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Tue 14th Jul 2009

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Teodoro commented on DSi XL Footage For Your Viewing Pleasure:

I see no purpose for a bigger DSi. The small one works just fine for me. Also like stated in another post, A bigger screen might mean chunky graphics. You already see pixels in games like call of duty 4 and 5 in the explosions.



Teodoro commented on MySims Camera:

@keeperBvK Your sister will totally not live this. all you can do is add sims to pictures. I regret buying this! If nintendo gave REFUNDS (yeah right) I would send it back in a heart beat. You're probably going to start on about refunds but really, DON'T BUY THIS!!



Teodoro commented on First Video of myNotebook:

This is the most fought over topic i've seen.

#1 if you think it stinks dont buy it

#2 if you made the app and priced it at 500pts. people would not be happy. After all, Noooo does have to eat as he stated.

#3 another way to resolve your issues is to make your own app or notebook and send it to Nintendo.

Im sure noooo(however many o's) would improve his app if he could but he has limitations like system memory, price, and more. If you dont like it just buy a notebook. No ones forcing you to buy it?? And who would bring a DSi to NYC?



Teodoro commented on Pop Creator Bringing New Apps to DSiWare:

@Nnooo I agree with everyone and everything here (eccept for the twitter and sd card thing) and I would totally buy this. 200pts is a really reasonable price. I heard of Nnooo some where and didn't care but I found this, and 1)seeing it's for DSi 2) its an extremely useful App and I read it which gave me: 3) It is a good company. I will buy at least two notebooks when it comes out. This seems equally as good as an app as Flipnotes studio.You have my support. And it is awsome you acutuall talk to your fans. This is the first time I have seen a developer write to the public. And again, I will totally buy this(I wrote this from my DSi!).