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Buy Metroid Prime Trilogy, Get the Original Metroid Free

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo of Europe offers a free VC game to those quick to the punch.

Two years ago, the original Metroid was made available on the Virtual Console in order to generate some hype for the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption a few months later.

It seems only fitting that there is now yet another promotion featuring the original NES game, as Metroid Prime Trilogy will be released in Europe early next month. This awesome package will contain all three previous console Metroid Prime games - Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - in addition to some new features, like Wii controls and a bonus artwork gallery. It costs just as much as a regular Wii game, so if you never played any of the Metroid Prime games before this will be a ridiculously good deal.

If you're new to the series though, then the upcoming promotion will be off-limits to you - Nintendo of Europe has announced that the first 5000 people who register Metroid Prime Trilogy on the European Nintendo site will get the original Metroid on Virtual Console absolutely free. The catch is that you must have registered at least one of the original Metroid Prime releases as well!

Of course, if you have already bought the original Metroid on VC, you won't be counted as one of the first 5000 to register Metroid Prime Trilogy no matter how speedy you are - even though Nintendo would have to give away fewer free games if you were!


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AUnkownFuture said:

Hmm Sounds interesting although im not a fan a metroid but i did play corruption which was great NoE are making a good deal with metroid



Will said:

Thats a lot of conditions to meet for a free Metroid game! The first 5000 only is a bit mean for Nintendo dont you think? Considering how much this Trilogy should sell.



Pj1 said:

I didn't buy the game on the Wii before I got it for the SNES though VC, Its a shame that you got to buy the original version in order to qualify. All though it's a nice idea from Nintendo but I won't sadly qualify for it.



Terra said:

If it was Super Metroid, I'd be interested, seeing that I already downloaded the original Metroid



thebigM said:

let´s wait and see, who comes first (5000). pre-ordered it some time ago because of the fair price for this 3 in 1 game. The VC version is a nice bonus, but who´s trying the old version, if he has 3 new chapters with improved graphics and controls



Token_Girl said:

Neato. Still glad I never bought any of the primes before. $5 is cheaper than they would have been. This is a nice little incentive for those who already have bought one though.



Paulymate said:

Wasn't the original NES game an unlockable in the first Metroid Prime anyway? Pretty sure it's unlocked in mine...
<Checks GameFAQs> Ah yes. you had to beat Metroid Fusion on the GBA and then connect them up. Pretty sure that is the only time I ever used that cable.
Ah well, I assume that unlockable has to have gone in the Wiimake.



Drake said:

You can also unlock the original Metroid in Zero Mission by simply beating the game.



Egg_miester said:

once again nintendo of america
but the shirt and poster that comes with the game in america isn't to bad



Jeroen1 said:

So let's see, you first have to buy the Trilogy package. Then beat 5000 people to the punch to register your code. Nintendo will reward you with a free game, provided you registered one of the original games of the trilogy such as Metroid Prime. A game in which the original Metroid was a freebie. How generous of Nintendo!



Sean_Aaron said:

I bought (and sold) Metroid Prime 3 so I'd be able to take advantage of this. I thought MP3 was okay, though it did get tedious having to backtrack and some of the boss fights got annoying, so I'm really on the fence. It is a good deal, but if the games retread each other's ground, then I don't see the draw...



Paulymate said:

Actually, now I think about it, one end of the GBA connection cable is just a Gamecube controller port connector. So I assume it would still plug into the Wii, in which case the only reason the unlock shouldn't work is if they've removed the unlockable from the Wii update of Prime.
On the flipside, if you get the VC version you can play it without loading Prime first...
Here's a better deal, Nintendo: why not give the incentive that EVERY user who has bought one of the games in the trilogy before, and then buys the Trilogy on Wii, gets the NES download?



Knux said:

The original Metroid is a good game for some people, but I really do not like it. They should have offered Super Metroid instead. It's nice that they are actually offering a free game.



Drake said:

@Sean: To be honest the only one I think is any good is the first. But it happens to be REALLY good, I'd say it's one of the best games ever made.



Bensei said:

Couldn't they just have included the Original Metroid in the gallery, as with the Gamecube game? Oh well, maybe I'll see if I can get a copy at Gamestop. Austrians don't get VIP Codes regularly About registering: Has it to be the exact release date? Because if not it is impossible to become one of the first 5000 of all Europe if you' don't have relationships...



vherub said:

Free is always good, but it would be better if nin included a code for free metroid in all copies.
That would be the type of good incentive to deter used sales.
I'd like to see us releases tap into using VC titles as incentive. If nintendo is moving away from VC because it is not as profitable/popular, they might as well try using it in a different direction like boosting new game sales.



bboy2970 said:

I hope this happens in Amaerica too I've never been able to fork over 500 hard earned points to try a game I might not even like.



TourianTourist said:

Too bad I already have it. But I basically got it for "free", since I swapped points in the Club Nintendo thingy and this was one of the games I bought.

But it's definitely nice for everyone, who doesn't have the game so far.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Egg miester. Well you do get the game in a Metal Box while here in Euorope it is a plastic case and a cardboard slipcover.

All I can say about this offer is. I own all 3 Metroid Prime games and getting a free download ticket to play a game that is my eyes unplayable (for two reasons, the first being its aged too much and the second being 50Hz) isn't a good enough incentive for me to spend £30.

That said, if the 50Hz reason didn't exist and Nintendo were to continue doing this for future releases I wouldn't mind (in fact I think it is a good thing).



Kolma said:

I wonder if Metroid Prime 1 in Trilogy can connect with fusion to unlock original metroid, it could be the 1st Wii game to have GBA connection



KDR_11k said:

I've got Metroid 1 on the GBA in Zero Mission already and IMO it sucks. Terrible game.



Gamer1030 said:

They shouldve done this in the US . Oh well, I still have my original Prime 1 disc and my Zero Mission cart



suburban_sensei said:

Hm, interesting, but I really think that each copy should just come with a voucher to DL it, whether it be NoE, NoA, etc. Oh well, I don't really mind spending $5 on the title at some point, but right now I am busy with the far superior Super Metroid.



Adamant said:

"Oh no, Nintendo is giving away stuff for free! Let's complain because we'd prefer being given something else for free instead!"



anthonyb said:

The original Metroid is no incentive to buy the trilogy. It's nice and all, but seriously. That game is everywhere.



Ristar42 said:

Its true, could unlock it in the first Prime anyway - and it was in 60hz. Now you can get a free 50hz version of a game that has dated pretty badly anyway. Not exactly an amazing deal there Nintendo...



Chunky_Droid said:

This is kinda where I was hoping Nintendo would head, except I can't see a problem in giving away a 500 point game with EVERY copy sold. Chances are the majority of people who buy the trilogy probably have already downloaded it so it's not like they'd be losing tonnes of money from it.

NES games can be used to promote stuff like this, Nintendo just need to take advantage.



Ricardo91 said:

Oh can it, people! Sure, Super Metroid would've been better, but still, Nintendo is giving us a game FOR FREE! These days, the only thing you can get for free is a punch in the face!

Makes sense that they'd do this, given that the original Metroid was an unlockable on Prime 1.



Betagam7 said:

So lets get this straight:

If we already own Metroid Prime which includes a 60hz version of Metroid as an unlockable we get to spend £30 rebuying the same game without the unlockable but get nintendo's broken 50hz vc game instead.

No thanks!



Kittsy said:

Whoever here has said "Stop moaning, it's a free game for heavens sake", I concur.




I am a fan of Metroid Prime 1 and 3. They are amongst the two best games of all time on any console IMHO. The decision is therefore simple for me.

Metroid itself on the NES is ok, but I prefer the SNES Super Metroid.



KingMike said:

It'd be cool if they gave it in the US, but I'm not too worried since I've bought multiple releases of the game already.



Bensei said:

The game isn't really free. As Betagam7 already said, the Original MP1 already had a better version (if you had MF and a link cable). What prevented Nintendo including it again.
Also: Nintendo offered with EVERY WW of the 1st Edition a free Bonus disc with two versions of Ocarina of Time. What prevented Nintendo from at least putting a code into every 1st Edition game, or like Microsoft does: giving the code to pre-orders? You also got a Darkrai figure for rpe-ordering Pokémon Platinum.

The way they do it, it just seems like a (literally) cheap way to apologize that they haven't included every feature of the old games. Not that consumer-friendly as I'm used of Nintendo.

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