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Wii SNES Controller Hits Japan

Posted by Damien McFerran

We don’t get jealous often here at Virtual Console Reviews – we don’t need to, being the famous international playboys that we are – but when we spotted some shots of one particularly lucky chap unpacking his limited edition Wii Super Famicom (SNES in the West) controller, we couldn’t help but go a little green with envy.

It was reported some time ago that Japan would be getting this desirable peripheral, but this is the first time we’ve seen it in the flesh, so to speak. Seeing those colourful buttons and that exquisitely-designed pad really does take us back to the early ‘90s when we were footloose and fancy-free, spending all day eating sweets and playing Super Mario World. Ahhh.

Sadly, this is a Club Nintendo Japan exclusive, so for the time being all we can do is gaze in wonderment. Time will tell if Nintendo decide to give Western gamers the same treatment.

Click here for more images, and prepare to feel more than a little envious.

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DEMON212 said:

Wire's to short for me to sit and relax. So I also really want one of those



Bristol_Red said:

There's one up for grabs on eBay (of course!) A seller in Japan has it listed for $80 (plus postage) if anyone is really desperate.



Dazza said:

Preorders opening soon on PlayAsia!

I am defo going to pick one of these up! Just having the wire coming out of the top of the controller will make this much nicer than the classic controller



WoRMaSTeR said:

Yeah, wonder why it had to come from the bottom in the first place. Not that it matters too much...



Serpent said:

would rather have a gamecube controller shaped like a snes to be honest.



Charco said:

I would buy a retropad adaptor instead. This is a bit of a gimmick to be honest.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Problem with releasing those controllers in the US or anywhere else outside Japan is not a lot of people are going to buy 8 different controllers just to get the pure retro feel. That would take up space and such.

Still, wouldnt hurt putting a few up on the US and Euro Club Nintendo now would it?



Kelvin said:

I wouldn't mind one of these, for nostalgia's sake. The SNES pad was always one of the best designs, I reckon.



Ragnor said:

People leave the remote hanging off the classic controller? I put the remote in my pocket while using it



Jupiter_Adept said:

I'd rather just use the CC. I already have 2, so I don't need more, and you couldn't play N64 games with that.



timp29 said:

Lol, lets see them make a chunky old brick NES controller. I wonder if the original designer looks back and thinks 'Corners... wtf was i thinking??'



Will said:

Id buy this, id also buy a megadrive and N64 version if they were available too. Im not a big fan of the classic controller, the D-pad is great but the pad itselfs not too comfortable in my hands



Timmy said:

ive seen a hack on youtube that converts an ordinary snes controller into a wireless wii compatible controller that connects via gamecube port but either way I WANT THIS... NOW



E-dawg said:

It's not that much different to the Classic Control, I don't see what all the fuss is about to be honest. But hey, each to their own I guess, personally I'm ashamed to admit that I have never owned a SNES...



snabald said:

I would SO pay for something like this, as well as Genesis and NES controllers.



Kelvin said:

Ah well, the key there is to rejig the inputs; I stuck the medium punch and kick on the shoulder buttons, as I used them least frequently.

I really liked the SNES pad. It was my favourite controller up until the PlayStation pad came along, but then it's largely the same design.



arobo21 said:

waste of money and yet another pointless nintendo gimmick. yeah it looks totally awesome but that's all it is...looks. the classic controller was created meant to emulate the snes version, plus joysticks. so in a big way, the classic is still the better choice.

if you want an snes controller, stop being lazy and study on how to use a REAL snes controller, like me. now THATS nastalgia (and free!)



Bensei said:

Not if you never had one (like me)
But you're right, what we really need is a N64 controller to play complex N64 games like Sin & Punishment



Bass_X0 said:

I preferred third party SNES controllers to the original SNES controller.



Waxxy said:

This really doesn't interest me that much. The classic controller is nearly identical, except the addition of analog sticks and Z buttons. What I'd REALLY be jealous over (and would likely import any way I could) would be an N64 controller. There is simply no controller on the Wii right now that 100% faithfully reproduces the feel of it for those N64 VC titles.



Damo said:

The MD 6 button pad is the king of 16-bit joypads IMO, but the SNES is a close second.

As for the PSX pad, it's a terrible design if you ask me...the d-pad gives you blisters after prolonged play. Awful pad. I can only assume it so loved because many Sony fans have never touched anything else! The Saturn pad is better in every respect!



Rapadash6 said:

I actually prefer the classic controller design to the original SNES one. I mean, sure, this item has boat loads of nastalgia value but it really isn't worth the cost those of us not living in Japan would have pay to obtain. The classic controller serves the same purpose while adding analog sticks and shoulder buttons and matches the Wii's design. Unless you are a collector I wouldn't get too upset by this not being available outside of Japan.



TheMentalBeaver said:

I use a PS2 Dual Shock controller through a GameCube controller adapter/converter. It works well for me and it was pretty cheap. The only other "retro" controller I would buy for the Wii would be a six button MD pad.



Rexy said:

Though I'm happy enough with my Classic Controller/GameCube Controller combo, this looks interesting; makes me wonder how it would manage games other than SNES titles tho



Damo said:

It wasn't directed at you Kelvin! I've just never gotten along with the PSX pad.



Knuckles-san said:

Awesome i want! it would be nice if nintendo released a controllers for each console on the virtual console. A wii-white style N64 pad



Shiryu said:

Thank you, That Guy from Faxanadu, you just made my day with that link.



Objection said:

Being the spoiled gamer who mostly doesnt care for classic (avoids the trash thrown at him) i will dodge this. all the more money to spend on Wiiware!



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I'd rather have an N64 controller as Bensei and a few others have said. Currently, no controller options emulate it well because of the sheer amount of buttons and it's shape. It's just not the same to use a C stick in place of C buttons. (it's also harder)



JaredJ said:

I also have the snes to gc converter from, also have one for the nes pad. Would like to see a converter for the genesis pad though.



Will said:

Yeah, nothing beats the feel of the N64s Z-trigger for games like mario64, mario kart64 and (sigh) goldeneye



ChocoDK said:

Well the Classic Controller was more or less made for the SNES controller. The Wii Remote was made to be easy to use for casuals and to feel the same almost as an NES controller. However, there is no controller that plays the same as the N64 controller. I would rather see Nintendo release a N64 controller for the Wii VC. Then maybe I would bother importing it.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I just stick to the classic controller .
Im not going to bother about trying to get a N64 classic controller even with games like Sin & Punishment as the classic controller works fine for me .



MasterMario said:

Woudn't the Wii SNES only support SNES games on the VC? I think I'll pass and if I need one, I'll buy a Classic Controller.



Clayfrd said:

I have a SNES, and I can say, first hand, that the Classic Controller is not that different! I don't know why everyone is salivating over this. Sheesh!
Agreed! The N64 controller is so awkward (yet comfortable) that none of the compatible contollers seem to do it justice. If they released one of those for the Wii without the loose joystick problem (which I think they fixed on the N64 anyway), I would totally buy one. Hands down. I also think the Wii Remote is perfect for NES games. The Remote condom, err glove, gives it a nice dogbone feel too.



mikevanpwn said:

This controller will work on a US Wii Remote wont it? I wouldn't see why not but its better safe than sorry before I order one off Play-Asia when they come out.



Ragnor said:

Damo, have you ever tried using a third party PS controller? The one I have doesn't have that nasty D-pad and is quite comfortable. Infact, its the exact same kind of D-pad the Megadrive used (Not that many games even use a D-pad these days)

I remember the MD's six button pad, it was brilliant. I've only ever liked the Dual Shock and the 360's controller more



Kelvin said:

I don't know, I never had problems with the PS1 d-pad. Now the Mega Drive one was a (literal) pain; the raised, sharp, edges would turn your thumbs into kebabs when playing Street Fighter II. The six-button version was better though.

And I'd pick the first X-Box as having the worst controller ever. Crappy buttons, the worst d-pad in history, and the whole thing was the size of a house, with acres of wasted plastic. The 360 one is a huge improvement over that atrocity, but still not great.



chiefeagle02 said:

If Japan released this outside the US (that's a big "if"), no doubt they'd sell a lot. Heck, look at the NeoGeo stick controller for Wii. Someone at Hori thought there'd be enough demand to produce one (NeoGeo for crying out loud), and with a good number of SNES (or Super Famicom) games constantly in the Top 20 list, I'd say the demand for true retro feel is there.



slangman said:

Awesome i sooooooooo need this. Maybe Nintendo can also release the N64 controller too with an improved joystick.



JaredJ said:

Thanks for the links hansolo350, kind of pricey but you just made my day



Quimby said:

Sorry Kelvin- I agree with Damo. The PS controller was a horrible little lump of cheap plastic. I don't know why, but I could never get immersed in a PS game because of it. Except maybe Hogs of War (only reason I would ever consider a PS)
Best Controllers - 1. Saturn (3D pad even better) 2.N64 3. DC
Worst controllers - 1. Original Xbox 2. GameCube 3. Atari 2600 (It was much better to plug a MegaDrive 3button pad in and use the B button rather than using its awful clicky stick)



alvieao said:

It looks great and it compliments the SNES nostalgia. But then again, there's always the Classic Controller to stick with. When it comes to controllers, the best ones are the Mega Drive/Genesis 6-Button controller and the Saturn 3D Control Pad. The PS controller's D-Pad didn't feel too great and I also consider the original Xbox pad as the worst controller ever made (simply too large and horrible buttons)...



mikevanpwn said:

When did these 6 button pads come out for the Genesis? I had a Genesis back in the day albeit when I was just a kid but I never once saw one of these 6 button controllers.



Des76 said:

Just ordered myself one of these as a birthday treat. Nintendo Europe should start doing things like this. We always get rubbish on our Stars Shop.



Corbs said:

Mine shipped yesterday. I can't wait to try it out. And the 6 button pad for the Genesis is fantastic, but I still slightly prefer the SNES pad. : )



Kelvin said:

mikevanpwn, the Mega Drive six-button pad came out around the time that the beat-'em-ups were becoming a big deal, with stuff like Street Fighter II coming out on the MD. There was a way to play these games with the standard three-button pad, but it obviously wasn't ideal, so Sega brought out the six-button version. I think it came packaged as standard with the Mega Drive 2, but I'm not sure.

You can see a picture of it here:
(I think that's the Genesis version; I'm pretty sure that the top line of buttons on the European model had red buttons, or maybe that was the MD2 packaged version.)

Aside from the beat-em-ups, I don't know that many games made use of all six buttons. I think some of the Virtua titles did, but other than that, dunno.

The original Saturn controller is essentially the same piece of kit, just a bit chunkier, and with shoulder buttons.



Ircha said:

Of course, who wouldn't want one of these when you're a Nintendo collector. But I'm satisfied with the Classic Controller.



Kirk said:

I wish someone would make a variant of the GC/Wavebird controller with 2 Z buttons (so you have normal shoulder buttons like a SNES pad), the d-pad switched with the left analog stick and the face buttons with the same shape and layout as a classic SNES pad.

Now that would be perfect imo



Jace said:

I just got mine in the mail yesterday, and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. Calm your jealousy! It is cool looking and comfortable, but the buttons have a distinctively third-party feel. They have that mushy, ball-of-cotton-under-the-buttons thing going on waayy too much for my liking. Comparing this to the original SNES pad, it's just not as solid or responsive. The Classic Controller is far superior for use as an actual gaming device.

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