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Thu 25th Jun 2009

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Crushy commented on And The Most Pirated Wii Games Of 2009 Are...:

Am I the only guy who actually buys a game based on the possibility of pirating it?

Back when I had a Cracked Wii (Patch 4 fixed it and I'm not sure I'll be going back until I buy all the games I'm waiting for) I tried out several games like the Japanese version of Sky Aces. If I hadn't played it I wouldn't be waiting for it to come out in the Western World, and I would never have seen the anime it was based on.



Crushy commented on System Update 4.2 Bricking Wiis Left, Right an...:


I'm in the same boat as you I used Homebrew to try out a few freeware games and back up my collection. I'll admit to trying out 2 Japanese games I was interested in but was afraid I'd never see here in Europe. (Curiously one of them was that new vs Capcom game ).

I just wish we could still have homebrew though. Backing up my games is VERY important to me, call me what you wish. The only reason I don't mind this update is because I know a new hack will come soon, and Cave story will probaly come even sooner