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United Kingdom

Sat 4th Apr 2009

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Kittsy commented on Lead the Meerkats Lesson Two Trailer:

I love that this has been up since late yesterday yet only seven people have commented, bar this one. It shows how very uninterested people are in the game.



Kittsy commented on Review: Family Slot Car Racing (WiiWare):

Couldn't agree more. Casual games don't have to be poor, they just make it seem so. You know, that's the reason casual gamers are frowned upon by the big, manly hardcore gamers of this world.

The Family series makes me die inside, if I ever bought one I'd probably throw my Wii out the window in shame.



Kittsy commented on First Impressions: Let's Tap:

People, you're getting the wrong idea here; I'm not saying I don't love the look of the game. It's just... can you imagine the game developers talking?

"Hey, let's make a unique game!"
"Okay, so... what hasn't been done before?"
"... tapping?"
"Alright, so... we need some kindof surface."
"... a box?"
"Yeah, I'd tap that."

what's up with THAT?



Kittsy commented on Fingers-On: Let's Tap:

I'm not saying it was bad, I'm just saying it was the worst idea for a video game ever.
"Hey, Pokémon's popular, we need to expand on that!"
"How about making a feature where you take pictures of Pokémon and report them back to professor Oak?"
"No! Let's make a freaking GAME out of that concept! Yay!"



Kittsy commented on Fingers-On: Let's Tap:

Ah, I was looking forward to this.

Despite the fact that it's the stupidest fricking idea for a video game in history, bar Pokémon Snap.



Kittsy commented on Pixel Customizes Wii Remotes:

I might give drawing one of my own ago, directly copying that. Not to sell, obviously, just because theres no way I'd win one. xD