease to burn on my own discs for free with almost no risk of legal action or go buy each one for $50 (or 90$ for game plus cheap peripheral of the month), which do you think I'm going to do?
I don't get how any of you buys this stuff on a normal income unless I just happen to be the only person here just scraping by. I'll maybe start Gamefly again when I'm flush but for now buying retail is just not possible. (BTW I don't live at home and get an allowance, I'm over 30, so maybe the young un's have more disposable income)
New film formats go down once they're accepted as sellers and have a large install base. The Nintendo base is there, almost as much as PS2 so why don't new software retail prices go down? Unfair, so we turn to piracy. Simple economics for todays' real budget consumers.



IlikeVideoGames said:

People complain about the $50 price tag. But people were paying $40 to $60 for a retail game back in the NES and SNES days to. Granted back then where I lived there was only K-Mart and Wal-Mart and not many pricedrops. Times have really changed. Used to if you could not afford something you did without or saved until you could afford it.



darklinkinfinite said:

I personally think the sense of entitlement of most pirates is definitely the problem.

To think things logically and legally, if something is not released in your region, that in no way gives you the right to go download it. Just because something costs more than you think it should doesn't give you the right to pirate it. Just because a demo wasn't for a game doesn't give you the right to pirate it. Just because a game is old and hard to find doesn't give you the right to pirate it. Just because something has piracy protection that keeps it from playing on your system doesn't give you the right to pirate it.

Yes these sorts of things are frustrating but people need to realize that just because they want something doesn't mean they're given a free pass to pirate a copy. Instead it would be more intelligent to pursue your objections via legal means instead of making yourself an enemy that the publishers feel they have to fight against instead of a consumer that they have to please. No fighting a legal fight won't get you what you want right away but it will get you there legally and if you don't get there, well then suck it up, life isn't fair. When you pirate a copy publishers just see you as a thief that they have to stop.

Yes, it can be argued that not every pirated copy equates in a lost sale but that doesn't change the fact that people obtained copies without paying for them. What people don't seem to understand is that is, in fact theft. I see people all the time with banners in their sigs saying piracy isn't stealing because it leaves the original copy intact whereas piracy simply creates a duplicate. That's just blueberries and they are fooling themselves. Sure that leaves the original copy but the fact is a second copy exists, one that the creators of the original are not getting paid for. So you may leave the original copy of the game, but you are taking money away from the people that would have gained from that second copy.

And then of course there's pirates that justify their actions by saying the creators already have enough money. That's another stupid excuse because how much money the creators have isn't the point. The point is you're still stealing their material and its just as wrong if you did it to an indie developer of 10 guys than it is a multi-billion dollar publisher. People just try to fool themselves into thinking its completely different.



Ren said:

I have never said it's right or ok for everyone, I just think it's what people will do now that it's possible if they don't care to support that type of market legally.
Just because something is Law, doesn't make it right. No one has to necessarily agree with or follow the law. We are free willed humans. Maybe that makes some of us thieves, but maybe some of us just don't like being screwed by giant, profit hungry companies.
I'm not saying I would do it for the politics, but money is money, and many of us with very little are not often considered or well protected by the "Law", hence we don't follow it.
I'm glad people here are all so comfortable and principled but I'm not afraid to admit that the letter of the "Law" isn't always what drives my actions or my life. Call me what you will, but I won't lose any sleep over it, and I don't think you should either if you don't agree with something that is imposed on you by a large, gluttonous system.



DarkEdi said:

i always find manners to buy at better prices. I have nearly 45 games in wii (all original, without count PS2, DS, GC, GBA in similar quantities) searching in many stores, buying a little used or searching discounts and things like that. But casual people doesn´t mind buy for cristmas 3 or 4 expensive games for their children and stores say "at 80 dls it sells, then lets keeping high prices" (the main idea). And not matter if one or another "hardcore" buy only in season discounts because 10 more people already bought at high prices before.



darklinkinfinite said:

I debated a moment whether or not I should respond to your comment because quite honestly, it made me laugh when I read it.

Just because a law is not "right" doesn't mean its okay for you to break it. No we may not be mechanically bound by laws but laws, written or not, are what make us civilized. When we can pick and choose which laws we will or will not follow we are only paving the way for chaos.

Yes video games are expensive. as DarkEdi said, you can buy them legally used or when they're on sale and get them on the cheap. If you still can't afford them, then maybe you shouldn't get them at all. Like I said, just because you want something doesn't give you the right to have it.

Not buying something sends a more positive message than stealing it. When you don't buy something you're denying them profits, not stealing them. When you pirate something, you make yourself an enemy that they have to combat and you give them fuel for enacting whatever rules or policies they deem fit. By pirating, you're doing your own cause more harm than good. Why should they bother releasing something if people are just going to pirate it? Why ship something with zero copy protection and make it easier on the pirates? Why let you install a game on multiple computers if people are just going to abuse it?

If you don't buy it then you're a consumer that they have failed to capture. If they notice that their product sells more the minute they drop the price maybe they'll start releasing games at a cheaper price. That's why certain games drop in price so quickly, because people are not willing to spend $50 on a certain game and the retailers feel it and they drop the price.



Ren said:

@ darklinkinfinite,
In all honesty I pretty much feel the way you do about it but I'm basically playing devils advocate because I don't actually pirate console games myself, I love my Nintendo and I'm too chicken to risk bricking it. I"m just trying to present why I think there are so many people that do it (besides that it's just easier to do these days).
Probably I'm also a little jealous of those that pirate because it's really tempting and I'd love to have access to more of the great games that are always coming out, but as you suggested I usually just don't buy at all until I do tons of research and then buy used or get one game every couple months.
I'm just trying to present lesser voiced attitudes that I think people have which is: "look at all this great material and theres a flood of it but I have to be so wealthy to get more than just WiiSports. That sucks and feels unfair."
I'm also not saying it's gotten worse, it HAS been bloated since NES days and in bad economic times with hi tech copy methods being so easy now, I don't find it surprising in the least that the piracy is so rampant.
I'm still not advocating for it either, which seems to have been missed time and again, I'm just saying people get frustrated with something and they grab an alternative if it's accessible. No, it doesn't always make it ok, and it's not always constructive, but I don't think it's leading to chaos or collapse of society, so I'm not outraged by it.
Some people break rules to have what they want, some prefer to follow the rules and purchase things at whatever the going price is. I don't fault either group, because I think it's a fine line and the leaders of the industry set exorbitant standards to begin with.



darklinkinfinite said:


Well, I'm glad this didn't devolve into the typical forum flame war and I thank you for that, I know I might've pushed it a little.

It might be helpful if next time you made it a little clearer that you were simply presenting an alternate point of view because your post just felt a little too first-person and it made it difficult to separate you from the opinion you were expressing.

And I know pirating isn't going to lead to the downfall of society I was merely pointing out that when we begin to choose what laws we wish to follow or not, even when it begins with something minor, we're on a slippery slope where it begins to get easier and easier to justify ignoring others laws.



Sean_Aaron said:

@darklinkinfinite: In fairness to Ren he did state up-front that he doesn't pirate Wii games before he made his point. I'm glad to see people continuing the exchange of ideas without resorting to name-calling.

With regard to the money issue Ren raised, I think we're doing way better than in the past. I can find games like Need for Speed Nitro for £17 -- a few weeks ago this was at least £25-30 and there's gems you can have for so cheap it's practically criminal. The only thing you need if you lack funds is patience.

I buy maybe 1 or 2 disc releases per month and I never pay full retail. I pre-order online and pay no more than £30; more often it's £24.99 and this is for Nintendo titles like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, not budget releases which go for even less and these are my "must-have" titles. Stuff I'm not as sure about I can wait for a month or two and pick up on sale. Of course I'm a bit older now, so I can (and have) wait for a year plus to get a game if it's going to be localised. I also choose to spend the bulk of my "disposable" income on games so I could make the decision to buy second-hand consoles for importing.

When I was younger I didn't have the cash to buy games (I purchased two games for my Atari 800XL out of upwards of 20), and it was only thanks to the ease of duplicating floppy disks and the willingness of people to trade games around that allowed me to have what I did, but if it wasn't readily available I just did without.

I suppose if the web and bit torrent had existed back then I would have been downloading as well, but that wouldn't have changed the fact that I couldn't have bought those games. Maybe parents should teach their kids more restraint and patience, I know I'm trying to raise my daughter to realise that going out to the shops doesn't necessarily mean buying anything -- sometimes it's just to go out!



ueI said:

Games aren't really that expensive in the U.S. People who think they are should take a trip to another country, and experience higher prices.



vherub said:

those are monster numbers, for the wii, probably .01% of those downloads are legal owners who wanted to play the game at a higher resolution on their pc running dolphin



skywake said:

Like I said on a previous point the world isn't black and white. I personally don't pirate Wii games because, excluding things like Excitebots which I can live without, the current model works fine for me. I do however see why people do it and I don't think it has a huge negative impact.

To bring up a point someone mentioned before. Why are rentals and second hand ok but not piracy? All three models allow multiple people to experience the same copy and none of that money goes back to the company who owns it. If that's true then why don't we apply the same mindset to cars? When you buy a second hand car from a car yard about $500 probably goes to the previous owner, $10,000 goes to the car yard and $0 goes to the manufacturer. Is that model ok? Well, apparently it is. I wonder what the law would be if it was possible to materialise a Car with minimal cost? Piracy laws only exist because of scale and value... there isn't any logic.

On the topic of calling it illegal and thus wrong. If you run Linux and want to play a Blu-Ray movie you can't because you don't own the licence to play back Blu-Ray disks. If you own a bunch of DVDs and want to rip them to your laptop so you can take them with you on holidays you legally can't. Only 6months or so ago the MPAA successfully sued a company that sold an application for ripping DVDs..... this industry, games included, doesn't make much sense.



darklinkinfinite said:

The difference between renting/used games and piracy is that there is a legal transfer of ownership of the product instead of rampant duplicates.

Also, I do believe the law allows you to make a personal back-up of your music/movies/etc. But it has to be you that makes it and you can make one.

That MPAA lawsuit I believe you're referring to is the RealNetworks/MPAA lawsuit. The lawsuit did involve a dvd copying program but RealNetworks was not singled out simply because the program copies dvd but because of the way RealDVD circumvents copy protection measures. This was a specific issue with RealDVD not a dvd copying issue in general. If it were, there are many other programs the MPAA could easily have gone after that have been on the market for ages but they have no legal grounds on which to do so.



Ren said:

Wow, I'd love to get some Nintendo titles that cheap at retail, Sean, I haven't seen them go down that fast, maybe I'm looking at the wrong places. I'm still holding out for a cheaper Excite bots, Resort and Boy and his Blob. Only WiiMusic seems to have plumeted in price, and it didn't do much for me besides the drum set part. My eyes are peeled.

Yeah, the different laws for different media are crazy and complex, it's really too much to speculate about here. I could care less about owning lots of DVD media myself, it just takes up space and when I really want to see a favorite I'd rather just rent it again (Netflix or local shop). The only movies I own are a few bad res Hitchcock copies made from some old VHS tapes. I feel no guilt so sue me.



darklinkinfinite said:

If you have a Fry's Electronics nearby, that's probably one of the best place to shop for Wii games. I got Klonoa there for $13 not too long ago as well as ExciteBots for $15, a WiiSpeak accessory for $10(I know its pretty much useless but its only $10), and they hadHarvey Birdman for $5, NiGHTS and Sonic and the secret rings for $12, Trauma Center: New Blood for $10, and The Conduit for $15. Their DS games can also be pretty flexible as I was able to pick up Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for $5.

Their prices on PS3 and 360 games are a little more stable but you can still find good deals (I was able to nab Lair for $30 while every retailer was still selling it for $60) and they often have surpluses of premium edition stuff that they discount after a while like Halo 3 Legendary editions for $50 about a year ago.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Ren: I don't pay that at retail, I order online. Retail I will occasionally find a good deal, but that depends on the publisher. GAME did a big blow out for New Super Mario Bros. Wii which normally would have been £34.99, but they offered it for the same price in-store and online, probably to make sure they sold as many as they could. A week after release House of the Dead Overkill had a big sale price and then went back up again. HMV was selling a bunch of games for only £8 each including No More Heroes and Ghost Squad one weekend.

But those are the exception so unless I've got trade-in credit I usually just go into a shop to have a look; if I actually want to buy a game I go online.



DarkEdi said:

If a person like play and collect games the best thing is to take time and search options, that´s why we are supposed to know about gaming, in other hand "casual" only go and shop wherever they find the game because they lack the knowledge we have. Another example similar: i don´t know anything about cell phones so when i buy one only search the one i see cheap, pretty and with cam, it´s a example. Same happens in all areas where we don´t know anything because when we know something we get comparation points and informes each other that likes the same hobby (like we registering and posting in a hobby related).
And Sean point its important: patience. All technology time passed gets cheaper, and first party games (and famous names) doesn´t disappear from stores easily (big demand), and no famous games get cheaper in many months.



SquirrelNuts said:

First of all, being a pirate is really cool. Second, that's technology baby! I will say though, for myself, I would never steal anything I can walk into a store and buy. But for games that are no longer made, or the prices are crazy high on the secondary market, I will download ROM's in a heartbeat.



WAM2 said:

There's no excuse for pirating new releases. There are several rental services if you're just wanting to try them out (Gamefly, anyone?). Also, if you pirate games there's a chance that a nasty little virus is in it and then it eats your computer. This is perfectly illustrated in an episode of TEEN TITANS.



StarDust4Ever said:

You know what's really ludicrous? The fact that in times past I have actually had to download cracks for software that I legitimately purchased, because the copy-protection made it cumbersome or impossible to use on my computer system. I remember one software package that I had to reactivate it after every time I logged off and logged back in to my computer. Never had another problem with the software after I patched it.

But that was the last time I ever purchased software from said company. When the next latest and greatest version was released, I refused to spend anymore money on it. 2D Boy's World of Goo, on the other hand, I have installed on Windows, Mac OSX, and Wii. I bought it twice, once for PC and once for Wiiware

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