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United States

Fri 25th Apr 2008

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Ginta commented on Hanabi Festival 3 Kicks Off:

Ha Ha. You guys aren't getting some of the games a few of you appear to be hoping for. Of course the isn't anything official about there being only games on Nintendo systems yet I think. Is this a fan conclusion or is there a note from Nintendo saying on their systems?



Ginta commented on USA VC Releases: Star Parodier and Break In:

Earthbound > these games.

Anyway, I've never been a big fan of SHUMPS, or any shooting game with ships so I may skip out. And SBCG4AP cost less on a computer so I'm unsure of getting that.



Ginta commented on Nintendo Responds To US Release Date Queries:

On a nicer note, let's all spam their email saying "YOU SUCK. GIVE ME YS SAMURAI SHOWDOWN AND MEGA MAN". If that doesn't work, then we'll keep on spamming until they have a press release telling us to stop.



Ginta commented on Major League Eating - New Screenshots And Video:

Even though it's an odd concept, I'm looking forward to Major League Eating. It might suck, it might stink (I made a pun), and it might just be terrible all around, but so far it looks like it'll be fairly good. Only time will tell if it's a rotten game. (Another pun, rotten. Get it?)