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Nintendo Download: Contra Rebirth, Dictionary 6 in 1 (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A very underwhelming week for Europe.

Aside from the previously announced Contra Rebirth things in Europe this week are pretty abysmal - Just one other new downloadable thing and it's another DSiWare application with highly limited use!

Contra Rebirth is almost bound to be a great pick - It seems very similar to Contra III/Super Probotector on the SNES in terms of graphical style, which means you're bound to get a nostalgic kick out of it. Once again you've got to blast through numerous stages with a variety of weapons, without getting hit - Every single enemy attack will take you out in one hit. As usual, there's also a two-player mode and even crazier difficulty levels to select. And yes, the franchise has been known as Contra in Europe for a while now, so you'll play as humans - Not the Probotectors! We'll review the game this weekend. In the meantime, it costs 1000 Wii Points, and you can read Sean's first impressions again if you're not so sure yet.

Although it has its uses, we can't imagine anyone has been highly anticipating Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function. As the name implies, you can enter words from one of six languages and translate them to any of the others - The contained languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. You can also use the DSi's camera to take an actual picture of a word, although of course this just makes us wonder if it will suffer from the same horrible recognition as WarioWare Snapped! For 800 DSi Points it's also fairly expensive for a simple application. Nevertheless, we'll review it soon.

And sadly, that's all there is this week! Let's hope for a lot more next time!

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User Comments (50)



Bass_X0 said:

Ordered MySims Kingdom earlier today, may pick up Dissidia tomorrow or order it online. Importing Scribblenauts on the 15th. May get Contra some time this weekend.

The lack of VC game this week too is quite crappy, at the very least I like to see the lists of games growing even if the game was not for me.



Corbs said:

We knew it was coming after some of the solid weeks in past. Hey, at least you got Contra Rebirth.



Jolted85 said:

contra rebirth got rated on the esrb site awhile back so expect this soon in the states



warioswoods said:

Oooh, I've actually been looking forward to the 6 in 1 translator, I hope it comes stateside soon.

One of our resident Otakus (we have those, right?) needs to test out the camera function with various Japanese text and let us know the results. Pronto!



Bass_X0 said:

Okay, I got it and played the first level. Its quite fun although I died way too easily on the boss. Love the return of the old music and sound effects.

Hey is that Roll from Megaman during the cut-scene at the beginning of stage two? With the blonde hair and red dress it looks just like her.



Pj1 said:

What? No VC titles, We've been had!! back to this again....
Super Mario Kart before Christmas Please Nintendo.



Sneaker13 said:

Still no LiT . Oh well, Contra is probably great, but I haven't played any of the other games in the serie. Will await reviews.



vakama94 said:

wow, a somewhat disapointing week for europe, oh well, that translator app sounds interesting, especially if you have to translate something, contra rebirth also looks interesting, hope we´ll get it in north america soon



Adam said:

I would take one awesome game over the mounds of crap NA has thrown at it each week. Long live Contra!



Cheezy said:

Anyone else feel we'll be getting Contra this Monady for the "holiday gift?"



Supermarioman said:

Wahoo, Contra Rebirth on Monday! Sorry Europe, I guess Europe thought that Pilotwings and all the good games were too much good VC games, we al have to be punished....



Twilight_Crow said:

Well, Contra is great, but the lack of VC is kinda sad.
If I had a DSi, I'd download that dictionary, you never know when you need to translate something from french, believe me, it has happened to me.



Egg_miester said:

contra rebirth makes the week great for you guys i been highly waiting since i first heard about it



KnucklesSonic8 said:

6 in 1 Dictionary has arrived!!! Congrats on getting these new apps first, guys! (E.g, City Maps and now this)



skywake said:

Surely they could have spread it out more evenly. In the two weeks before this we got Araknoid Plus, Bit Trip Core, Pilotwings, Mr Driller W and Texas Hold'em Poker on the Wii. This week we get nothing because for some reason Contra Rebirth wasn't suitable for an Australian Launch.

Surely they would have noticed that because of this Australia gets no Wii update this week. Maybe they could have pushed Pilotwings back a bit to fill in the gap. Wouldn't that have made more sense? Admittedly this has been a ridiculously good week for the Wii Shop despite that (Lost Winds Sequel and Bit Trip Void announced with trailers, Internet Channel update and becomes free) but would it have been that hard to have something for AU to download at all this week?

And while I am at it.... advertise the updates to the Wii Shop channel a bit more. Put a banner across the channel like with the Nintendo Channel saying "A Monkey Island Game just came out" and I can pretty much guarantee the sales will go through the roof.



GamerZack87 said:

I can't believe this! PAL territories outside Europe must be the most neglected when it comes to Nintendo! I mean, Europe gets a good amount of games in the Wii and DSi Shops that never even see the light of day in Australia or New Zealand; not the least of which is every single Virtual C64 title in the Wii Shop! I hear people complaining about the (lack of) depth in Bit Boy! WHY CAN'T I FIND OUT FOR MYSELF? Every update for at least the last month or so has seen at least one title not being released in the Oceanic shops! We didn't get a single release in the Wii Shop today! Unbelievable!

Europe complains that it gets less games than NTSC territories...well I can say now that you guys have it easy! The only thing stopping me from switching to the Europe Wii Shop is the 70+ titles in my collection! Please, have pity Nintendo

BTW: I hope we see SMK next week! Anybody else looking forward to it?



Big_A2 said:

I can't wait for Super Mario Kart.

Anyway, I don't care too much for download this month as retail is eating my wallet this month with The Beatles and Scribblenauts.

Contra would've been nice though....



Vertigo said:

Just for you Aussies, I lived in Australia for 2 years 03-05, often a game that was available in English (in America) would come out in Australia far before Europe on XBox, because it didn't need to be translated into over 9000 different languages, which was a really good thing. I don't know why the UK is still seen as too small a market to make a region of UK, Australia and NZ and keep mainland Europe seperate. However, I noticed that Australian salaries were generally 2/3-3/4 of UK salaries for the same job due to lower cost of living at the time, yet games cost the equivalent of the higher UK price point and always stuck at a set conversion rate i.e. 2.5xUK. $100 (£40) for a new console game, $80 (£32) for a new GBA/DS game. Really ridiculous, so I feel your pain and it was no surprise to me that the de facto standard in Australia among people I knew tended to be to pirate games. This is also another reason why I got a US console, more often than not (except in Nintendo's online case it seems!), you get what you want in English first and if the exchange rate is favourable it's often cheaper.



SanderEvers said:

Only two titles, and one is shovelware. Well, we had worse weeks

Contra is cool though, a bit difficult (that's how we like it), can be played with NGC controller (yeah), and lacks real widescreen support.



Drake said:

@ Chibi Link: You could always simply change your Wii's country to a European one and have them all available.



calculon said:

Not for the last time I'm truly disappointed with this update: No VC and one over-priced retro game. Where the hell's all the "good" games that supposedly resulting in the restricted VC releases?

Thankfully I'm playing through Wonder Boy in Monster World. I'll tackle Alien Wars later for my Contra fix and save 200 points in the process.



Wiiloveit said:

Questions (also posted on the forums):
How hard is Contra on the easy mode? Will it still be stress-inducingly difficult?
Does it make use of the Contra/Konami code?
Does the dictionary have actual definitions or is it a translator?
Does the dictionary have some kind of thesaurus feature to show synonyms (ie, words with similar meanings)?
Is the dictionary just a languages dictionary, or is there any bonus functionality to teach you some grammar skills etc for other languages?

If there's yesses to these questions, I'll get 'em.



Gizmo said:

Because of Japanese '6 in 1 Dictionary with Camera Function' sounds very interesting.



Bass_X0 said:

I quite enjoyed it. Maybe because I was playing on easy but the best weapons (spread and homing) are commonplace. I love the return of the old music and sound effects, also stage 2 is based on the first stage of Contra 3. Although maybe its not quite as epic - there's no "now that was cool" scenes like there are in Contra 3. Also, the stages seem quite short. I only turned it off during the third stage because it was getting late. I was surprised at how easy it was on easy. I was expecting it to be much harder like the earlier games. Keep special weapons after getting hit, infinite continues, and starting just before the boss stage after you do continue, no wonder I was able to breeze through it so easily. I was just playing to see what was like so although I kept dying, I just kept continuing.



VOOK said:

@Chibi Link - Yeah I do but good luck to me if they ever respond but I can pretty much answer your questions anyway with out them.

ColorZ didn't get a release because the developers didn't opt to release it here, not idea why it got classified thought. They have to follow the NOE system because that's the way it's setup, things can be click on and off for Australia but basically we just get stuff the same time as Europe because we're still considered PAL by NCL (and yeah I know it doesn't matter for DLC, who knows). I suppose they could release stuff whenever they wanted but obviously don't want to.

Best bet is to change your store to the UK when you have spent all your points as you'll lose em.




Poor update. One wiiware game and we have so much catching up to do.

Anyway, enjoy contra whoever downlaods it. #sigh#.



liquidsoul said:

@Chibi Link: I think the games should remain attached to your account. I changed my Country once to UK, so I could download the english version of Actraiser and then changed back to Germany and everything remained downloadable.

But why is Monkey Island not made available? What the...!!! I think this was it for the monthly release schedule of that series, at least in Europe...



Starwolf_UK said:

With country swapping to and from Australia results in the Wii Points balance being wiped to zero (and the Wii Points won't come back ) for some reason.

As for buying points. In theory if the credit card works for the Australian Wii Shop it should also work for the UK Wii Shop. All I can say is I never had any problems using my debit card on the Japanese Wii Shop.



Mayhem said:

Any truth in what I heard about this coming out in the US on Monday?



KDR_11k said:

How hard is Contra on the easy mode? Will it still be stress-inducingly difficult?

I'm playing it on medium, it's decently hard, not as much as Contra 4 though and overall feels more fair, it's easier to get used to the game and master a part to progress but of course it won't just roll over and hand you victory on a silver platter (though you can set the starting lives up to 7 so maybe the option is there). Continues set you back to the last checkpoint so it's not a Metal Slug-style infinite credit cakewalk either. I think the game shouldn't be easier otherwise it'd lose the whole point of mastering areas to survive them and just become a colorful firework.

Does it make use of the Contra/Konami code?

Haven't found a use for it yet but who knows, may just need to be entered in another place.



Starwolf_UK said:

When you use your card on the Japanese Wii Shop, do you pay in Japanese Yen? Does your bank simply convert it from Pounds to Yen for you for a small fee or something?
It did charge in Japanese Yen (and Japanese tax rates). As for currency conversion, my bank used to do it for free but has since charged a 3% fee for it. You need to read up about it.



Bass_X0 said:

Two weeks without VC games and bitching is kept at a bare minimum compared to the time it happened in the U.S.



Betagam7 said:

@ Chibi and other Australians upset at not having contra.

Just change your region to the UK, your games won't dissapear, however any wiipoints you have when you change WILL, Permanently.

If you don't have any points sitting there doing nothing on your account though then there is no problem.
Change your region to the UK, purchase 1000 points, buy Contra then change back. The pricing of Contra is actually perfect for region swapping as provided you don't have spare points lying arond you lose nothing and gain a game!



retro_player_22 said:

First we US gamer got two weeks of no VC then the Supe Star Wars Trilogy were announced, and in between comes The Revenge of Shinobi and Phantasy Star. Japan's VC hadn't come to a halt yet and they already got Super Mario Kart, Earthworm Jim 2 and a few other classics (including some of those VC Arcade games from Sega and Namco). NOA and NOE really need to act up and started giving 2 VC per week again, we need all those VC games from Japan here too.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Whooa! Contra Rebirth! I haven´t bought anything for Wii for months, but boy will that change now! It´s got to be awesome! Pity about the Probotectors, but I never expected to see them anyway.



bestbuck said:

Reading the comments I think some people just don't realise just what a Legendary franchise Contra is.



Metang said:

Contra is great, but WOW. That's a real kick in the crotch... sorry Europeans.

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