Dig Dug Screenshot
Dig Dug Screenshot


Release Date

Wii Shop

  • 9th Jun 2008, 600 points (USA)
  • 29th Aug 2008, 600 points (UK/EU)
  • 1st Jul 2008, 500 points (JPN)

3DS eShop

  • 3rd Oct 2012, ¥500 (JPN)
  • 14th Feb 2013, $3.99 (USA)
  • 18th Apr 2013, £3.59/€3.99 (UK/EU)

Wii U eShop

  • 8th Jan 2015, £3.49 (UK/EU)
  • 5th Feb 2015, $4.99 (USA)
Dig Dug

About This Game

Get on down with Dig Dug, and wage underground war with your trusty pump!

Vanquish persistent Pookas and fiery Fygars to clear each stage. Defeat enemies by inflating them with air or by dropping rocks on them from above. Earn bonus points by collecting fruit or defeating deep-dwelling foes. This classic game blends old-school arcade action with strategy; try to lure multiple enemies into position and satisfyingly squash them with a single rock!