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"Onslaught" is a FPS that puts you in the middle of a futuristic war between humans and insectoid aliens.

You become part of the Elite Interstellar Strike Force, fighting against an overwhelming onslaught of alien lifeforms. Enjoy the rush of mowing down wave after wave of aliens with machine guns, grenades, and more. Feel your heart pound as you battle gigantic boss aliens.

Besides the normal game, "Onslaught" includes modes that let you play with rivals from around the world using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Team up with up to 3 other people in Free Battle Mode. Or compete on special maps to see who can get the most points by killing enemies before time runs out in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Ranking Battle Mode.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Can Hudson really pull off an FPS game on WiiWare?

Japanese developers are not known for creating first person shooters. After all it is far from being a popular genre in the land of the rising sun. The few Japanese FPS games that spring to mind failed to compete with their Western counterparts...

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Hudson Releases Onslaught Screenshots

WiiWare fans who've been aching for a first-person shooter experience are in for a treat with Hudson's upcoming WiiWare title Onslaught. Combining intuitive FPS controls using the Wii Remote with intense shooting action, Onslaught looks to be just the WiiWare title action fans have been waiting for.

Being the first FPS on WiiWare, Onslaught gives shooter fans the action you’ve been waiting for..

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User Comments (81)



EJD said:

Sounds like another decent game from Hudson. I'm used to FPS games on the PC but this seems like a good idea for WiiWare.



Atlantis1982 said:

Think this should be exclusively a wifi multiplayer FPS, much like Unreal Tournament and Turok Rage Wars to at least compensate for the file size that this game may end up being.



Wiiloveit said:

This sounds amazing - and since it's being developed by Hudson, it shouldn't be a bad game, either.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

This is gonna be great. I can tell the online will be fleshed out now that they've tested the waters of online on WiiWare.

Please be an enjoyable game... I'm hoping they don't go by the "more violence, the better" principle.

An outer-space FPS sounds awesome.
Both this and Cosmic Walker, I can't wait to see more details on.



accc said:

Hmm, the quote here says you can compete against other players online, but hudson's website only mentions co-op. Hopefully it'll feature both.



themortalangel said:

I really hope we get this soon like around the same time as Europe if not BEFORE!! Which I doubt the latter but i can dream...right? All I ask is that it please support the Classic Controller as well as Wiimote + Nunchuck. I can't tell you how irritating it is to play a shooter like that after a long day when you want to lie down. The other is more fun yes...but adding the Classic makes it good for the casual gamer...also may help convert some 360 and PS3 gamers.



CanisWolfred said:

For a cheap FPS, this could be pretty good.


Not a chance. There are simply too many great FPS's on the 360 and PS3 for any owner of them to convert to the Wii, especially for a Wiiware game.



-TR said:

Hope it'd not too massive. I don't want to have to delete World of Goo or Strong Bad to fit it in...



mojo25 said:

Man, this looks EPIC. Omg, I want this and Toribash...lol, so many cool looking games coming out...



themortalangel said:

@ Mickeymac
I din't mean like permenantly convert them...heck I love Gears of War, Halo, FEAR, as much as the next. However I got a bro who just won't play Wii the majority of the time cuz he's lazy. So holding out a wiimote and moving his arm instead of his thumb to play is too much work for him.

Also does anyone know whether or not this may have Downloadable Pay2Play content. I'd really like to see extra maps and weapons come out after it's release, just to keep it fresh.



CanisWolfred said:


Nothin' yet. No word on co-op either. Hell, we don't even know if it's coming to the U.S.!. We don't know anything else that isn't in the description or the screenshots right now. We'll just have to wait and see.



AlexSays said:

Hell, we don't even know if it's coming to the U.S.!.

Yes we do.
Developers don't make American-centric games and then only release them in the place that doesn't like them.
Japan isn't big on FPS games, this wasn't made for them. Japan might not even get this game.

Europe and America like shooting things in first-person a lot more, so those two regions will get the game.

All I ask is that it please support the Classic Controller

That is a terrible idea and Hudson will never be stupid enough to take part.



longtimegamer said:

Personally I love the idea of using the Wiimote for shooters like this ever since I played Resident evil 4. Way better than using a regular controller and just freakin cool.



jangonov said:

hey come on, leave the guy alone. Look at Resident evil 4. That had great controls on wii, but some people would rather use a classic controller so capcom included it. Just because someone has a preferred control style doesnt mean you should say their idea is terrible. Personally I think it would be better if you included more control styles. Then it would be more accessible.



Nintendork said:

@ #7 "I'm hoping they don't go by the "more violence, the better" principle."
I completely agree. There are WAY to many violent FPSs for the X-box 360 and PS3. We don't need kids learning violence from gam.............. Holy crap I sound like Jack Thompsan lol

@ Alexsays,
While I agree that the Wiimote and nunchuck is the best control configuration, it wouldn't hurt to have multiple control schemes.



AlexSays said:

No it really would be terrible.
The entire game is based on that control scheme.

You're asking for a longer development cycle and lost funds for a control scheme the game is NOT centered around. Want a FPS with a traditional control scheme? Buy another console.

You're asking to hurt Hudson and that's not okay, that's terrible.
Or maybe I'm just too nice.



Nintendork said:

^But games benefit from multiple control schemes. Look at Brawl. I'm a heavy user of the Gamecube controller in that game, and if Nintendo decided to put it in at the last second, I would've encouraged them to do so. Face it, a lot people just like the classic control schemes, and Hudson would make a greater profit with it added then not.



AlexSays said:

Brawl isn't a game based on motion controls. This game is.

There are games you can play on other consoles if you don't want motion controls. This game is centered around motion controls. Using a classic controller would be playing the game not how it's intended.

And Hudson would lose money on this. You think they're keeping it out for their health?



Nintendork said:

^ You completely missed my point (again) My point is, in simplest form, is the more control schemes you have, the more fun it gets, the more people will get it, and sometimes, the more $$$$$$$ the company gets. Brawl's creators realized that and gave even more re-playability to a great game.



KDR_11k said:

It just got released. The controls will probably take me a bit to get used to (at least the boundary box) but then again I don't have enough FPS experience on the Wii to make any controls natural.

There is no local multiplayer and no deathmatch, the only modes are coop and ranked, the latter means all players get thrown into an area with enemies and whoever kills the most wins (well, actually whoever scores the most points, the game uses a scoring system that also grades you in each level).

Seems you can get different editions of the six weapon types (assault rifle, SMG, shotgun, rocketlauncher, handgrenades, laser whip) but those have to be unlocked first. Not the number of weapons you'd see in EDF but better than no choice at all.

Oh and the ammo on the laser whip is slowly recharging and I think the generic soldier with the teal glow is supposed to be a woman...



AngelBlack187 said:

at a 1000 points forget it. im leaving the fps to 360/ps3. just wish they would release more virtual console classic games like they used to. id much rather play killzone2 / codwaw/ fear 2 over this sort of thing any day



AlexSays said:

Brawl was already mapped to a traditional controller so it took Nintendo like 5 seconds.

It would have been a whole 'nother puppy with this game, and Hudson would have lost money.
If you think it would have made them more money, why leave it out?

id much rather play killzone2 / codwaw/ fear 2 over this sort of thing any day

I should hope so, chief.
Those are actual retail games and this is just a little downloadable one.



Nintendork said:

^ Oh boy, do I need to rephrase it AGAIN ?!? Brawl proved that the more control schemes you have, the bigger the accessibility the game has, and more people will buy it.



AlexSays said:

So Hudson doesn't want more people to buy their game?
This is all coming together.

You're comparing apples and oranges and even then it's not a fair comparison. It's like a great shiny red apple against a withered up ugly orange. lol
Brawl isn't like this game. What worked for Nintendo doesn't work for everyone. Because one game "proved" something doesn't mean that way of going about things is infallible.

If it helped EVERY game, people would throw every control scheme into every game for more money. But it doesn't work for every game so not every developer does that.

And by offering a standard control method, you're offering the most accessible method out there. Everyone has a remote and nunchuk, it comes with the console. Not everyone has a classic controller, which is what that one guy is wanting, right?

Edit: Toddr, he said it'd make them more money by becoming more accessible -- from what I gathered -- which is what my post is responding to.



Toddr said:

I'm pretty sure what he is trying to say is that some people may not like using the pointer to shoot and would rather use an analog stick like that on the gamecube controller or the classic controller.



Objection said:

Long story short, so everyone understands each other if they didn't already: Brawl had lots of control schemes and it was good because it was a fighter and didn't use motion-control. Onslaught has motion-controls and no classic-controller, etc. because it is a Wii FPS that was built around that control scheme. While some like console-controls for FPSs (I do but I also like the scheme started in Red Steel and greatly improved in Corruption) this game doesn't support it but that isn't likely to be a factor in sales.



Kelvin said:

@AngelBlack187, may as well leave it to the PS2 then, as Timesplitters 2 has not been bettered.

It seems to me that using the pointer to aim is far more intuitive than a control stick. After all, if you actually had a gun in your hand, you wouldn't search around for the control stick, would you? You'd just point and shoot. That said, a more traditional control scheme might have been a nice addition for those people incapable of trying something new, but it's not a deal-breaker.



Raptor78 said:

The reason I enjoy FPS's on the wii (not that there are many mind) is purely down to the control system. Before then I would only play them on PC becuase I felt FPS controls on "traditional" console sucked ass no matter how deep the storyline or how great the graphics were... besides most decent FPS's on the 360 end up on the PC anyway.

The point is for £7 you get a decent FPS with wii controls an offline single player story mode and then the same story mode with up to three extra buddies (or random guys) so im pretty much happy.
Hudson has done well with wiiware in general and as I look through my collection of wiiware and vC games I have noticed most of them are Hudson (closley followed by Gameloft). No doubt if sales are good for this game they will probably bring out an "Onslaught Versus" or something for the same sort of price which will be made up specifically for PVP games (a bit like Bommerman Blast) which even at the price of a full points card for both games would still make it cheaper than a lot of budget games.



Dazza said:

Please post any friend codes you wish to swap for Onslaught in this thread. If you haven't yet signed up to VC Forums, we recommend you do so.

Any friends codes posted on this page will be removed. Please keep your comments about the game



Digiki said:

You completely missed my point (again) My point is, in simplest form, is the more control schemes you have, the more fun it gets, the more people will get it, and sometimes, the more $$$$$$$ the company gets. Brawl's creators realized that and gave even more re-playability to a great game.

Brawl's GC control scheme was around 7 years before brawl, since the Wii is backwards compatible, and the GC aleady had a great control scheme (probably the best, available in brawl) it would've been stupid to leave out GC support.

The amount of control schemes is irrelevent, look at only Wiimote it may allow another person to play but the playability is largely gimped.
If this game only supported CC, it would be stupid since it would alienate many Wii owners, but as it stands everyone has the controls it uses.



Raptor78 said:

the game itself requires motion not just IR and anologe control... the IR is used as your aiming and head control, he nunchuck control is used for your movement which is fair enough this could simply be converted to GC controller, however you also use the motion and combination button presses to reload, wipe acid blood off of you and your eyes and also to through grenades and use your melee weapon which would still be possible to translate to a traditional control but would make the controls much harder to work unlike games such as Brawl and Naruto which benefit from using combination of controls.
I feel after playing onslaught by offering other control options would have pobably made traditional FPS players use the classic control system rather than using the intended control scheme (wiimote and nunchuck) and the result would have been loads of people saying how crap the controls would have been.



Kelvin said:

I would not be surprised if multiplayer deathmatch and other "essential" features are added later down the line as downloadable content.



KDR_11k said:

BTW, the game requires a lot of fast precision aiming to pull off the equivalent of headshots on these bugs (pretty much mandatory in order to kill them quickly), dual analogs wouldn't work for that IMO.

Kelvin: I think they'd sell DM as a separate game (probably better that way so everything can be designed from the ground up for deathmatch instead of shoehorned), besides the game isn't set up for DLC.



Dazza said:

We've just uploaded the official Onslaught trailer if you still need a bit of persuasion to buy this before we put the final touches to our review.



Aardvark_Soup said:

The trailer does make the game seem pretty stupid. Insect cyborgs? Come on. I think I'll wait for the review.



Kirk said:

@Aardvark Soup

All the plot crap is completely irrelevant in games imo. I mean Super Mario World isn't one of the best games ever because of the plot but because of the great gameplay, stunning level design and brilliant controls etc, and that is what matters.

That video actually makes the game look like a lot of good old fashioned fun and that is what you really should be looking at.

Who gives a toss if the plot involves killing bugs. So does Starship Troopers and that film kicks ass!

I just want to know how the controls actually feel, because that actually does matter.

I mean I'm not happy about the waggle to reload but if the turning feels good and is fast enough I would download this game now.

It's not about how fast the screen actually turns but about the relationship between where I am pointing and how the turning feels relative to that.

Does it feel like you are having to wait on the screen catching up to what you are trying to do intuitively or does it actually feel good and just turn as fast or slow as you think you are motioning to turn?

That's what I wanna know.



Kirk said:

After downloading SMB3 because I had some spare points that I had earned this will be the first game I have actually downloaded and paid for.

No idea why I chose this over all the other games on WiiWare but I'm just curious to see how the controls feel.

Hope it's not totally crap!




Kirk said:

I love it!

It's simple. It's fun. The controls work really well. Better than every other commercial Wii FPS I have played. The waggle motions, for things like reloading and wiping your visor, are very responsive and work really well. Even the whip is cool and reminds me of MP3

I'm actually really really impressed!

This is the first game on Wii I have played that takes me back the classic days of gaming when I really had fun but at the same time it feels new and fresh and modern because of the brilliant controls and stuff.

See I don't really care about next-gen graphics when the controls and gameplay are solid.

Thank God!

A game on Wii I'm actually enjoying!



Bass_X0 said:

"All the plot crap is completely irrelevant in games imo."

I disagree. A good storyline running throughout the game can make the player feel even more involved than a game without one. Of course some storylines can be boring, too long or even make you feel like you're watching an interactive movie than actually playing a game so it really does depend on how each game handles a storyline and how much storyline there is.



KDR_11k said:

Onslaught wouldn't really benefit from a more elaborate storyline since you're going to replay many parts and a story is only interesting once or twice.



EJD said:

Just bought this today and I think it's the best WiiWare game I've purchased yet. Still haven't tried the online mode but I'm expecting more great things to come. DLC would be great for this game, new levels maybe.



Wiiloveit said:

@Kirk: Try not to post separately three times in future, please. There's a little edit button above comments you've written if you really need to say something else straight away.

Oh - and looking forward to going up against all of you Americans soon!

(PS: My 1111st comment. Yay!)



Nintendork said:

I finally got to downloading this, and so far I'm loving it , except when people online are jerks ( The last "teammate" I had left me to die with dozens of bugs ).



Sauronmx said:

Hello everyone...

Well i get my 2000 wii points card yesterday and after read all the controversy this awesome game bring to this board i download it as soon as i arrive home.

The controller feels great, something that you understand and get with it very fast, the gameplay is solid. The challenge is good so far im on the game.

Hope everyone could give it a try i promise you wont fell dissapointed with this purchase.



Bops said:

I've read alot about this game and it sounds lik a great deal, A FPS with multiplayer on wiiware for only $10!!! But i am wondering if it would be a better idea to just add that $10 to the purchase of a full FPS on disc for the wii? Something like a metroid or call of duty world at war. what do you guys think?



Awesome5 said:

YES I FINALLY GOT IT! So far, it seems like the levels are fairly short, but then again, I'm playing on Easy. Can somebody tell me how to upgrade your weapons?



Curt said:

Looks great. I think I might get this one soon.

EDIT: I've got this one, and It's pretty great.



LGamer said:

He guys! Onslaught seems to me a very cool game... but i'm not sure... can you people give (who have Onslaught) a comment for me please? And give it a rate plz



nate said:

@LGamer IMO it wasn't that good of a game. Kind of like one of those hack n' slash games where you just press one button thoughtlessly and swing a sword except with a gun. Fun for a few minutes but not much more. Bad story. Good graphics for ten bucks. Overall I think you could do much better with 1000 points. Something like a Sin and Punishment.



MickEiA said:

the first time on competing for points on Nintendo WFC i came 5th in the world i was so happy first time too i played in the comp too



nice_shirt said:

A fun experiment but it will fail to keep your attention for more than a few days = SHALLOW!
But, still recommend it for $10.ºº



EaterOfDays said:

It's a Good Game, I'd Say One of the Best for WiiWare, Albeit the Story is Kinda Stupid, and The Presentation is Shallow.





Zen-Zen said:

I have it and it's not that bad....although as a shooting game I was expecting something more like you fight OTHER HUMAN PLAYERS but that's not the case...you only kill the bug cyborg things. I still need to defeat the ending boss and find the upgrades to weapons but... if you enjoy shooters and have nothing else to do.....feel free to download this game...



marioman221 said:

This game is actually pretty sweet. Too bad that the single player is really short. Still, worth the 10 Dollars.



Cornelius said:

This game has a quasi-Metroid Prime feel to it, however the control (albeit not as smooth as MP) has far more complexity and learning curve. A whip on the nunchuk activated by pressing/holding Z and making the motion (you can even walk around with it out), same for grenades by pressing/holding C (I'm still learning if the grenade system has a rhyme or reason). But, this is a fast and fun game with great music. When trying to get "the feel" of the game, think Unreal Tournament meets Serious Sam (except, in multi-player, where you compete to see who can get the most kills within a certain amount of time, which is great). You can double click any direction to hastily strafe/step in that direction, making up for the lack of a run function. The kind of weapon you're holding doesn't seem to make a difference in your speed, but does in reloading (up to 4 are toggled with the d-pad). Overall, a great WiiWare game.

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