Wii SNES Controller Hits Japan

We don’t get jealous often here at Virtual Console Reviews – we don’t need to, being the famous international playboys that we are – but when we spotted some shots of one particularly lucky chap unpacking his limited edition Wii Super Famicom (SNES in the West) controller, we couldn’t help but go a little green with envy.

It was reported some time ago that Japan would be getting this desirable peripheral, but this is the first time we’ve seen it in the flesh, so to speak. Seeing those colourful buttons and that exquisitely-designed pad really does take us back to the early ‘90s when we were footloose and fancy-free, spending all day eating sweets and playing Super Mario World. Ahhh.

Sadly, this is a Club Nintendo Japan exclusive, so for the time being all we can do is gaze in wonderment. Time will tell if Nintendo decide to give Western gamers the same treatment.

Click here for more images, and prepare to feel more than a little envious.