Hanabi Festival 3 Kicks Off

Our expectations have been confirmed - Today marks the start of the third Hanabi Festival. The Hanabi icons in the Wii Shop, next to the names of today's released games, Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, should have already tipped this off to you, but Nintendo of Europe has now published a short press release on the matter.

This first week was arguably the biggest, but there are still some gems to look forward to. Unfortunately none of them are completely "new", as the US has already had them available for some time.

The games planned for release (In Europe, obviously!) in the next few weeks are:

That's all you can look forward to this Festival. If you were hoping for titles such as EarthBound, don't be disappointed - There will almost certainly be more Hanabi Festivals in the future.

Source: Nintendo UK