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Thu 13th Aug 2009

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thebigM commented on Review: Jam City Rollergirls (WiiWare):

Sounds more interesting than I thought first. Maybe I will check it out, when it comes to Europe. Would be a nice one to have a Demo version to try it out first.



thebigM commented on And Yet It Moves Competition Winners:

Congrats to everyone! Enjoy the game!
After seeing, that this was an North-American competition only, I downloaded it with my remaining points, and didn't regret it Great game!



thebigM commented on Review: Arcade Zone (Wii):

It's 20 Euro in Germany, that sounds like a fair deal. But I'm not sure if I want a minigame compilation right now. I'm too busy with SMBWii at the moment.



thebigM commented on Red Steel 2 Sharpens Up:

@Prosody: You got to play NSMBWii and Red Steel 2 this week? You're some lucky guy
Did you come across any more precise news about the release date than early next year?



thebigM commented on Heron: Steam Machine Available on WiiWare this...:

Looks very interesting, and 500 is a real bargain.
I have full trust in Sean that he will test it to the last detail and will help me in my desicion to get it or not. Therefore, I feel similar than XC Warrior´s nonsense.



thebigM commented on Review: Spaceball: Revolution (WiiWare):

Tried this over the weekend. Think that a 7 is the appropriate score for this. Nice game to come back to, if you have only a few minutes of time to play. Overall it´s good fun and makes you very ambitious, when you get a hang of it. Anyone, who likes puzzles should consider a download. 800 Points sounds fair to me. Hopefully, the upcomming DLC will not be a rip-off.



thebigM commented on Review: Madden NFL 10 (Wii):

Just yesterday I saw Madden 09 for a budget price in a shop.

Is Madden 10 worth double the price or should I go with last years version?

btw - Madden 09 was not reviewed on this site.



thebigM commented on Review: Texas Hold'em Poker (WiiWare):

@HEMIII: the US has a World Series for every crap. Probably because most doesn't know that there is life out there. Poor stupid us

@Sean: I tried the other Texas Hold Em. Didn't enjoy it very much. If someone likes online Poker, go to according web sites. All WiiWare versions are pretty useless so far. Nice review



thebigM commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii:

Had the chance to play this at fhe Gamescom today in four player co-op. Plays very nice, the new propeller suit is a cool feature. I also liked the look very much. Nintendo hasn't overdone it by changing just enough to improve, but not too much, to make it hard to recognise it as SMB right away.



thebigM commented on Rugby League 3 Announced for Wii:

Motion controls to bring a more authentic Rugby League experience to your home

I wonder, how that will work... am I suppose to scrum with the couch ?



thebigM commented on Buy Metroid Prime Trilogy, Get the Original Me...:

let´s wait and see, who comes first (5000). pre-ordered it some time ago because of the fair price for this 3 in 1 game. The VC version is a nice bonus, but who´s trying the old version, if he has 3 new chapters with improved graphics and controls