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Capcom's Mega Man 9 Press Kit Goes Retro

Posted by Corbie Dillard

In a move to further add even more 8-bit goodness to the upcoming release of their Mega Man 9 WiiWare title, Capcom is sending out a limited number of retro-themed press kits to various media organizations.

The kit comes in a cardboard case that's shaped like a classic NES cartridge box and features an actual replica of an NES cart that will house the cd-rom disc. It's worth noting that while this cd-rom does contain artwork and game information, it doesn't include the actual Mega Man 9 game.

Early rumors place the limited number of these unique collectibles at around 200, so there's no doubt they will eventually become quite valuable to the lucky few that have one. You can bet if we're lucky enough to get our hands on one, a fight will quickly ensue here at WiiWare World over it.

Mega Man 9 is still being rumored to be up for release in the US this coming Monday, followed by Europe the following Friday. We'll have a full review of the game up shortly after the game's release. Until then, you can take a look at these awesome press kits below.



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Stratos said:

Oh, Wow. I...Want...This!

*Whoa, my first First Comment. I'm movin' up in the world!



Twilight_Crow said:

Cool, Megaman 9 can't get more retro than this, who wouldn't want one. I hope this is a sign that we will get the game next monday.



Corbs said:

Did you notice that it even as a $9.99 price tag on it? Very retro indeed.



Stratos said:

The price tag was a nice touch. I wish they sold it on the company site or offered it in a game contest.

Hey, Corbie, can't decide on a new avatar or just fond of change?



Corbs said:

I'm trying a few until I find one I like. The other one was a bit scary. Of course this one has a goofy smile. It's probably closer to my real life persona.



Link79 said:

That NES cartridge shaped case is pretty neat. It will probably be pretty hard to find one though. Too bad it's not an actual working cartridge. It would be nice to put it in with my box of old games right next to my Mega man 1-6 cartridges. I wonder If It would still fit in the NES even though it won't actually play the game?



Supermarioman said:

Where do I buy this!!!!, Eventually it will be worth about oh, $30 in a few months on ebay or Amazon, just like Elctroplankton, but I got that too.....



tantrumario said:

That looks so awesome. Too bad only media organizations get it. Unless......*joins ABC for one day.



Mario64DStyle said:

Haha, I would just want that for the increase in value..
They are really bringing back the retro feel. I wouldn't be surprised if they handed out actual nes controls that attacted to the wii remote to finally bring every thing back



blackknight77 said:

@ Corbie
It that avatar from Super Fantasy Zone?

ALso I really like the way Capcom is connecting with video game fans who grew up in the 80's. I am hoping this game will be very successful and bring more retro themed goodness.



Mayhem said:

Capcom's blog does say it is looking to make a limited number available through their store. But the store is North America only btw. Just as well I have a US address logged on my account. I'll be gunning to see if I am lucky if they put it up...



blackknight77 said:

When this game does get reviewed, can you mention how steep the difficulty is? Or if the game has adjustable difficulty? I am just curious



monty said:

Hopefully they will make more retro-style games, and i have some suggestions..... Tecmo Bowl 3, Bionic Commando 2, and an NHL hockey would be great too.



Adam said:

I would pay a bazillion dollars for the game on a working NES cart.
Well, if I had a bazillion dollars, and the amount existed.



Ricardo91 said:

That NES cartridge-style casing looks awesome! I want it! I think I'll go steal one from NBC!

@Corbie. I don't see what's wrong with Greg the grim reaper...



Ian_Daemon said:

When I saw Corbie's avatar, I immediately thought of Ooga Booga for the Dreamcast. (



Terra said:

I'm Geeking out

Seriously, that would be awesome to own one of those.



LAA said:

I think capsoft are just going too far now.
1st it was an 8bit game, then the game cover, now this.
This is just completely pointless, (apart from it being a collectors item).
Its like celebrating star wars by bringing out a lightsaber, but it isnt a laser, its made out if plastic and completely pointless.
I bet the only reason they're doing this is to raise hype.
Almost every week, more news about megaman 9 is updated, they're just raising hype.
Although, the game is appealing to me, more and more because of the news, but that could also be their weakness.
I didnt even hear of strongbad before, yet I still bought the game and enjoy it a lot (SB 2 next friday!)/
I've heard of megaman before, (Havent played any games of it before though), and I havent bought a game of it yet.
I'm seriously considering buying it, but depends of review.



Corbs said:

My avatar is also from Dragon Quest Monster 2. It's a monster called a "Facer" and is one of my favorites from early in the game. I love that goofy look it has on its face. I have that same look most of the time.



Terra said:

I thought your current avatar looked like an (Even More) deformed Andross. No Offence Corbie.



shadows262 said:

i cant wait until monday im buying a wii points card tomorow just in case it does. you guys think i should get mega man 2 and/or strongbad 2 i dont know they look good in all i just want your guys opinion



Kriqz said:

"I bet the only reason they're doing this is to raise hype."

Of course they're doing it for hype, why else would they do it?

This is the type of game that will pretty much sell itself, but Capcom want's to rake in as much as they can with it, hense the hype. Considering that it's a huge franchise, and mega man fans are already aware of how the gameplay will be, it has a very low probability of being a flop. Capcom can hype this as much as they want to make as many people buy it as possible.

Unlike, say, certain other games that I won't bother to mention, and how they were hyped before anyone knew anything of their gameplay, and then flopped because they didn't meet expectations.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Corbie your new avatar creaps me out .

Now the next time i read a review from you i would picture a guy with a human version of that face typing out the review .
That would creap me out .



Corbs said:

@ Kawaiipikachi - If you think my avatar is creepy, you should see my real face. SCARY STUFF!



Clayfrd said:

In addition to this awesomeness, I think Kirby Super Star Ultra comes out next week too!



Corbs said:

That's correct Clayfrd. And I'll be picking it up on day one. Can't wait!



alxtlvra said:

Kind of dumb... but at first sight I though it was a real NES limited edition game.

I mean this is nice, but a real NES limited edition would really be a top collectible.



Corbs said:

I also thought it was an actual NES cart when I first saw it, but I guess that would be silly for them to put out at this point in time. Although I'd still want one.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Corbie-san: And you said that your Dragon Warrior monster avatar was scary... At least I liked all of your avatars...

By the way... all this talk about avatar-changing motivated me to change mine. I already got a few ideas...



Final_Starman said:

I have GOT to be the only person who won't kill for this game. I already have Mega Man Anniversary Collection, so yeah… Flame me all ya want for that by the way.

@Corbie: You know, this new avatar looks creepier than the Skullarach.



dr_mario said:

they should give 50 of them to wii-ware world so everyone who wants one enough to post here so far gets one.



Drizzt said:

@ dr.mario: They should give 51!

But that's a neat idea they did. I really hope this comes out Monday. And I hope the week after is Bomberman for North America.

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