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Thu 3rd Apr 2008

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Jace commented on OFLC Update: Even More Imports!:

I actually played Pulseman on the Sega Channel back in the day (maybe late '94 or sometime in '95?), and it is truly one of the shining gems of the Mega Drive/Genesis. Anyone who enjoys brilliant and fantastical action-platforming needs to play Pulseman.

And while it's true that this was a "downloadable game on the Sega Channel" in the US, be aware that the Sega Channel didn't allow you to keep games; it was more akin to a rental service, and the games available changed every month--so that was only one (glorious) month with Pulseman. I'd love to have it in the U.S. as well! Emulation doesn't do it justice; this needs to be played on a crisp, big screen.



Jace commented on Alten8: Eternity's Child Is Coming To North Am...:

The part about "the versions Luc puts out himself on PC should not be confused with the Wii versions we will put out, and may differ in terms of final levels and game play" does concern me a bit. I hope they don't tinker with it too much, and I REALLY hope they don't put in arbitrary waggle controls that make the game less intuitive and more awkward.



Jace commented on 100 WiiWare Games Currently In Development:

I think Nintendo isn't being pushed hard enough on the storage issue. Yes, players know that they have the cruddy options of deleting and re-downloading games or moving info to an SD card. But Nintendo must know that the consumers are basically screaming at this point for a better, less clunky solution.

I've been a lifetime fan of the Nintendo Corporation and its games, but I'm starting to lose respect for them in this generation.



Jace commented on Wii SNES Controller Hits Japan:

I just got mine in the mail yesterday, and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. Calm your jealousy! It is cool looking and comfortable, but the buttons have a distinctively third-party feel. They have that mushy, ball-of-cotton-under-the-buttons thing going on waayy too much for my liking. Comparing this to the original SNES pad, it's just not as solid or responsive. The Classic Controller is far superior for use as an actual gaming device.



Jace commented on Star Soldier R And Critter Round-Up Hit The US...:

Why all the fuss over Dr. Mario? Seriously? DR. FRIGGIN' MARIO? In the pantheon of puzzle games, I think Dr. Mario ranks a serious "meh." It's not bad by any means, I certainly enjoyed the NES original, but it's not so amazing that other games should be "boycotted" as some people are doing just because they have to wait one more week for it. Obviously, I haven't played the WiiWare incarnation, but I haven't read anything that suggests to me that it's going to be the mind-blowing be-all-end-all extravaganza of video gaming fun that many people seem to be assuming it will be. I can think of about ten other Nintendo IP's I'd rather see get WiiWare ports than Dr. Mario. We, the consumers, ultimately decide if WiiWare fails or succeeds by how much we are willing to give third party titles a fair shake. Some of them might surprise you.



Jace commented on North American WiiWare launch games:

I think that the overall negative attitude expressed by a lot of people on this page is really one of the main things hurting video gaming as an industry and a culture in general. I can't believe the lack of willingness to give new, unfamiliar intellectual properties a chance. The obvious need that many people have to be spoon-fed some blog or magazine's idea of what is cool and worthwhile is disappointing. Maybe one of these games will be a Top 10 Most Awesome Game Period or something for 2008. Or maybe none of them will. But why such harsh attitudes? This reminds me of the fact that games like Earthbound and Disgaea weren't particularly coveted until they were gone from the mainstream market, thus gaining a "cult" status. And then everyone on the entire internet can't wait to tell you about how they pre-ordered Earthbound back in 1995 or how they've spent 1,000 hours on Disgaea to try and look cool to...who? People who read video game blogs a lot? I do, but it doesn't make me feel very cool.

Anyway, all I'm saying is, Dear Average Video Game Blog Commenter: grow up.



Jace commented on Playtest: The Shaft Virtual Console joystick:

Reply to Shiryu:

There are a few different programs out there that will let you use your Wii Remote with your PC as long as you have a bluetooth antenna or a bluetooth dongle. Let the power of Google guide you.